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question (id # 1869)

Hello. I am in the middle of treatment with my dentist. I am paying out over 3,000 for a new smile. This involves a three unit bridge (to cover a lost front tooth). However I lost some gum and bone over the area and the replacement crown is too high in the mouth. He has also used a new technique to make my two front teeth appear smaller, which seems to add to the problem. I have yet to have my final crowns fitted because I am not happy with this. Apart from this I do feel my dentist has done a good job as my smile is so much better. I am wondering if the top of my crown (s) can be made into a gum colour to hide the fact the teeth are so high as my smile line is so crooked ? And if so will it involve more expense or can it be done as part of my final crowns. I would appreciate any advice. Thankyou.

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question (id # 1305)

I was asked to look into the Panadent Kios facial Analyzer


I have looked into it,

It bases the incisal and occlusal tips according to the facial features, can only be good and as a system seems pretty unique. In smile design this sort of thing is very useful.


Without it at the moment people are using sticks, photos and adjustment, it would be interesting how much incisal adjustment would be eliminated by using this system.


It seems to deliver the golden rule and by following this recipe your patients will have a similar look, (will they meet one another?)


It will have an adaptor for a Denar soon. (Tony Beale,Prestige)



If your patient is lying down or not holding there head properly (sedated) this will be a difficult tool to use (must still be some adjustment)


Some adjustment of existing centrals ( canines, over erupting posteriors) might improve the recording process as one longer than the other will influence the OP(occlusal plane) in a serious cant situation .(patient must be committed for treatment before diagnoses).Your  wax will need to be very thick on one side and so your table might be too low. You will need to take a photo and the cheeks will be distorted with the device and so you will have to resort to photos anyway? First reference point will need compensating for and so everything will be roughly correct and adjustment will be needed. So all -in- all I would think it would be very good in cases will a general good OP, and for the more complicated cases photography will be needed as well.


I do think that the most NB part of smile design is the patients teeth to the lips , if the lips are not recorded then what is the point ,



To me the best way is get patient to commit to treatment and then do a rough prep only promising improvement on what they have.

After taking alginates of preps, temporise with previous dental shapes and anomalies. Pour casts and do diagnostic wax up , replace wax up with quick temp on the model ( use face bow and good photos) , Try-in the mouth on rough preps(do this with 2 sets one to go to the lab and one to use to prep trough for final preparations and margins((destroyed in the mouth))  )and adjust , take alginate for temps and prep through final contour for final margins and prep size to the diagnostic.


What do you think?




T J Nicolas





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question (id # 1282)

I have got two canine teeth which I really don't like due to their pointed shape.  I feel it gives me a serious smile.  This is why, I prefer to stay serious all the time to hide my ugly smile.  I wonder if these two teeth can be changed in shape to look straight like normal teeth.  I would like to know the cost if  possible.  Thank you

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question (id # 746)

I have heard of a "smile lift" which involves building the tips of the sides of relevant teeth out, using porcelain veneers to lift the lip to make it look fuller and, in my case, I want to lift the corners of my mouth which appear to have gone down over the past 10 years.  Also, I appreciate a consultation is necessary but on a basic level, can existing crowns be veneered over to achieve the desired effect?

Which of the dentists featuring on your panel do this kind of work please and is interest-free credit available?

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question (id # 683)

I want to replace my two front teeth, possibly a third, mainly because of a filling at the gum line on one and the fact that they are crossing, so that I can begin to smile broadly for the first time since my teens (when the filling was put there)!  I work full-time and can take time off only as part of my holiday allowance, which I am planning now.

I will pay to have the best possible result, lasting for the longest possible time.  Is there advice available as to the specialism in dentistry I should seek out and the length of time I should book off work since I can't afford to waste either mine or a dentist's time on pointless or expensive consultations which lead nowhere.

How can the dentist I choose guarantee the result I want - that is no metal line showing on the insides of the teeth along the gum, and very natural, beautiful-looking new teeth.  On receiving such guidance, I would then search for a London dentist on the internet, since no-one I know can recommend anyone.  

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question (id # 579)

I am dissatisfied with my old crowns, since they are so obviously crowns - are lighter than my other teeth, don't look real and make me self-conscious about smiling and showing them.  How is the colour of crown chosen?

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question (id # 577)

I have lost a lot of gum and I have a high smile line.  Every crown I have looks like a horse's tooth (I apologise to all horses) and I am embarrassed to smile.  What can I do?

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question (id # 575)

I would like to change my smile and teeth?

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question (id # 573)

How can alterations in my teeth enhance my smile?

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question (id # 571)

My gums show a lot when I smile. Can this be fixed?

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question (id # 448)

I am a male in my middle 20's looking to correct my smile; many of my teeth are crooked. I am curious to know what solutions are available?

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The following questions were not orginally posted in this category, but may be related:

question (id # 1349)

Hello, really need this answered please: Before I had my seven upper front crowns fitted last week, my dentist recommended A2 shade but as I had bleached my bottom teeth and they came up good, I thought the A1 shade was much fresher - so we compromised and agreed that the main front four would be A1 and the rest A2. During fitting he informed me the technician had done them all A2! I was in a daze (lifelong fear of dentist) and couldn't respond with numbness and drilling etc. When I got home I thought they were ok but looked dead and yellow in most light. My bottom teeth are more like A1 but will not be in a hurry to bleach them again as so painful and gums bled. Really anxious as cost me huge ammount of money. Do I stick with the A2 knowing my bottom teeth will eventually darken? Or can I say to dentist about original plan and have the front four redone? I feel bad as they are lovely shape and fit and my dentist is also lovely. Please advice. Many thanks.

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question (id # 1402)

Im a 20yr old girl. Last year my dentist gave me crowns for 3 of my front teeth. This was done immediately after removing 2 year long braces treatment.

Initially, I was happy with my crowns, but slowly front teeth started to relapse outward. As my crowns were fitted just after removing braces, with no retainer given by my dentist, my front teeth relapsed more than ever. Now my crowns look very long and ugly, and have a protruding and a bulky look.

My facial expressions look strained. Unable to close my lips because of protruding front teeth. I have an inter-labial gap of 1 cm and with my upper teeth resting on my lower lip, my crowns and smile look horrible.

1). I feel smaller and thinner crowns can solve my problem. Can my dentist trim the existing crown or is it better to go for a new crown?

2). I heard that frequent replacement of crowns, can put inevitable stress on actual tooth. Is it risky to go new crowns?

3). Can you suggest any alternative solution?

question (id # 1828)

Hi I had 18 veneers two weeks ago in Turkey the dentist was recommended to me as a few friends have had veneers done there.
Since being back home I have had toothache in my upper left and front lower teeth I am currently taking up to 12 co-codamol pain killers everyday.
I have emailed the dentist and he said as everybody has different pain this is normal but it is waking me in the middle of the night and every morning as I cannot get back to turkey untill next year it is causing me some concern.

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