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question (id # 1767)

I am an NHS patient and have been quoted 600 to replace a gold crown on a back tooth. I have spoken to receptionists at three other dentists (who have waiting lists for new patients but I need the crown now) who said they would charge only about 450. I have queried the price with my dentist but they say it is up to the practice director. Am I being charged too much or is this normal. I have been offered the lesser charges for porcelain or metal but as I had so little trouble with the gold one that lasted over 30 years this is what I would prefer. But I am struggling to find so much money all at once. Please could you put my mind at rest or advise what I could do. Thank you.

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question (id # 1737)


I've just had a replacement gold crown fitted to a lower molar, privately (635), and have raised, with the dentist, the issue of, what I consider to be, excessive scratches on the surface of this new gold crown. These scratches, which are visible on the outer surface, occurred when the dentist was scratching, and scraping off the excessive bonding agent, which had stuck to the crown, during fitting. The dentist's response, to me, was to point out that high content gold crowns are easily scratched, and that he could try to polish-out these scratches, if I return to the surgery. My question is: Is it normal practice to scratch off/scrape off excessive bonding agent from a gold crown, thus marking a 'soft' surface that the laboratory technician, who made the crown, had taken great pains to polish to perfection. And, if it is normal practice, shouldn't my particular dentist have automatically 'polished' my gold crown, at the conclusion of the fitting process?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Many thanks

John Dyson

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question (id # 1573)

i had root canal treatment and a gold crown, since then its been painfull when i drink hot fluids and now have noticed that i have pressure on that tooth.

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question (id # 1564)

Hi my name is Jennifer I've had a open face gold and a full gold on my front teeth for twenty years I want to get them removed but I'm scared of what my teeth look like underneath....help

question (id # 1515)

Hi, I have had a full gold cap put in my front tooth 9 years ago and now sometimes when I brush that area the gum bleeds. The tooth underneath was filled down so the cap could fit on top I wanted to know it is possible to get the cap removed and have a white one put on instead. Also, would it be covered with NHS.

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question (id # 472)

What is a Yellow Gold Crown?

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question (id # 1545)

Hi, im getting root canal done at greenhead dental practice, i started it on my checkup appointment so havent had much done, just got a temporary white filling so far(toothless until my next appointment in a just over weeks time) im having to get it done because my decayed tooth had become to weak and cracked off. my dentist has give me a plan, on this it says ''Crown - Porcelain bonded to Non- precious metal''(does this mean he has chose this crown and i dont have a choice) because through research and asking people i found that gold crowns are the best as theyre stronger and longer lasting etc. im having it done on my lateral incisor, im not bothered about all my teeth looking the same colour as i care more about it lasting long. can i choose if i want a gold one? Also, im paying 204 for my treatment, is the crown included or would i have to pay extra?

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