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how it works

helping to inform patients about dental choices

This site is dedicated to informing patients about dentistry options, so that they can make the best decisions concerning their dental care.

The website contains an ever-growing database of frequently asked questions (FAQs) based around dentistry.

We have arranged all of the FAQs into popular categories (such as "tooth whitening") and also offer a search function at the top of every page (to search all FAQs for a specific word or phrase).

If you cannot find what you are looking for, you are encouraged to ask US your questions. If appropriate, your question will be distributed to our dentists’ network and their response published on this site. If you leave your email address we will contact you once a response is received so you don't need to keep checking back once you have sent in your question.

Please feel free to upload images you feel may explain your dental situation by clicking browse on your question being submitted. We will not use your images without ensuring identities are protected.

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We welcome feedback from all users of and visitors to this website. Please leave your website review for our team.

registered dentists, join our panel

If you are a registered dentist and are interested in joining our network, more information is included in our dentists’ application section.


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