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question (id # 1785)

I just had my temporary veneers fitted, all on my upper teeth. I'n very happy with the shape and I've agreed with my dentist on the shade of the final veneers to match my existing teeth, but the temporaries are just too white compared to me lower teeth. Is is possible to tone down the whiteness of the temporaries?

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question (id # 1778)

Many years ago I had a long bridge made for my upper left side. Unfortunately the back tooth broke so I had to have most of the bright removed. He did leave two teeth and made a crown to anchor it. So in reality I now have 4 upper teeth, (2 front & 2 right side) one crown and two bridge left side. But the bridge is very loose and needs to be removed. My dentist doesn't seem to realise that the crown and bridge are made as one. So when he removes those I shall be left with just 4 front teeth..horror! I'm low income so know I can have a standard denture made, but shall probably have a 'flexible' one for 600. But is it really necessary to wait 2 weeks for the healing and a further 3 weeks for the denture to be in situ? Is there no quicker route? Also, how will the denture be anchored? Will I have clips showing on my front teeth?
Thanks for any advice you can give me. I am procrastinating about starting this work even though I have a very sore gum where the bridge needs to be removed.

question (id # 1337)

I am a 30 year old female. Two months ago, I had a new crown fitted on my front tooth. I broke this as a child and due to an abcess had to have root canal treatment which also left me with a very dark gum.

My last porcelain crown had developed an unsightly black line below the gum over the years and therefore I decided to have it replaced.

I am an NHS patient but paid £500 for my dentist to replace the crown privately. Unfortunately, the new crown, although an improvement on the previous one, still has a black line which I immediately pointed out. My dentist referred me to see her collegue who is more experienced for a second opinion and I saw him today.

He said that I have been fitted with a ceramic crown with a metal base. He feels the problem could be either the metal base of the crown is visible or the dark root is showing through. Apparently, I have thin gums.

I have been told I can either have a new porcelain crown fitted, have my gum and root bleached or have a skin graft which is very invasive.

I feel the problem is the metal base as the temporary crown I had whilst I was waiting for this to be made, looked very good at the gum line and had no black line. I'm not so concerned with the dark gum as this is not as visible.

I have already paid a significant amount of money and feel unhappy to pay for another crown. Should my dentist have used a crown with such a visible metal base to begin with?

Many thanks

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question (id # 1257)

Can someone help me please???

On Wednesday, I bent down to stroke my dog and he jumped up, he hit his head on my tooth!!
Its definitely wobbly, I am really worried in case it comes out, so I am hoping that it can re-root itself.
I cannot imagine not having a front tooth! Can they be saved?


Thanks again


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question (id # 583)

I have a temporary crown that has been in for years, it seems to be all right so why do I need to spend any more on it?

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question (id # 1355)

Today I have had temporary veneers fitted on my upper four middle teeth. They are yellow and bulky, but I'm concerned more about them being yellow. Is this normal? do I need to go back to my dentist because she has done them wrong? Will my veneers be better? Thanks for your time

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question (id # 1060)

Is it common practice for a piece of cotton wool to be left in an infected tooth(abcess)that has been treated with disinfectant and had a temporary filling on for 5 weeks?

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