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question (id # 1922)

Hello .I am a new mum and I will like to know how much will cost me to have a work done by the dentist. I will be more then happy to have for example veneers done or what other treatments it will make my theets look normal

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question (id # 1836)

i had a veneer fitted a year ago and had no problems with it, but just 2 weeks ago i got an abscess at the back of my teeth & since then my veneer (one of my front teeth) feels under pressure & almost feels like it moves (not visibly moves but feel like it when im eating) im just so worried incase it falls off or damages, what can i do or do you think it is abscess related?

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question (id # 1828)

Hi I had 18 veneers two weeks ago in Turkey the dentist was recommended to me as a few friends have had veneers done there.
Since being back home I have had toothache in my upper left and front lower teeth I am currently taking up to 12 co-codamol pain killers everyday.
I have emailed the dentist and he said as everybody has different pain this is normal but it is waking me in the middle of the night and every morning as I cannot get back to turkey untill next year it is causing me some concern.

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question (id # 1762)

I had porcelain veneers done years ago. While living abroad, I had one chip off and the dentist said she had to redo the veneers. The process was very different than the first time which confused me. She did all the work directly in my mouth rather than sending away to have the veneers created. The material she uses is called Zirconia NobelRondo. What can you tell me about the pros and cons of what she has done?

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question (id # 1759)

I had four veneers fitted on my four top front teeth when I was fourteen about twenty years ago. They were fitted because the two middle teeth grew down with the corners missing. I have had no problems with them at all apart from a dark line at the top which I presume is decay and receeding gums which have created a largeish gap between the veneer and my gum. At my last check up my dentist advised there are dark shadows behind the teeth and has recommended I get porcelain zircon crowns fitted to the teeth. would crowns be preferable to replacement veneers? I am concerned by the opaque look that crowns can have. Additionally I would like to use this opportunity to white my actual teeth and would like to know whether it would be best to white them first or pick a shade for the crowns and match my teeth to them? This is something I have wanted to have done for a long time and I really want to make the right decision due to the fragility of my front teeth and obviously cost I also don't want to create pain where there currently isn't any! Also, how do I know if my dentist is up to the job? He is new to the practice so I don't know anything about him. Thank you for reading this post.

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question (id # 1604)

Hi. I got porcelein veneers about 1 month ago (8 in the front). Their was nothing wrong with my teeth except one of the front teeth slanted over the other front tooth and I didn't like it. Dentist suggested veeners and said that I couldn't just get 1 tooth replaced. We replaced 8 to make the smile totally even. I have pain in the front large tooth...Now I am told that I need a root canal. The other teeth seem to have shifted expecially the right front and the 3 next to that. I have been into the dentist office a few times already. At first the veneers were too thick. The dentist shaved them down on 3 separate occassions. Now 4 teeth feel rough. Also, there is now spacing at the bottom of the front teeth in the front and to the right tooth next to the front tooth. I am going crazy. I have never had anything wrong with my teeth. No cavitives, no fillings just regular cleanings. What they should have suggested to me to fix my 1 front tooth was invisalign. My teeth are pretty white before the veeners...I went only 1 shade up. Also, I can not floss between the veneer teeth. It is very painful and the floss (no matter what I use) will not go through. Everything shreds in my mouth. What is going on? I spent a lot of money on these veneers. This dentist graduated from Cornell University in NY...an Ivy League College...he is experienced. He has offered to replaced the front 2 veneers for free because he is seeing translucency as well. It has bee a nightmare. Also, he shaved my original teeth down to small numbs. My front teeth were a little large for my size mouth. I do have a small mouth. When I saw my original teeth shaved down in the mirror I screamed in horror. I couldn't believed that my teeth were almost gone and that there was a hugh gap between my two front teeth. I was in tears. The dentist said not to worry that the veneers would cover it and I would have instant gratification. I have had instant torture and pain. What are your thoughts on what has happened. Pls let me know your thoughts doctor.

question (id # 1540)

I have just had tempoary veeners done due to my teeth being worn by constant griding. I am very unhappy as they are big like buck teeth , i do not want my teeth to be like this . what can be done at this stage . cost of treatment is 5100 and i cannot afford any more , for new impressions or anything else . what are my options now .

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question (id # 1355)

Today I have had temporary veneers fitted on my upper four middle teeth. They are yellow and bulky, but I'm concerned more about them being yellow. Is this normal? do I need to go back to my dentist because she has done them wrong? Will my veneers be better? Thanks for your time

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question (id # 1288)

 I have got two canine teeth which I really don't like due to their pointed shape.  I feel it gives me a serious smile.  This is why, I prefer to stay serious all the time to hide my ugly smile.  I wonder if these two teeth can be changed in shape to look straight like normal teeth.  I would like to know the cost if  possible.  Thank you

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question (id # 1277)

Hi I have just had composite veneers done on my top 4 middle teeth. They look awful no shape and too white! They do not even look in line with my other teeth and my speech is impaired slightly (I cannot say 'f' etc or any words containing other certain letter) I am going to get them to shave them down a bit, would that make a difference to my speech to bring it back to normal?

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question (id # 1046)

Having just had veneers, how is the best way to look after them. Do I brush in the normal fashion and can I floss normaly. Do I have to avoid certain foods.??

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question (id # 1040)

Hi, I am 26 and am curious to learn more about using veneers to build out the "buccal corridor" I have a narrow smile which I find very unattractive. I asked the orthodontist about correcting this but he said to fix it, it would require 2 years of braces plus an operation on my upper arch, I would be unwilling to do that however. Would this procedure be common on a person of my age? Also, just how thick can the veneers be made to widen out the upper arch? Any answers you could give would be excellent, thanks

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question (id # 605)

I had a gap between the tooth next to my front teeth filled in to close it. I was happy with the result and the colour match. This was around 3 years ago and now a thin yellow line has appeared, I'm guessing where my real tooth ends and the "filler" starts. It feels like a scratch on my tooth. What is this and can it be fixed?  Thanks  Jon

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question (id # 595)

What will a veneer feel and look like, how long will it last and what is involved?

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question (id # 593)

What is the procedure in having veneers please?

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question (id # 591)

Are all crowns, veneers, and bridges basically the same quality?

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question (id # 589)

What are porcelain veneers?

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question (id # 587)

Are veneers irreversible?

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question (id # 585)

How long will a veneer last?

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The following questions were not orginally posted in this category, but may be related:

question (id # 1349)

Hello, really need this answered please: Before I had my seven upper front crowns fitted last week, my dentist recommended A2 shade but as I had bleached my bottom teeth and they came up good, I thought the A1 shade was much fresher - so we compromised and agreed that the main front four would be A1 and the rest A2. During fitting he informed me the technician had done them all A2! I was in a daze (lifelong fear of dentist) and couldn't respond with numbness and drilling etc. When I got home I thought they were ok but looked dead and yellow in most light. My bottom teeth are more like A1 but will not be in a hurry to bleach them again as so painful and gums bled. Really anxious as cost me huge ammount of money. Do I stick with the A2 knowing my bottom teeth will eventually darken? Or can I say to dentist about original plan and have the front four redone? I feel bad as they are lovely shape and fit and my dentist is also lovely. Please advice. Many thanks.

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question (id # 1383)

Please help - I want to have bleaching using the best possible way so that my teeth go really white - my dentist recommends something called Enlighten and I trust him but I would like to know if anyone of you has tried this - as I dont want to spend the money and be disappointed.
Thank you very much Mary

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question (id # 1338)

I have a root filled tooth that has darkened over the past 15 years. My dentist has taken moulds for a veneer to be prepared which has now been fitted today. Perhaps my expectations were too great, however it seems quite rounded and more raised than my teeth, and the colour seems dull compared to real teeth. It is acrylic which my dentist says was the technicians choice of material for my tooth. I would apprecitate any comments on this process from other profesionals. Many thanks

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question (id # 1112)

I had my top 6 front teeth crowned recently. My teeth were chipped and worn and my dentist would not replace with veneers as he thought the veneers would not hold up to my grinding or whatever was causing the trauma. He didn't mention the dark line I would have at the gumline. I am happy about the color, shape and everything else except the line. He mentioned some sort of "composite" that could be used to correct the dark margins. Have you ever heard of this? Thank you.

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question (id # 1306)

Hi, I have just had veneers done on my top front teeth and they are causing me a lot of pain. The dentist said it would take a couple of days. It has now been over a week and they still hurt.They ache a lot too. Is there anything i can do? is this normal?


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question (id # 1466)

I have a large gap inbetween my two front teeth which causes me distress and depression , I am now signed with a NHS dentist who are giving me porcelain crowns,

I went to have my temporary ones fitted and noticed the dentist had only done one tooth, I go back in 2 weeks to have the perminant crown fitted, but she told me I have to wait 3 months before they do my other tooth.. Why is that?

I'm more self conscious now as I have two completely different teeth ,my natural tooth is long and slim and the crowned tooth is short and rounded and it is very noticeable, why do I have to wait so long? is there anyway of doing my other tooth? asap 3 months is so long :

Thank you,



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question (id # 1499)

I have had my front tooth veneered on the nhs as it was discolouring. I'm really not happy about it. It's massive, longer than my other front tooth and almost crosses over my other tooth and its reaslly thick. can anything be done?

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question (id # 1810)

hi i had my veneer placed on only one of my front teeth but i am so unhappy its the wrong color and it is about 3 mm thicker than the rest of my teeth and it feels and looks so un natural is it wrong of me to want my dentist to redo it free of charge

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