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question (id # 1438)

Can you recommend a test for cancer ?


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question (id # 788)

Please could you help me...
Should a young child of 5 years old be given an injection for a filling? I have been seriously distraught by the extreme pain by 5 year old son experienced yesterday. He was given two fillings without any pain relief. As soon as he was in the dentists seat the dentist started drilling the cavities. My son was so brave but was screaming in pain for about fifteen minutes.  I asked the dentist why he wasn't giving an injection and he said the pain would be just as bad. My son's body was shaking all over, he was sweating and was in shock. All I felt I could do was hold his hand, reassure him, but I was so unprepared for the level of pain he was put through. Is this right?
Should a dentist discuss the treatment with the parent first and give a choice for an injection or not?

I feel my son has had such a traumatic introduction to the care of a dentist. He didn't talk for two hours afterwards, which is completeley unlike him. I spent the afternoon cuddling him and comforting him, but I can't forget the level of pain he went through and have been really tearful myself. Please could you give me some advice. Thank you.

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question (id # 635)

I had fissure sealants carried out when I was 9 and am now 27.  I have had a check-up and x-ray done and can see the potential decay going beneath one of the sealants, which were carried out on 2 teeth at the back.   However, my dentist recommends fissure sealing the back 5 teeth on either side, bottom and top i.e., 20 teeth in all.  I can see that the fissure sealant with potential decay beneath it ought to be replaced but am wondering if having these others done is really necessary, bearing in mind the cost involved.



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question (id # 1448)

Hello there, I have recently been told by the dentist that my teeth are slightly loose due to them 'shifting,' it wasn't really explained to me properly.

My teeth are very uncomfortable at the front and I have one particular tooth forcing its way out of line. I was just wondering if the teeth will settle down and stop moving or have I got to put up wIth this forever now?

I would be grateful for some advice on this please.




Follow up to all From Samantha Denney

 I have been told that I don't have any gum disease and I have had a couple x-rays. All that I have been told is that my gums and teeth are healthy, except they are 'shifting'. Thank u for your advice. x


On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 9:29 AM,

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question (id # 1514)

I had a tooth (premolar I think - 4 from the front) refilled some years ago. Recently the back of this tooth dropped off. My dentist suggested a lab. made white filling or a crown. While I was considering these options the filling dropped out, initially there was no pain but last week I began to get pain which I managed with co-codamol. The dentist has now said I should have the remaining part of the tooth extracted and then consider bridge or implant. I had hoped to save the tooth but she said there were signs of nerve damage on the x-ray and if the infection was cleared with root canal treatment infection could still reoccur and extraction was the best option. Doesn't root canal treatment involve sealing off the root nerve preventing further infection? Is there any way this front part of the tooth could be preserved? I am still in pain despite antibiotics.

question (id # 1544)

my 4 year old daughter fell on her front this evening and has fractured her top left front tooth, approx. 2mm below the gumline diagonally down from top right to bottom left of the tooth. I still have the piece of broken tooth and have put it into a cup of milk. She is asleep now (after her usual bedtime routine and gentle tooth brushing) and is not complaining of any pain. What should I do? Our dentist is open on Monday. can I wait until then? Will they have to extract the tooth or as it is a milk tooth can they do something to restore the tooth or even file the sharp edges? I can see the line of white dentine beneath the enamel but no 'pink' pulp. I can see dentine in the broken piece. Thanks

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question (id # 1635)


Last week part of my no 2 molar borke of at the back between the two teeth, this is from a weekend tooth I believe as there is a large filling in the tooth.
At my NHS dentist he advised a filling.
I informed him I would like a more permanent option as I have had this happen before on another tooth and feel a filling is possibly weakening the tooth, I.e I would like a crown.

My dentist told me that he recommends a filling on the tooth as it will cost 200 for a crown.
I informed him that I am currently on maternity exemption having given birth in October 2011.

Having had a check up and X-rays only a month or so before I reminded the dentist if this, should there be any sign of disease on the X-rays, but he changed the subject.
He again xrayed my teeth and urged me out.
He did not ask if I was in any pain. I have been, my jaw was painful and felt like I had a lump on it.

The dentist stated again that he recommends a filling and for me to go away and think about it.

I tried to ask questions about both options positives and negatives but was given very limited responses.

I feel that the dentist only wants a cheap quick fix for NHS fees and that is why he recommends a filling. He did not want to listen to my concerns or give me details on options.

Having searched the Internet for the options I am still leaning towards requesting a crown.

Any advise would be much appreciated.

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