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question (id # 1862)

Hi, I had 3 front crowns and a 2 tooth bridge done 3 years ago. Since then, my bite has gone to pot and I am suffering terrible jaw ache due to my mouth now closing as it always did. I would like a tekscan (T-scan) done but can't find a dentist in my area that has one of these devices. I would appreciate any advice as to how to find one.

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question (id # 1693)

Glad to have found you very helpful site and thanks for pointers to bsos.org.uk. For the past 5 months or so I have been experiencing pain that fits more or less exactly with http://www.bsos.org.uk/cycle.html. It seemed to kick off around the start of a very stressful period at work. When I presented with chronic facial pain (cheekbones, bridge of nose, near temples, angle of jaw)as well as stiff shoulders and neck my Doctor referred me to an orthopaedic surgeon who ruled out any problems within his area of specialisation. There is some (painless) crepitus and my jaw devaites to one side on mouth opening. I then turned to an osteopath who produced some improvement and I have just started a course of acupuncture with him. (I understand that treatment is known to produced some alleviation of TMD problems.) Meantime, back to my doctor who arranged blood tests which came back clear, except for an elevated white cell count which he thinks might be suggestive of infection. He prescribed Co-amoxiclav. I have just started taking a one-week course. Seems like a shot in the dark. My mood is now pretty low since the whole experience had ground me down and destroying my quality of life. I have been prescribed a low dose of Amitriptyline(25 mg x 1 daily) which I haven't yet taken. Although the ache/pain/discomfort is present more or less all of the day I'm still managing to sleep fairly well. The pain usually 'switches on' a little while after I wake. I haven't lost any weight during any of this and - perhaps an odd thing to say - apart from the facial problem I don't feel there's anything wrong with me. My lower left 5 and 6 are missing. I have pre-molar crowns on each of my upper quadrants and I wonder if this is contributing to an occulsal problem.
A dentist did a resistance test. With my left arm outstretched horizontally I had to resist the downward pressure from his hand. He had no difficulty in pressing my arm down. He then placed some material between my upper and lower teeth, left side, over the missing teeth and I was able to push back and stop my arm being forced down. No idea whether this is as significant as the dentists believes in diagnosing a TMD problem.
I'm at my wits end in deciding where to turn next. I suspect the next obvious choice is a maxfax surgeon and an MRI scan; but frankly just at the moment I need some resassurance that the symptoms aren't suggestive of something more serious than TMD.
Any advice on the basis of the above more than welcome.

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question (id # 1645)

I am 24 year female and i m using a lower mouth guard since 3 months. i wanted to know if the guard can adversely effect my front teeth crowns? is there any side effect of wearing mouth guards?

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question (id # 1494)

I have had TMJ problems for 4 years. I also have ankylosing spondylitis. In 2008 I had an MRI which showed that the right TMJ has an anteriorly displaced reducing articular disc with some condyle and eminence degenerative change. The left is fine. It was not thought to be due to AS. The problem on the right has got steadily worse and after some physio on it recently the pain has been really bad for 5 weeks despite diazepam, diclofenac and Paramol. I do not know whether to now see a neuromuscular dentist as having seen a MaxFax surgeon he says there is nothing to do but try a soft splint on the lower teeth to prevent grinding (I do not think and have never been told by a partner that I grind my teeth) or take Citalopram low dose. My pain is induced by using a computer, reading, lying on my side in bed. I am best not focusing on any visual point and remaining upright. I would be grateful for any advice. I am due to see my rheumatologist in December for review, but I do not think the TMJ is due to AS.

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question (id # 1476)

My new dentist says I have a heavy bite and a plunger cusp. What does this mean? My teeth are very straight and even and my bite has always felt extremely comfortable, infact I've never given it a moments thought, so I feel rather mystified.

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question (id # 1332)

I am currently being treated by a neuromuscular dentist for my TMJ disorder. I have had Tens on my facial muscles to relax them, then something called jaw tracking where a magnet was placed inside my bottom lip to find the most comfortable position for the jaw muscles. Impressions were taken and then an orthotic was constucted to wear on my lower teeth 24/7 for a few months to see if it alleviates the symptoms I am having.
The questions I would like to ask are, is it usual for the orthotic to be painful to wear? and if so how long should it take to settle down?
The reason I am asking is because I have had the orthotic for 3 weeks now and am still having problems with it.
When I first started wearing it the orthotic felt very tight but about 4 hours later and my lower teeth started to ache and were extremely sensitive to any pressure. eating was a very painful experience. Wearing it through the night was impossible as it kept waking me up and my hands were tingling in the morning.
I notified my dentist and asked if it needed to be so tight. He said he didn't really want to make it any looser as it would settle down within a few days and to take Ibuprofen for the pain which I did.
I carried on like this for a week but each time of wearing and the same thing happened. I had to keep removing it for some relief.
I again reported back to my dentist who instructed me to wear it as long as I can through the day but to leave it out while sleeping. It is now a week later and things are not much better. I am starting to feel dispondent about it all and wonder if something is not quite right with the orthotic. When I remove it my lower back teeth are painful to touch and feel very sore where it has been gripping.
How long should it take for the orthotic to feel comfortable? I expected some degree of discomfort during the stage of getting used to it but surely it should be feeling ok by now? I am afraid that by continuing to wear it may cause more harm than good. I have no improvment as yet in the tmj symptoms either. I have paid a great deal of money for this treatment but thought it was worth it to feel well again. Could you give me some advice please.

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question (id # 1302)

helo. i have asked to a few questions in the past regarding my oral problems. i still have a lot of pain around my jaw joints . the pain gets so bad to a point where i cant talk. my dentist says that its to do with my jaw. it doesnt open in one single motion. i want to go a have a consultion with a private surgon who might be a ble to help. could you blease give me any name and addressess of a good surgon? thanks

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question (id # 1290)

I have got two canine teeth which I really don't like due to their pointed shape.  I feel it gives me a serious smile.  This is why, I prefer to stay serious all the time to hide my ugly smile.  I wonder if these two teeth can be changed in shape to look straight like normal teeth.  I would like to know the cost if  possible.  Thank you

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question (id # 1280)

Hello I am 38 years old and over the past year I have slowly got a gap inbetween my front teeth which I have not had before. My dentist said the cause of this is I clench my teeth when I am sleep and so is forcing the top teeth to separate. I have always had good straight teeth (no gaps). This is really worrying me. Could there be another cause for this to happen? I would really appreciate someones advice please

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question (id # 1271)

I am 34 years old and haveve been told by my orthodontist that my lower jaw needs to be moved forward. I am due to finish my ortho-treatment in 2 weeks time. He explained that my options are as follows: heavy duty braces or surgery. I am a bit worried about the surgical option and was wondering if I could get the same results with orthodontics alone to move my bone to bone relationship. I had not really noticed my chin as a weak chin until now after my treatment.   Thanks in anticipation!!




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question (id # 1240)

I am presently being treated for TMJ problems by wearing a splint on my bottom teeth at night (I am a nocturnal clencher and grinder). So my jaw will correct itself at the joint, now my muscles are able to relax.

I have recently had a large filling redone and although generally it is ok, I find that sometimes it is a little sensitive in one place when removing the splint. I am really worried in case I lose the tooth. I am concerned it will make my jaw problem even worse.

Even if some molars are missing is it still possible to correct jaw problems?


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question (id # 1228)

Hello I am 38 years old and over the past year I have slowly got a gap inbetween my front teeth which I have not had before. My dentist said the cause of this is I clench my teeth when I am sleep and so is forcing the top teeth to separate. I have always had good straight teeth (no gaps). This is really worrying me. Could there be another cause for this to happen? I would really appreciate someones advice please...Dawn

                                          feedback received from Dawn

Thank you very much for your answers, I really do appreciate your advice.  I visited my dentist yesterday he has advised me to see an orthodontist. My dentist said the bones and gums are fine and that the cause is one of my bottom teeth (when I bite) is causing the front tooth to rotate. This is now visible to me...thank you again for all of your answers. I will let you know when I have seen the orthodontist and hopefully this will be corrected so I can smile with confidence again...?


                                          The All About Teeth Team

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question (id # 1217)

I just had 2 front crowns put on my front 2 teeth 3 weeks ago. I have been back to the dentist 5 times for adjustments telling him it doesn't fit right as when I close my mouth it hits my lip and the left seems to be sticking out farther than the right. He won't do anything for me so I contacted my insurance company who are sending me to another dentist for a consolation. If they are made wrong can they be taken off and remade properly without hurting the teeth that have been drilled down? I still cannot chew properly on one side and when I went back to the dentist he didn't even take an x-ray to see if there was a problem. I have been miserable for weeks and don't know what to do. Please help. Any information would be so helpful. Thank you again.

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question (id # 1182)

The first time I had treatment for my crowded teeth I had no extractions and the treatment was to widen the arch using braces. The teeth looked great, the fit perfect with a wide smile.  Later they relapsed, no longer fitting and not looking nice either.  So, I decided to have the treatment again and went to another dentist who fitted  braces. My jaws came together perfectly just like the first time but even though I wore the retainers as told my top arch feels like its narrowed in when I try closing my mouth normally and the teeth just clash on top of each other.  There is no crowding because the interdental reductions the dentist made on all my teeth.  The dentist did some shaving on my back molars and now the teeth meet but I have to pull my jaw back so tight it is painful.   Can you advise me please.

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question (id # 1164)

Hi, I've been suffering from tmj for almost 2 years now, ever since my orthodontic treatment.  I've had fixed braces on my teeth twice.  The first time in 2003, the teeth looked and felt perfect but, later relapsed due to unfaithful retainer wear.  I had braces on the second time, to bring my teeth in to normality again.  After the treatment, I noticed that my front top teeth were rather shorter than before and when I'd bite, the front top and bottom teeth wouldn't touch.  There remained a gap.  I went to several follow up appointments at which the dentist made a few adjustments, at the end of all of which, my occlusion has gone way off.  The teeth only meet if I pull my jaw in tight.  This is painful and gives me headaches and neck pain.  I feel that my occlusion has collapsed and need a bite raise as my teeth used to meet lower down.  My front teeth were also longer and feel very short now.  I've been to see an occlusion specialist who says that I would probably need a bite raise.  She says I would need a bite raise splint.  I'm oblivious as to what this procedure is.  I've read that people with similar problems have crowns etc placed on teeth.  What does the bite raise splint actually do?  Does it move the teeth so they meet sooner or does it move the jaw so teeth fit right?  I'm only 22 and am very worried about this whole dilemma.  I need some specialist advice on what I should do.  Where can I see pictures of a bite raise splint please?  Thank you and I look forward to hearing from anyone who can assist me on my query.

2nd question from patient

Thankyou very much for your replies. I wanted to ask you, if my occlusion was raised say 1/2/3mm would my occlusion stay like this all the time.  I mean 1/2mm would eventually wear down so I'd be left with a bad bite...right? thankyou.

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question (id # 1150)

I have always had a problem with night grinding and my TMJ to the point where my top front four teeth are quite worn and half their normal size, chipped and broken. I use accupressure to ease the jaw which has knock on effects calming my shoulder pain. I had Xrays taken by a dentist who suggested, a splint for the grinding, orthodontic work to open the top teeth, then braces and so on. I sent my xrays back to my dentist in Australia(land of origin) who passed them on to an prosthodontist who felt the whole problem could be alleviated by rebuilding with plastic veneers over the top front 8 teeth to restore the bite and jaw alignment and after that correction using porcelain veneers for cosmetic purposes. He felt that braces and orthodontics were unecessary and the problem could be fixed effectively and at reduced cost by the afore mentioned. Do you have a prosthodontist who could advise?

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question (id # 1095)

Patient Feedback Requesting Recommendations to Malocclusion dentist in London/Surrey - These will be forwarded direct to patient

Thank you for you speedy reply to my question below. Just for your information I live in the London/Surrey so if you could recommend anyone specifically for my more complicated case of malocclusion that would be very helpful.

About a year and a half ago I had 4 large ceramic inlays and a new crown fitted all in one go (4 back molars on the left side and one top back molar on the right) The dentist had advised it was best to do altogether but since then my natural bite has totally gone. My teeth cusps were lowered and the natural height of my bite had changed. My bite used to feel very natural and right and was not something I was ever aware of but since then it has been totally lopsided and very uncomfortable with no bite function at all. I have been told that this is very complicated to treat and have been trying to just live with it. I cannot put my teeth together as it is so uncomfortable and use methods such as biting my lips and tongue to cope and resting on my front teeth. Would you be able to give any advice on treatment or recommend someone who is a specialist in this area to help with my more complicated situation of malocclusion.

Many thanks.


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question (id # 1087)

What please is the correct position of the teeth when the mouth is closed? Do the lower ones have to touch the upper teeth slightly or should they be separate.  I really wonder about this - thank you.

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question (id # 1011)

Hi, I am a 27 year old woman who has had extensive work as a child including a bridge fitted on my front tooth. As I grew older I have become very aware that my mouth does not close naturally and my teeth/bite stick out. Does this sound correctable? I'm a bit scared of dentists!

Can you help advise me as to the next step?

Many thanks.

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question (id # 1000)

Hi, just recently in the past month my teeth have, well in words, they have like broken e.g bits of my teeth are breaking away, hence leaving me with chipped teeth,  I'm in no pain but can't understand why they breaking like this its starting to worry me.

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question (id # 995)

Both my two top front teeth were crowned approx. 12 years ago.  During the last 8 months, one of them apears to be 'rotating' and sticking out a little and it is uncomfortable to bite - apart from that it isn't very sightly.  My dentists has told me this is because I grind my teeth but I am not aware that I do.  Have you any suggestions and/or recommendations.  Many thanks

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question (id # 989)

Hi, I am a 27 year old woman who has had extensive work as a child including a bridge fitted on my front tooth. As I grew older I have become very aware that my mouth does not close naturally and my teeth/bite stick out. Does this sound correctable? I'm a bit scared of dentists!

Can you help advise me as to the next step?

Many thanks.

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question (id # 873)

I am becoming suspicious that my years of dental problems may be caused by occlusion problems. I have bad tooth erosion. Some of my back teeth are almost flat with wear and I have had frequent breaking of fillings or broken cusps around the back teeth. I did have some TMJ problems a few years back but they were very short-lived. I don't think I'm grinding my teeth. I've just changed dentists and my new one did ask me a lot of questions about tooth grinding but he didn't come to a diagnosis. The more I read about it, the more I think this may be my problem. What should I do next?

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question (id # 559)

I had a crown fitted and it is holding my bite open.  Is this right?

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question (id # 557)

I had a bridge and  since had discomfort. I cannot eat on that side (only really soft things).  No real pain by itself, just tender when I try to chew.  Also, when I use the super floss, the area bleeds quite a bit every time.  I've been back to the dentist who checked the bite and wore it down a bit.  But nothing has changed. Any ideas what may be happening? It's been 6 months now?

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question (id # 549)

What is occlusion or a good bite and what is having my teeth equilibrated?

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question (id # 543)

My teeth meet all over when I slide them in all directions.  I feel that the muscles in my face are stressed and tense.  What do I do?

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question (id # 366)

I had a bridge and  since had discomfort.  I cannot eat on that side (only really soft things).  No real pain by itself, just tender when I try to chew. Also, when I use the super floss, the area bleeds quite a bit every time.  I've been back to the dentist who checked the bite and wore it down a bit - but nothing has changed. Any ideas what may be happening?  It's been 6 months now?

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The following questions were not orginally posted in this category, but may be related:

question (id # 1403)

Im a 20yr old girl. Last year my dentist gave me crowns for 3 of my front teeth. This was done immediately after removing my 2 year long braces treatment.

Initially, I was happy with my crowns, but slowly front teeth started to relapse outward. Now my crowns look very long and ugly, and have a protruding and a bulky look.

My facial expressions look strained. Unable to close my lips because of protruding front teeth. I have an inter-labial gap of 1 cm and with my upper teeth resting on my lower lip, my crowns and smile look horrible.

1). I feel smaller and thinner crowns can solve my problem. Can my dentist trim the existing crown or is it better to go for a new crown?

2). I heard that frequent replacement of crowns, can put inevitable stress on actual tooth. Is it risky to go new crowns?

3). Can you suggest any alternative solution?

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question (id # 1440)

I am looking for someone who can help my partner. He has bite problems following two fillings and would like the teeth raised so his bite returns to normal. He is sleeping with cardboard between his teeth as they come loose in the night if not. Two dentists have refused to do the work, one saying he needs an occlusion specialist. Please help.

We are in the Liverpool area.


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question (id # 1444)

Would you mind giving me your professional opinion about this onlay/crown, the one with the sticking up bit! It looks and feels bad to me. Is it ill-made and wrong? I call it my egg cup as it has no anatomy just what feels like a huge smooth hole where the cusp should be. It has never felt comfortable. The crown on the other side feels like part of my body.

Should my dentist have sent it back and complained to the lab rather than putting it in my mouth, hoping he'd get away with it? Sometimes I've thought about asking him to just take the wretched thing out but I've had so much dental work and dental negligence of late that I haven't been able to face yet another scene with a dentist.

Sometimes the dentist who placed the crown has been quite frightening in the things he says and in his manner towards me. I feel anxious about the damage the crown might be doing to my other teeth, but I also feel terrified to confront him with the fact that I don't think this crown is well made.

Since the crown was placed my mouth has never felt comfortable and sometimes I have quite severe pain that comes and goes. Could the ill-made crown be causing the pain? Also it has been in my mouth since early January, is it possible that it is damaging the opposing teeth? The dentist who placed the crown has adjusted the bite and it's okay, the opposing tooth somehow fits inside the large smooth egg cup dip, and sort of skates around. The corner of the opposing tooth does catch on the lower part of the raised edge. When I lie on my side at night then the opposing tooth touches the high part of the raised lip sometimes. 

How bad is this? Maybe it's not as bad as I think. I'm just desperate to save all my other healthy undamaged teeth and just limit the damage to the two first lower molars which have already been needlessly stolen from me because a dentist left the old fillings under the new ones when he replaced them. Both teeth developed stress fractures as a result. I have been made quite unwell physically and emotionally by the destruction of my healthy, lovely teeth, not to mention the huge expense of putting the damage right.

Best wishes, Katy

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question (id # 1441)

My dentist has just told me that my new crown will settle in a while but I cannot close my teeth together, I could before!!

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question (id # 1359)

I had part of one of my back tooth come away, went to the dentist who fixed this, but it put pressure on my front teeth, so I went back and he relieved the pressure. He said that because the back filling was around the outside of the tooth as well, it had taken up more space, so he filed in between a couple of other teeth. The pressure went away but then I noticed that my top front teeth has started to move slightly, by this I mean that they sort of clicked together while eating and stuff. I went back, he had a look and said it was not a problem, he filed the back tooth down some more to get more of a gap back and said that the other teeth were moving slightly, annoying as it was, it was ok because they would just right themselves, I had to give it time. It was because of the bunching from the back tooth being a bit larger and my bite had changed causing this problem. I wanted to know how long this could take because some days they don't move at all and others they click together a little. My dentist had a look and said that the teeth have moved slightly but once they are comfortable in their new place they will settle down and not move. He also said that to me it feels like they are moving miles, but in fact it is probably only less than a hair. He pushed on the teeth to see if they had become loose but said they had not and this was normal for them to move slightly while getting used to a new bite. I am sorry if I sound a little confused, I was just wondering how long it would take to stop moving, cos as I said some days they don't move at all and others they do.

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question (id # 1282)

I have got two canine teeth which I really don't like due to their pointed shape.  I feel it gives me a serious smile.  This is why, I prefer to stay serious all the time to hide my ugly smile.  I wonder if these two teeth can be changed in shape to look straight like normal teeth.  I would like to know the cost if  possible.  Thank you

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question (id # 1328)

I started on restorative work as lots of bridge work over the years has resulted in back teeth getting shorter and shorter. As a consequence, and with years of clenching and grinding, the bottom front 7 teeth are half their original height. I now feel them loose and a periodontist has said they are at stage II. They are literally popping out of their roots and feel very uncomfortable.

I have moved from the town where a dentist has already put a full mouth bridge on the top and some root canals on back lower teeth which have a temporary bridge on each side. I was horrified to see the periodontist comment that I have bifurcations needing cleaning out, UNDER the bridge, AND that there was a dark shadow or "halo" around the root of a front upper tooth. I was to have had full mouth bridges upper and lower, but I am going to lose at least four lower front teeth. Can I still have a lower full mouth bridge without these teeth?

The object of my wanting full mouth bridges was to correct an ever worsening bite; my back teeth don't meet at all until the front lower ones are jammed almost against the roof of my mouth. I have had a second and third opinion, but clearly these were not specialists; some do not even do their own root canals, just do consultations and make their living that way! Very anxious now. Have spent a lot of money so far.

Thanks for any word of encouragement. I would not want implants - would even prefer a plate (or plates as it now looks)! If you can recommend a dentist in either of these areas (BN8 and OX17) I would be very grateful.

Janina (Sussex and Oxon)

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question (id # 1321)

I am in my 50,s and have always had a lot of trouble with my teeth. about 8 years ago I had quite a few new crowns, I was really pleased with the results, but my teeth have moved !! is it possible for me to now have a brace fitted. My dentist was really good but has now gone private and I am afraid my check ups have lapsed. I know the treatment would cost quite a bit but am prepared for that as long as I am not pushed into having unnecassary fillings etc just to fill the dentists pockets!

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question (id # 1300)

What is the technical word for the "the bite surface of the tooth?"

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question (id # 1448)

Hello there, I have recently been told by the dentist that my teeth are slightly loose due to them 'shifting,' it wasn't really explained to me properly.

My teeth are very uncomfortable at the front and I have one particular tooth forcing its way out of line. I was just wondering if the teeth will settle down and stop moving or have I got to put up wIth this forever now?

I would be grateful for some advice on this please.




Follow up to all From Samantha Denney

 I have been told that I don't have any gum disease and I have had a couple x-rays. All that I have been told is that my gums and teeth are healthy, except they are 'shifting'. Thank u for your advice. x


On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 9:29 AM,

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question (id # 1469)

Hi there,
I am 21 years old with quite a large overbite and overjet and so am eager to get orthodontics. However because of my age I am quite against normal metal brackets and would much prefer lingual orthodontics. I recently had a consultation with an NHS dentist who told me however that in my case, I would be knocking off the upper brackets with my lower incisors and so the treatment would be unsuitable. I am a dental student myself and so have heard of some methods such as bite opening with occlusal molar build ups, however the dentist I saw was not very informative about this. I was wondering if you could inform me about any various methods that may help, or whether i may acually be completely unsuitable for lingual braces.
Many thanks

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question (id # 1486)

Hi,My orthadontist has removed the brace after 20 months. Iam unhappy with the result, relativley minor misalianment, but noticable.
More importantly is the orthadontist is soooooo insistant that I go to see a restorative dentist he reccommends.
Ive previously seen 2 other dentist who both quoted me the same treatment & both said the brace needed to go back on the top & upper & lower teeth.
My orthadontist has said before that he wasnt going to remove the brace until Id seen his man,now he has dismissed the opinion of the other 2 dentist, he even contacted this man & made an appointment without telling me first.
The odd thing is when I started treatment he told me 2 or 3 times he knew of no one who did restorative dental treatment, when I called his man, his receptionist told me he reccommended all his patients to him & had done for years! incerdently his man charges 170 just for a consultation!
I really feel the way he is insisting on me using his man, who I suspect is out of my price range anyway, is at best shabby, at worst pretty corrupt.
Please advise me on the way forward, at the moment I would sooner have some type of refund & see a differant orthadontist because I have no faith that my current one is not acting in my best interest.
Thanks for any advice.

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question (id # 1511)

Lower wear front teeth due to habit bruxing. Not much space for crowns, should I do what my dentists says and have crown lengthing?

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question (id # 1578)

I am a 24 year old female. I had severe erosion of the enamel on my two front teeth due to sucking on lemons as a child. Recently I had my two front teeth crowned with zirconia crowns and they look great! However, it now feels like my back teeth don't touch as much as they should. My dentist did the paper test, having me chew on a piece of paper and said that it all looks fine but she did seem a little concerned with what I told her. Basically, it feels like when I close my mouth, my front teeth touch first and hardest and that's where all of the pressure is. The main issue with this is that I grind my teeth at night and my dentist worried that it could be bad for my new crowns. The first few days after I had the permanent crowns placed I woke up with terrible headaches from grinding, but now 5 days later I am not having those headaches. Honestly because my front teeth used to be so small, it may be that it just feels very different to me because the back teeth used to rest on each other and now that I actually have larger front teeth they don't. My dentist has grinded down the backs of my new crowns a little and it feels a little better but she didn't want to do anymore because of my overbite, stating my bottom teeth were just 1mm away from hitting the roof of my mouth. She even ground down my bottom teeth a little to help. Next time I go in she will do final adjustments (if any) and fit me for a night guard. Can you please tell me your thoughts on this? Is there supposed to be more pressure on the front teeth and if not, will it be that bad for my crowns?
Thank you,

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question (id # 1574)


I have just been advised by my dentist that due to acid decay i require crowns on my two front teeth.
I am just looking for your views if htis is the best solution or is there a better alternative solution?


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question (id # 1648)

Hello, I suffer with severe TMJ disorder which results in terrible migranes, face/jaw & neck pain. Severe cracking on the left side when opening my jaw or chewing which is not painful but is loud and very irritating. I also have really bad grinding and clenching at night while I sleep.
I have visited my local maxilliofacial specialist at the hospital. I live in Scotland, UK. The specialist I have seen many times in the last 3 years. They took x-rays and I also had an MRI scan but nothing noticeable showed up. The specialist has said there is nothing he can do. I have had mouth guards and still use these at night to prevent me damaging my teeth and by the state of the three guards I have it's lucky I use them. I grind so bad I have made holes in two of them and there is dents and imprints of my teeth in the plastic so this shows how bad my grinding actually is. My teeth have been worn down by the grinding, but this was from before I was diagnosed..

I am now so fed up. The migranes & tension headaches are getting worse even tho I am now on amitriptyline now. My neck aches also. I still heavily grind and clench my teeth at night and all the mouthguards do is protect my teeth. My jaw still cracks so bad when I open my mouth, yawn or eat.. I feel like my condition is getting worse and I do not know where to go from here.
I have read about neuromuscular dentists and how they can help with jaw re-alignment. Would these specialists be the next step for me?

Maxilliofacial have stated there is no treatment for my condition but without looking at my jaw alignment. They just provided the first mouthguard but that does not help my condition.

If anyone feels that neuromuscular dentistry could help me please let me know.
Also is this treatment available on the NHS here in the UK? As it would be for the treatment of an medical condition and not for cosmetic reasons. If it is not available on the NHS would there be any way of getting the treatment with funding?

I am absolutely at a loose end with this, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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my lower jaw wisdom tooth is in a tilted position,it is behind a root canaled nd capped tooth...sometimes when i speak i hear click sounds coming from that point.. and i have some difficulty closing my mouth properly... what do you suggest? should i get the wisdom tooth extracted? will i be able to feel comfortable while speaking after getting it removed? i heard one must not get any tooth removed ....please help

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I go to an nhs dentist, but choose to pay for a white filling when my old filling came out. This was 2 months ago and I am finding that the tooth no longer concerts to the tooth next to it so I am constantly getting food caught in it and my gum has become soar though that may be from the flossing My question is even though it was private treatment will the charge me if they need to do any more work on the tooth as it has only been 2 months

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Hi I had 18 veneers two weeks ago in Turkey the dentist was recommended to me as a few friends have had veneers done there.
Since being back home I have had toothache in my upper left and front lower teeth I am currently taking up to 12 co-codamol pain killers everyday.
I have emailed the dentist and he said as everybody has different pain this is normal but it is waking me in the middle of the night and every morning as I cannot get back to turkey untill next year it is causing me some concern.

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