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question (id # 2039)

Ive had an extreme swelling and bruising following a dental injection. Severe swelling occurred immediately after the injection. Then extensive black bruising near my chin and under my chin plus green and yellow bruising and continued numbness over my cheek. The injection was in preparation for work on an upper tooth.

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question (id # 1822)

I had pain and a lump around the previously crowned and root filled tooth.Its lower third tooth from back . After antibiotics the pain receeded and swelling went down . Then the tooth and crown snapped off at gum level at front , a bit higher at the back. It was left slightly attached and dentist removed. He says he is not going to remove the root but leave it as i am a nervous patient and it would be traumatic for me. There is hardly any tooth left to get hold of.Is it ok to do this . My old dentist has retired and was used to dealing with me. If leaving the root can be problematic id rather deal with it now. One piece of tooth will not be covered by any gum but a flap of gum covers the front edge. Should iv get a second opinion.

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question (id # 1817)

At what point do I give up paying expensive prices and get dentures. I have no molars at the back as the last gold crown I have I've been told needs removing. My pre molars are all cracked and chipped as I'm using them to chew and my front teeth both need filling front and back. A crown I have at the front also keeps falling out I seem to be at the dentists all the time now. I had meningitis as a child and had huge doses of antibiotics which I'm told basically destroyed my teeth. I seriously can't afford it now. Any advice gratefully received.

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question (id # 1801)

Hi There, My mother has something going on with her gums behind her lower front 4 teeth on the inside of her mouth. It has bothered her for over 5 years now and no one can help. She get a harsh tingling feeling which she describes as it feels like little bugs in there scratching like crazy. It irritates her so much. She has seen doctors, dentists, had biopsies and all has come back clear. The area is not red and there are no traces of Likin PLancis. She had a plate made up to cover the area which gives some reliefs but not entirely. She had some botox injections in there to stop nerve signal which i though might have worked but it only stopped it for a day. Maybe they didn't get the right area. When she is relaxed at night and lays down in bed it stops, but in the morning as soon as her feet hit the ground it starts up again. She has a numbing gel which gives some releif but only for a short time and not completely. Please help?

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question (id # 1800)

While dontaing plasma my blood pressure dropped and my front bottom teeth started hurting. These teeth r the only teeth that have never hurt. They have no fillings nothing. The pain is horrible. If these were the only ones that hurt I might be able to stand the pain but my dental problems are severe and ongoing. I don't care if they all have to be pulled I can't stand this pain anylonger. I am 52 year old widow mother of 17yr old and have no dental insurance and really few options to pay for extremely expensive procedures. How can I ever afford to have any dental treatment? Why did front teeth start hurting? Is there any help/hope that I will stop hurting available? I am physically sick every day and I think that is caused by infection in my mouth. Are there over the counter treatments that might fight infection and pain? I'm at my wits end please help if u can which I doubt there is any help/hope for a 52yr old widow on a fixed income with a teenage daughter but thank y anyway. I guess I feel better just having gotten this off my chest probably the only relief I will get

question (id # 1786)

Question:- My choice is to have all remaining teeth extracted. I am dental-phobic. I am due to have seven extractions. I have no upper molars. My consultant (NHS) will not extract any remaining teeth that are healthy. I really wish this could be done. I am 67 years of age. I am having general anaesethic in hospital. The teeth crumble when extracted.

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question (id # 1738)

I M 28, a tooth was troubling me so i visited a nearby dentist.. n after x-ray he found it a was a milk tooth .. so now i m into d confusion of shall i extract it or a root canal will is better option.

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question (id # 1648)

Hello, I suffer with severe TMJ disorder which results in terrible migranes, face/jaw & neck pain. Severe cracking on the left side when opening my jaw or chewing which is not painful but is loud and very irritating. I also have really bad grinding and clenching at night while I sleep.
I have visited my local maxilliofacial specialist at the hospital. I live in Scotland, UK. The specialist I have seen many times in the last 3 years. They took x-rays and I also had an MRI scan but nothing noticeable showed up. The specialist has said there is nothing he can do. I have had mouth guards and still use these at night to prevent me damaging my teeth and by the state of the three guards I have it's lucky I use them. I grind so bad I have made holes in two of them and there is dents and imprints of my teeth in the plastic so this shows how bad my grinding actually is. My teeth have been worn down by the grinding, but this was from before I was diagnosed..

I am now so fed up. The migranes & tension headaches are getting worse even tho I am now on amitriptyline now. My neck aches also. I still heavily grind and clench my teeth at night and all the mouthguards do is protect my teeth. My jaw still cracks so bad when I open my mouth, yawn or eat.. I feel like my condition is getting worse and I do not know where to go from here.
I have read about neuromuscular dentists and how they can help with jaw re-alignment. Would these specialists be the next step for me?

Maxilliofacial have stated there is no treatment for my condition but without looking at my jaw alignment. They just provided the first mouthguard but that does not help my condition.

If anyone feels that neuromuscular dentistry could help me please let me know.
Also is this treatment available on the NHS here in the UK? As it would be for the treatment of an medical condition and not for cosmetic reasons. If it is not available on the NHS would there be any way of getting the treatment with funding?

I am absolutely at a loose end with this, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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question (id # 1616)

Hi! I'd like some advice please.

I have pain in my fist molar on the bottom jaw, right hand side. I was eating some meat 9 years ago that shouldn't have had a bone in it so I chomped down on it and suffered a huge pain in that tooth when I hit the bone lurking in the meat.

On going to the dentist he told me it was cracked and should be crowned immediately with a gold crown at 800 pounds, without which it would fall apart (also immediately). I didn't have that sort of money and dislike gold so declined. He didn't want to do an extraction because he said 'he didn't do extractions' and pushed for the gold crown, but I decided to leave it in situ until absolutely necessary to take action. I don't use this dentist any more as I felt he was really just after my money!

Over the years I have learned to chew on the left hand side of my mouth.

Recently the pain in this molar has got to a point where something needs to be done. It has a very large filling in it from many many years ago. I am thinking of an extraction. I am 42 years old. I had my wisdon teeth removed over 20 years ago.

My question really is: if I have the fist molar removed from the lower right jaw, will there be noticeable movement of the other teeth over time? Will it be something I will get used to? I really don't want to have a crown and any other invasive treatment, nor can I afford it. Do teeth really move so much as to cause problems later on?

Any advice greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.

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question (id # 1552)


question (id # 1510)

During a cap replacement,screwing in the post there was a loud crack. My tooth socket broken - infections now won't settle I am now facing extraction and 3 months with no tooth before a bridge is fitted. I had no xray before this happened and feel the nhs dentist was heavy handed. He shrugs off any responsibility. What should I do to have this rectified and what are my options to not go toothless for so long. Regards Lois

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question (id # 1493)

My 7 year old daughter snapped 1/2 of one of her front teeth off in August. The dentist was unable to glue it back on. Instead he put a filling on the bottom of the tooth to make it look like she still has her full tooth. He told us to take her back this month to see what we need to do from here. Can you tell me what are the safe options for a 7 year old and whether she could just continue with the filling until she is older, as she seems quite happy at the moment. We use an NHS dentist. Thanks.

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question (id # 1486)

Hi,My orthadontist has removed the brace after 20 months. Iam unhappy with the result, relativley minor misalianment, but noticable.
More importantly is the orthadontist is soooooo insistant that I go to see a restorative dentist he reccommends.
Ive previously seen 2 other dentist who both quoted me the same treatment & both said the brace needed to go back on the top & upper & lower teeth.
My orthadontist has said before that he wasnt going to remove the brace until Id seen his man,now he has dismissed the opinion of the other 2 dentist, he even contacted this man & made an appointment without telling me first.
The odd thing is when I started treatment he told me 2 or 3 times he knew of no one who did restorative dental treatment, when I called his man, his receptionist told me he reccommended all his patients to him & had done for years! incerdently his man charges 170 just for a consultation!
I really feel the way he is insisting on me using his man, who I suspect is out of my price range anyway, is at best shabby, at worst pretty corrupt.
Please advise me on the way forward, at the moment I would sooner have some type of refund & see a differant orthadontist because I have no faith that my current one is not acting in my best interest.
Thanks for any advice.

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question (id # 1463)

Hi I have 2 questions please.
1) What are the reasons for tooth preparation prior to partial denture constructions ?
2) What are the differences between constructing dentures for adults and children ?


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question (id # 1462)

Do you have any information that will help me with burning mouth syndrome which I have had for about 3 years. It seems to be a subject about which little is known and I am desperate for help.

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question (id # 1383)

Please help - I want to have bleaching using the best possible way so that my teeth go really white - my dentist recommends something called Enlighten and I trust him but I would like to know if anyone of you has tried this - as I dont want to spend the money and be disappointed.
Thank you very much Mary

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question (id # 1376)

I had a large white filling replaced with another large white filling on a lower molar 5 weeks ago.

At the time the dentist had warned me the filling was close to the nerve and it may die but as he completed the treatment was confident it would be ok.

The tooth has remained sensitive and achey (although not to hot and cold). I have returned and had the filling filed down twice but no improvement.

My dentist now wants to refer me for root canal treatment and a crown at a cost of 1100.

Is there any chance the nerve is simply irritated and will settle if left longer?

Could the pain be caused by the tooth pressing on the tooth in front - the side of which he filled?

Could it wait 3 months if I join HSA?

No x rays have been taken.

I have a free NHS certificate as I have just had a baby but this seems worthless.

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question (id # 1306)

Hi, I have just had veneers done on my top front teeth and they are causing me a lot of pain. The dentist said it would take a couple of days. It has now been over a week and they still hurt.They ache a lot too. Is there anything i can do? is this normal?


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question (id # 1284)

I broke part of my porcelain crown off on the bottom back tooth, do I need to replace it or can it be repaired? It is the back part of it.(no food seems to get stuck or anything)Can I leave well enough alone, I feel I will be told to just replace it by all dentists. 

question (id # 1283)

I am writing an article to try to identify the factors for a successful restoration in the oral environment and how to achieve it.

Do any of you have any trade secrets that have made a huge difference to your impression technique, any materials of choice, anything that you do not mind being published in your name?

Any tips with regard to implant stent design that others might not know about or tips on placements that you have found really work

Any feed back on fractures:
Procera alceram?



Empress ! and 2?
Metal bonded?
Chinese crowns?(anything , quality compared to England etc,)
Implant failures and why you think it has happened? What System?
Tips for best fitting dentures ,chromes , best successes you have had ,favoured materials and why?

Anything at all that might be of use, would really be appreciated and used in your name. Unless you choose otherwise.

Thank you ,TJ

P.S Mine is and always will be using quick-temp for bites just on the prep ,

1.      acts as an impression double checker as it is so precise

2.     when taking the bite you can easily see if the bite is correct using shimstock and red - green paper ect as the bite is free of material over most of the dentition

3.      also so hard that on free-end saddles you have a positive stop, no flexibility(big NB)


Procera Allceram:

 30 failed out of 2400 starting from 2002

Noticed glass ionimer cement might have leached out = de-bonding  and fracture on old crowns that fracture, otherwise broke early on. Porcelain chips as with bonded .

Mostly fractured on custom-made abutments with a single scanning copings (no periodontal give and thin copings) 0.4 copings on lower anteriors have also fractured more.

Enamel Shells and Veneers:

.2mm to .4 mm enamel shells fracture more than most restorations, usually on bonding or hygroscpic setting expansion in the cement over the 1st months

Procera veneers, tendency to debond  unless fitting surface prepared properly



1 fail out of a hundred so far, quite opaque but can get round brightness, need to prep as if for bonded crown.



Always make bite blocks on secondary impression model and take impression in final wax up fitting surface on aesthetic approval by patient under occlusal load and a perforated acrylic base.

Have bite blocks made using posterior segment so you can see bite and then set 6 upper anteriors yourself in a plasticised wax then send for try- in .Carry stock of anteriors in A2 in various moulds and get lab to order replacements in relevant shades. Does not cost much, will take less time.



Solid stent implant stents seem to give the best implant placements (dentist cuts the channel on placement of implant along a predrilled ideal path parallel to one another in multiple unit cases)


Please add your content in a different colour within this text it should be faster.








question (id # 1185)

Is two visits to the dentist per year, for a check-up and scale and polish enough, or should it be more visits to a hygenist say 4 times per year with 2 check-ups. Which is best?

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question (id # 1183)

Please advise how I can get my dental records (and my models) for treatment I had 8 years ago which was at a private/NHS practice which has now closed down?  

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question (id # 1178)

I have been told by my dentist that I need a rather deep filling placed in my tooth and because a deep filling is required I have to have a silver metal filling rather than a white filling which I would prefer.  Why is this and must I really have a silver filling.  Is it not possible to have a white one placed in a deep filling? I would appreciate your reply as this rather concerns me. Many thanks

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question (id # 1156)

About 6 days ago I had a filling on my bottom right side. When I was given the injection I suffered a sharp pain, not like I've felt in the past when I've had the injection. I thought nothing of it at the time apart from ouch! The next day once the numbness had subsided I found that my mouth where the jaw joint is felt particularly bruised and painful, again not something I've experienced in the past 6 days on I am still getting the pain and am unable to open my mouth very wide. I am absolutely certain it is not my teeth that hurt. It is clearly the joint that is used to open and close my mouth. Please help! If I go back to the dentist will they expect payment to fix this problem that has clearly been caused by them.

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question (id # 1142)

I was told a couple of months ago by a dentist that I have an extra two teeth that sit behind my wisdom teeth.  Can you please shed some more light on this?  In the meantime, I feel like a freak! 

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question (id # 1123)

I read, a short while ago, that there has been some significant research, and advancement, into the growing of brand new teeth from patients DNA.

The person who wrote the article said that the ability to repair existing teeth, including the pulp, would happen first. They would expect to be able to grow brand new teeth from scratch, a few years later. I believe that the timescale for the first part was 4-5 years, and I think I read the article about two years ago. So we should be hearing more about this by now; right?

I wondered how long we can expect to wait for this treatment. Naturally, if this research bears fruits, it will revolutionise the industry. Why fill a tooth when you can repair it to its original state.

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question (id # 1115)

I've just been quoted approximately 10,000 for what I regard as essential medical work on my mouth.  In desperation, I've made contact with a number of Hungarian sites, including


which also has a practice in Harley Street. The qualifications of their dentists seem impressive, and they are also registered to practice in the UK. Have any of your patients had dealings with them, or with any Hungarian dentists? I am quite desperate to get my dental problems fixed, but can't afford to take out a second mortgage!

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question (id # 1113)

Since having my first child 3 years ago, my teeth have gone to pot.  I have not seen the dentist since without needing work. My gums have receded on a few teeth.  I can't help feel this is linked to having my child.

Last week a corner of one of my top front teeth broke off.  It doesn't look that bad yet but I am now worried that my front teeth are in a bad way.

Is there something to be done to protect my front teeth before the problem gets any worse, and is there anything out there to help stop the gum recession from getting worse? Thank you

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question (id # 1107)

I have just noticed the other day that my 2 year old child's front tooth is a light shade of brown.We floss and brush our teeth every day and are current with our check up with the dentist.What would cause this please?  It just appeared one day and its not like it was progressing. Someone told me that he might have bruised his tooth because he falls on his mouth a lot.  But is that even possible??

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question (id # 1106)

I have been to my dentist regarding pain in the one tooth that I have that had a root canal. My dentist is recommending extraction. I realize I can go to an Endodontist for treatment. Is that the way to go?  If I have the tooth extracted (Lower Left no 7)  will my teeth move, if I don't have an inplant?

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question (id # 1057)

my dentist recently dropped a bombshell on me by telling me that I need to have all my teeth removed (16 in total). He said the reason was because they are all becoming loose. I am on Jobseekers and so cannot afford private treatment.

What will this involve in terms of recovery and being able to speak properly, eating etc.

The dentist has said I will need to go into hospital and the false teeth will be fitted straight away, is this not very painful?

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question (id # 1013)

Many thanks for the responses relating to my question about a rotating tooth which is crowned. These responses have been very helpful - thank you!
I have returned to my dentist who has taken an x-ray of the tooth and finds that the problem relates to bone loss.  As this is the case is it likely that the same will occur in the adjoining tooth which is also crowned but at present is perfectly straight? The remedy appears to be to extract the tooth and crown and eventually replace with a bridge. Is this the only option or is an implant a possibility, or would there be a problem here if there is little to fix the implant to?

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question (id # 1007)

Hi, can I have a white metal crown on my my front tooth on the NHS to replace the gold one taken off for root canal work.  I can't afford a gold replacement privately.

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question (id # 920)

I have had a problem with a moving tooth since last August.  I was treated for gum disease which has gone now but the tooth still moves.  Is this normal?

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question (id # 914)

Both my two top front teeth were crowned approx. 12 years ago.  During the past 6-8 months, one of them appears to be 'rotating' and sticking out a little and it is very uncomfortable to bite - apart from that it isn't very sightly.  My dentist has said it is because I grind my teeth but I am not aware that I do.  Have you any suggestions and/or recommendations?  Many thanks

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question (id # 912)

There are conflicting opinions as to whether or not implants are an option for those of us with Gorlins Syndrome. Among other things, this condition causes dental cysts but there is no way of predicting how many or what the frequency of these may be. I'm told that I - and my daughter - have a relatively mild version. I am 63 and have had 6 or 7 operations to remove these cysts and this leaves a gap where the tooth above the cyst had to be removed to get at it or where the tooth never developed. The first operation was at 14 years of age, then there was a cluster in my early twenties and the last one when I was 50 some 14 years ago.
Because of this unpredictability it has been suggested that implants could be made but any future cysts may require the removal of any implants.  I should be glad to here your view.

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question (id # 907)

I have had repeated problems with an upper rear molar. The original crown kept coming off, and the tooth was filled by a new dentist who said there was insufficient length on it to support a crown. I have also had the canines built up to adjust my bite. The molar filling has repeatedly cracked and fallen out, and I currently have a temporary crown, fitted after having had the gum cut back to increase the length of the tooth. The dentist warned me that this crown would be high, but it's so high that I'm finding chewing almost impossible. Will my bite adapt?

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question (id # 896)

Hi, just recently in the past month my teeth have, well in words, they have like broken e.g bits of my teeth are breaking away, hence leaving me with chipped teeth,  I'm in no pain but can't understand why they breaking like this its starting to worry me.

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question (id # 890)


Having recently visited my dentist I have been told that I need a great deal of work done. Several crowns and fillings will be needed.  As you can appreciate this will be an expensive process and he has indicated that the work will be carried out at the same time.  My question is: does the work need to be carried all in one go or should it be spread out across numerous visits?

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question (id # 874)

I had bridge work done on my front teeth, and recently it has started to be painful when I bite.  I went to the dentist who has told me that I need a root canal on my front tooth. How will this be done with a bridge covering the tooth?

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question (id # 867)

I have severe recession at the front of my mouth on my upper jaw due to gum surgery I had years ago. I am in the process of restoring my mouth with implants but have not started on the front yet and will not do so for a few years.  I have an acrylic gum mask which is now worn out and need to find a prosthodontist who will fit one chairside and I am having a problem locating one.  I need to see someone who is used to doing this sort of thing.  Please contact me if you know of anyone who could do this.

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question (id # 864)

A couple of months ago I noticed a small indent in the roof of my mouth, close to my gum line.  At my 6 month routine check up,  x-rays showed I had no roots on teeth 3 & 4.

Referred to hospital for further x-rays - the specialist prodded my teeth.  I haven't any pain or swelling and the teeth are not loose. I can't recall stabbing myself in the mouth either!  I was admitted to hospital to have teeth 3 & 4 removed and a biopsy was taken from the gum.

Nobody has spoken to me out it, but I overheard the doctors saying that they removed a tumourous sample - this is a worrying me.  I asked the nurse what it meant and she said not to worry;  it could mean anything.  The results should be back at the hospital this week, buy my check up isnt until 21 March.

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be?

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question (id # 850)

I had excruciating pain in my teeth when I last flew on a plane. Felt like I was biting on tin foil. Pain at the top going and top and bottom coming back. My dentist took an x-ray 6 years ago but could not find a crack in tooth.  Recently, I asked him about it again and he thinks it is my sinuses but I didn't have pain in my sinuses. May I have a second opinion please and some advice on analgesic for it.

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question (id # 833)

My daughter is 8 and is just getting her new teeth at the front but these have come through with a very yellow coating on.  I'm very worried about this.  Can you tell me what this is?   

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question (id # 829)

I have a broken tooth which when I bit my tongue has caused a sore, however until treatment it is extremely difficult to swallow plus the tooth is constantly aggravating the sore. Is there anything that I can get over the counter to temporarily cover the tooth or sore? Many thanks in advance.

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question (id # 773)

What rights do I have as a private patient?

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question (id # 714)

Out of interest, are your dentists taking on any new NHS patients?  We had a question from someone in North Wales claiming there were no NHS dentists there.  Since it will be a right to receive NHS dentistry from any NHS practice of their choice (providing there is capacity), one assumes that patients will have to do a good deal of research and then travel some distrance to find one!

Question from a member of the www.allaboutteeth.co.uk team

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question (id # 678)

To all you dentists out there, I am wondering what you think the effects of the new NHS pay system will have on patient treatment?

1.     Will this improve diagnosis and treatment planning?

2.     How will it affect the treatment of patients?  By this, I mean, will more extractions occur?  Or, will there be fewer fillings and more time taken over these fillings?

3.     Will I be better off Private or NHS? 

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question (id # 652)

Going back 9 years ago, I lost one of my front upper teeth which the dentist set back in, now the tooth as become slightly lose, so I booked into to see the dentist for an check up; after seeing the dentist they have given me a couple of options regarding this.  One was a bridge which they would set the new tooth to go back into the socket so it looks like a natural tooth.  After reading your website, it sounds like these don't last long.  Two was to have a tooth implant, which the way the dentist was talking and what I have read on the internet was two different things.  Three was to keep my loose tooth and have some bone grafting to make it strong again.  What is my best option, as I want something that is going to last, be easy to keep clean and dosen't require grinding away my other teeth. With the tooth implant I have heard that you have to wait six months till you can have the cap fitted.  Is there a quicker way that this can be done.

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question (id # 541)

I have a gap between my front teeth.  My dentist has said that I can just replace the two front teeth with veneers but I am worried that I might look like Bug's Bunny, sorry Bugs!?

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question (id # 539)

What do you think of going to Eastern Europe for implants and crowns?

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question (id # 474)

Why wear a night guard?

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