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question (id # 2037)

one of my fillings appears to have a black outline and the silver part is pinkish in color...no pain no swelling

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question (id # 1890)

I had a filling in 1 of my molars and less than a week later the dentist had to remove the same tooth, I paid 70 for the filling and another 50 to have the same tooth removed less than a week later is this right? I'm also having problems with another tooth I had filled less than 6months later! I'm not happy about this at all!

question (id # 1860)

I've lost a rather large filling in my upper molar leaving me with not much tooth left. I had no pain, but went to my NHS dentist who has given me 3 choices - restoration work on private, or a crown, or a filling (which he doesnt know how long will last). Since I am able to crown my teeth abroad, - have opted for a filling from this dentist. On my next visit he put in what he called an intermediate filling, but without cleaning the tooth or even blowing some air or rinsing it with water. A few weeks later I've developed a pain biting on it, then couldn't even touch it with my tounge. The throbbing pain followed.
Since it was a weekend & I thought I have to survive till Monday somehow. Took painkiller, anti inflams. And since I had abscesses before, I knew I'd need antibiotics. I have some out of date Amoxicillin at home, so started on those (I know it's not a good idea to use out of date ones, but they agree with me ok). By Monday morning they seem to have kicked in and the pain eased (I could even bite on it again), but there was a bit of pain on my cheekbone now.
I went to the dentist again and asked to prescribe me Amoxicillin, so I can carry on with the course and with in-date tablets, - obviously they started to make a difference. The dentist didn't even look in my mouth, he refused me antibiotics. Suggested he can take the nerve out there and then instead. I have opted out of his suggestion, as have no faith in his work since the way he's done the filling (which is probably what vaused the infection, as it wasn't there before and the tooth was ok, although not much of it was left).
He said I can try and ask my GP for antibiotics, which I did through email request, but was told to ask my dentist!
I've carried on with my out of date ones
My question is - can the dentist really refuse antibiotics? Any advice on what am I to do next? Thank you.

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question (id # 1857)

Hi there, I'm 24, and need lots of fillings. I was meant to have 3 today, but only half got done, because even after 3 anesthetic injections, my teeth are so sensitive that when they drilled a hole to fill one of my teeth, it was excruciatingly painful. I was wondering whether I can be put to sleep for these on the nhs, as I have no money, and I really can not have this done unless I am.

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question (id # 1830)

I got my first filling in my adult teeth a few years ago in my molar. I've had it replaced 2 or 3 times due to pain/sensitivity. Since the last time I had it there have been some days where it's been sensitive or painful but majority of the time fine. It became sensitive recently and I could feel part of the filling was missing. The dentist filled it back in for me 9 days ago from today. Since I had ground down the filling from eating, it now hurts to eat directly on the tooth and hard pressure on it, as well as a dark line over the filling. I could understand a few days of pain but it's been 9 days and no improvements and this unusual line on the filling. Should I be worried?

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question (id # 1826)

The golden inlay from one of my lower molars came off six months ago. The NHS dentist put it back in four months ago but saw decay underneath the inlay. I was told to fix the decay and get a new inlay. I have had no symptoms whatsoever at any stage. What will happen if I just leave it as it is? I haven't needed a filling for several years. Many, many thanks.

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question (id # 1811)

I go to an nhs dentist, but choose to pay for a white filling when my old filling came out. This was 2 months ago and I am finding that the tooth no longer concerts to the tooth next to it so I am constantly getting food caught in it and my gum has become soar though that may be from the flossing My question is even though it was private treatment will the charge me if they need to do any more work on the tooth as it has only been 2 months

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question (id # 1806)

Hello! I have got my tooth 36 composite filling replaced for the third time yesterday, with in a year!
During first filling it was diagnosed that it had recurrent caries. Because it was causing a lot of pain on biting hard or crunchy food. Same problem persisted with the second filling too! Some times I feel mild pulsation in it. Went to dentist to get it checked for high spots but no use.
I got my 36 filling restored again with composite 2 days back but its still sensitive although much better then before but I am still not able to eat crispy stuff because it's cause pain on chewing some time. It's becoming a nuisance as I am not able to eat from that side except for soft food. There is no hot or cold sensitivity. But when I apply remineralizing tooth paste on that tooth it feels we're sensitive n some times I feel it pulsate too! Please suggest me what should be done? Should i wait for 2more week to see if it settles or should I go for an RCT? This tooth is over erupted too.

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question (id # 1707)

7 years ago the side wall of a previousy filled tooth broke away. At the time I was pregnant and told that the original filling was metal and wait until you've had the baby. I did and went back several months later, I was measured for a gold onlay. 2 days later some more of the side wall came away, so I went back to the dentist. I was told I could not be re-measured as the gold onlay was now ready to be fitted so I would have to have the small gap filled with a hard wearing filling (dentist 1). 2/3 months later this had worn away and I could feel the sharp edge of the gold onlay. When I went back I asked if the gold could be removed and refitted over the whole gap, I was told no, she would probably break the tooth to get it out. She said it should have been re-measured and all done in gold in the first place, she gave me another hard wearing filling (dentist 2). This summer I went for a check up and she cleaned my teeth. The next day the filling fell out, I went back and was charged for a new one to be fitted. She said it wasnt caused by her cleaning along the gum line and loosening it (dentist 3). Now 3 months later the filling and the gold onlay have both just fallen out, I wasnt even eating when they came loose. Has this happened because the job wasnt done right in the first place? Will I have to pay again or can I ask for it to be done correctly free of charge?

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question (id # 1706)

Hello, I hope you can give me a little advice. I saw my dentist on Wednesday for a check up, she found a very small cavity on the inside of one of my molar teeth. She drilled and filled it with amalgam (dark) as she said I would have to pay for white as I am exempt at present due to maternity. As it was small and inside my mouth I did not see a problem. It fell out that night then she replaced it on Friday afternoon after drilling the hole slightly larger but it has now fallen out again a little more than 24 hours later.
I am now worried about her competence and further drilling of my healthy tooth. I am scared I will end up with a large dark filling unnecessarily. Should I ask to see another dentist? Should I ask them to make it a white filling if they are going to make it larger again and if so who should pay for it me or them? Any advice would be gratefully received.
Kind Regards

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question (id # 1547)

Hello, while on holidays abroad, I had to visit a dentist, and he said the quality of my fillings was very low. He strongly recommended to replace them all as soon as possible. I've been having problems with my fillings for a while: almost every time I visit local (London) dentist practise, they says there is some problem with my fillings (they have made most of them). I'm now pretty confused what to do.


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question (id # 1532)

when having root canal treatment my face neck eye and gums all numbed up but could feel drilling as if nothing had been done. is there an explanation for this as i feel too nervous to go back to try again .

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question (id # 1474)

What would happen if you left an old amalgam filling underneath a new composite filling?

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question (id # 1300)

What is the technical word for the "the bite surface of the tooth?"

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question (id # 1092)

I am 57 years old. I had gum disease for years and my gums are eroded with a lot of root exposure.However they are comfortable and stable and I'm not much interested in work which is only cosmetic. My NHS dentist is sadly no more.The new one wants to do buccal fillings. Are these at all necessary and why?

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question (id # 1023)


I have a hole on the front of my tooth its not big would I need to have just a filling done.

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question (id # 872)

I have a silver amalgam filling which does not give me any pain but is making the tooth very grey. I am not due to see the dentist for a while yet but I just wanted to know if that was ok?!  It is a large filling and there is not much tooth around it!

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question (id # 843)

Please could you tell me of any known negative effects of amalgam fillings, thank you.

I wondered if amalgam could actually have any effect on your gums and bones as I always had very good teeth which seem to have deteriorated since having a metal bridge fitted.
The bridge did not bond properly and after the first six months I have had a gap between the bridge and the tooth (for about three years). I have been badly let down by dentists in this area who have seen the problems but have not treated them. I have now lost one tooth and have been told by my new dentist that it would cost thousands of pounds to put my problems right. He says the bridge would not have caused any problems but even if the metal had not affected me, wouldn't having a gap (which food might get into) have caused my problems.
I look forward to your comments and I am only asking out of curiosity as the level of deterioration seems linked to the fitting of the bridge but obviously I could be wrong. (I'm not intending to sue anyone)
Lynne K

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question (id # 627)

Subject : Removal of Amalgam fillings.
What is the current belief/evidence that the Mercury in this type of filling may over time leech into the system and cause "problems". If removal of Amalgam fillings is suggested, is there a recommended procedure for removal as I am concerned that normal "mist" drilling may cause the Mercury to be swallowed and remain in the stomach.I have heard that "purging" the system after removal is advisable. What does this involve and is this a "normal" procedure which most Dentists will undertake?

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The following questions were not orginally posted in this category, but may be related:

question (id # 1327)

I had a filling 4 weeks ago and part of the tooth has come a way. Should I have to pay again?

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question (id # 1430)

My dentist says that I need root canal treatment. He has given me the choice of either having this done on the NHS at about 40 or to go private at a cost of 300. He says that the latter will be far more likely to be successful.

Could you give me an idea please, of the merits of paying for private care and what are the success rates of both methods?

In short - is it worth paying what is really a sizeable amount of money? I would really appreciate some help in making my decision.
Many thanks.

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question (id # 1467)

I had root canal treatment on the right side of my mouth second tooth from the back at the top, about 6 years ago, and in the last three days I have had severe tooth ache when I looked in the mirror I noticed that this tooth and the one just in front are both discoloured and are nearly black, how can this happen if I have already had the root canal treatment?. I have also been plagued by an abscess above my upper left 5 for the last 3years root canal treatment never became an option for this tooth as it was to badly damaged by the infection and is now having to be cut out. could the infection have maybe spread to the other side of my mouth?

I really don't think I could have another RC treatment because they are so painful..

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question (id # 1807)

I went to the dentist about 3 months ago and got two fillings done, one on the top right and one on the bottom left. Everything was completely fine, no pain or discomfort. Then two weeks ago I went back for one more, we agreed to space them out. (I got white fillings, and the dentist is a long time family friend so i know he tried his best). After the last filling on the top left i felt pain on the left side. However, whats puzzling is that the recent cavity was top left and my bottom left, which was one of the first cavities(and previously ok) now all of a sudden is the spot where most pain is happening. I went back to him he took xrays and says he sees nothing and that the tooth there had a very small cavity and far from nerve. Checked for bite and it is not high. However, now almost 3 weeks and pain is not better.

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