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question (id # 1825)

Hi, Ive just chomped on a popcorn Kernal and shattered the inside side of my molar. It already has a big metal filling which is fine - it is the tooth below which is shattered. It is very sensitive - i cannot touch it without massive nerve pain. Can I use Corsodyl on it even if nerve is exposed (will that hurt??)Can I use a temporary filling fill such as a zinc oxide based product until the Dentists reopen on Monday. Any info gratefully appreciated. In immense pain!

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question (id # 1808)

I have had a molar tooth repaired and now it is giving me a lot of pain, I went back to the dentist and he says there isn't any infection in it because he has ex-rayed it now he has removed the filled and took the rest of the filling out and put in a temporary filling but it is still painful and I am having to take painkillers every four hours during the night as well. He says he is running out of ideas of what to do with it but I think he has damaged the nerve and it won't settle. He is asking me whether it is another tooth but it isn't and it is giving me headaches as well. He has asked me whether I grind my teeth but I don't. This is helping and I asked him whether I would have to have the nerve removed and he says I will have to pay privately even thought I am a NHS patient, and it will cost 150 for the treatment and someone else comes in to do it. I am losing confidence in him. I don't know whether to go to another dentist.

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question (id # 1740)

I have had my protuding front teeth broken extensively.I attended an emergency dentist where they tested for nerve damage and had images taken which thankfully showed no other damage than cosmetics.The broken edges of the teeth were sealed to prevent further damage.My problem now is financially I can only afford to have them built up with composite (I think this was the material used)and that the outcome will make my teeth protude even more.Given that they are my front teeth are there any other 'sympathetic'available to me on the NHS?Thank you

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question (id # 1711)

My teeth are terrible, stained from smoking, irregular and I apparently grind. I was widowed last year and really haven't looked after myself but am just getting back on my feet. I have abad infection on my upper left incisor. I'm on metronisadole with a day to go and infection still there. The tooth is very loose and I'm likely to lose it according to the dentist. The upper right incisor is set back (always has been) very badly receded and ground down. If the tooth falls out or has to be extracted can I immediately have something put in to fill the gap? If not then how long do you have to wait? What range of cost would this be on NHS or private? Long term I'd prefer to go with implants but I work in a professional role and can't walk round with teeth missing.

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question (id # 1700)

I have just returned from my orthodontist for a check up on my teeth and retainers and he is telling me that my 4 top teeth the roots are deteriating. What's this mean? Am I gonna lose those teeth? What would be the procedure?

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question (id # 1673)


One of my teeth top right 3rd from the back has 2 fractures less than 1cm apart which is causing it to wobble. i went to one of those walk-in dentists and the dentist said that the whole tooth has to be extracted. I asked why it was not possible to pull back this part of the tooth that wobbles, put some bonding material onto it and then push it back so that it sticks to the main body of the tooth and then seal the fractures up and also to put a crown on if necessary. She said it was not possible because the fracture go below the gumline. Is this the be on and end all in that once a fracture goes below the gumline the tooth has to be extracted.

Thank you

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question (id # 1661)

I had an eating disorder for 10 years, the result left me with a lot of reoccurring root canal work and weak enamel. I have 4 gold crowns and one of them at back right has suddenly split down the centre (with the gold crown...its split to the gum) I have no pain where its broken, ive just lost my job and I am currently on job-seekers allowance, what treatment is available to me? I have problems with my jaw and suffer from constant headaches and ear pain.... I have done for many years. Last year when I could afford treatment I decided to pay privately and had a lot of work done on my teeth....will my private dentist see me now on job-seekers?

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question (id # 1647)

I have had two veneers fitted next to my two front teeth for the past four years, half of my veneer has come off and this is the second time it has happened on the same tooth over the past year and a half. I went to the dentist to see If I could get it replaced and was told by the receptionist it would be 209 to be done, I then had my check-up and was advised by the rude dentist that it would cost me 340 as I could not get it on the NHS as it was cosmetic work, which I can not afford to pay. My tooth has been very painful and I am finding it difficult to eat, am I entitled to having it done on the NHS as I am experiencing pain or will I have to pay the full private amount?

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question (id # 1607)

Hi sir, my age is 25 and i am male. I went to consult dentist few days back as I am feeling pain in between 2 tooth. He said that there is decay in between those 2 tooth and two tooth spoiled almost 50% and filling wil not do any help and he suggested me for root canal and Zirconia crown. One more dentist suggested for dental implant. I know about root canal and crowning. What exactly dental implant means? In my case what is best possible and permanent solution? Remember I need permanent solution for my problem

Waiting for your reply

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question (id # 1560)

I would really appreciate if you could provide with an informed opinion about a dentist service. I need a front tooth filling (repair of a small piece of front tooth) and my dentist told me I have 2 options: NHS (47) and private (80). The difference, he says, lies on the quality of the filling material. I know this kind of fillings can last over 20 years and look like natural teeth ant that's what I'm looking for (but I don't want an unfair cost). Could you explain me the real differences better, please? What's your advice if you could afford both treatments? Thanks a lot

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question (id # 1558)

Can a split molar after root canal be salvaged somehow without removal.

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question (id # 1544)

my 4 year old daughter fell on her front this evening and has fractured her top left front tooth, approx. 2mm below the gumline diagonally down from top right to bottom left of the tooth. I still have the piece of broken tooth and have put it into a cup of milk. She is asleep now (after her usual bedtime routine and gentle tooth brushing) and is not complaining of any pain. What should I do? Our dentist is open on Monday. can I wait until then? Will they have to extract the tooth or as it is a milk tooth can they do something to restore the tooth or even file the sharp edges? I can see the line of white dentine beneath the enamel but no 'pink' pulp. I can see dentine in the broken piece. Thanks

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question (id # 1481)

My son (10yrs old) got hit by a stone last night and it chipped a large piece off his front tooth. Any suggestions for long term care/solutions?

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question (id # 1359)

I had part of one of my back tooth come away, went to the dentist who fixed this, but it put pressure on my front teeth, so I went back and he relieved the pressure. He said that because the back filling was around the outside of the tooth as well, it had taken up more space, so he filed in between a couple of other teeth. The pressure went away but then I noticed that my top front teeth has started to move slightly, by this I mean that they sort of clicked together while eating and stuff. I went back, he had a look and said it was not a problem, he filed the back tooth down some more to get more of a gap back and said that the other teeth were moving slightly, annoying as it was, it was ok because they would just right themselves, I had to give it time. It was because of the bunching from the back tooth being a bit larger and my bite had changed causing this problem. I wanted to know how long this could take because some days they don't move at all and others they click together a little. My dentist had a look and said that the teeth have moved slightly but once they are comfortable in their new place they will settle down and not move. He also said that to me it feels like they are moving miles, but in fact it is probably only less than a hair. He pushed on the teeth to see if they had become loose but said they had not and this was normal for them to move slightly while getting used to a new bite. I am sorry if I sound a little confused, I was just wondering how long it would take to stop moving, cos as I said some days they don't move at all and others they do.

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The following questions were not orginally posted in this category, but may be related:

question (id # 1361)

I have 4 attached porcelain crowns on my front teeth and just broke one hitting a counter. What do I need to do to fix this problem? It smashed into a million pieces

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question (id # 1481)

My son (10yrs old) got hit by a stone last night and it chipped a large piece off his front tooth. Any suggestions for long term care/solutions?

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question (id # 1557)

I have a 5 tooth right top bridge with 13 & 14 teeth as anchors, 15 &16 missing and then l7 an anchor. Last week #14 chipped and now when I smile there is an ugly gap there. The back side is still in place. Is there anything I can do to fill in that gap until I can see my dentist in a month? Thank you for your assistance.

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question (id # 1556)

As there is  pain in my tooth from long time I went to the dentist. He said that this tooth has decayed , andcannot do a  filling and advised  a root canal and crowning. Is it better to go for crowning or for fixing the old tooth. 

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question (id # 1578)

I am a 24 year old female. I had severe erosion of the enamel on my two front teeth due to sucking on lemons as a child. Recently I had my two front teeth crowned with zirconia crowns and they look great! However, it now feels like my back teeth don't touch as much as they should. My dentist did the paper test, having me chew on a piece of paper and said that it all looks fine but she did seem a little concerned with what I told her. Basically, it feels like when I close my mouth, my front teeth touch first and hardest and that's where all of the pressure is. The main issue with this is that I grind my teeth at night and my dentist worried that it could be bad for my new crowns. The first few days after I had the permanent crowns placed I woke up with terrible headaches from grinding, but now 5 days later I am not having those headaches. Honestly because my front teeth used to be so small, it may be that it just feels very different to me because the back teeth used to rest on each other and now that I actually have larger front teeth they don't. My dentist has grinded down the backs of my new crowns a little and it feels a little better but she didn't want to do anymore because of my overbite, stating my bottom teeth were just 1mm away from hitting the roof of my mouth. She even ground down my bottom teeth a little to help. Next time I go in she will do final adjustments (if any) and fit me for a night guard. Can you please tell me your thoughts on this? Is there supposed to be more pressure on the front teeth and if not, will it be that bad for my crowns?
Thank you,

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question (id # 1574)


I have just been advised by my dentist that due to acid decay i require crowns on my two front teeth.
I am just looking for your views if htis is the best solution or is there a better alternative solution?


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question (id # 1772)

I have had crowns on all my teeth but the left side seems to be too flat for chewing the right side has groves which teeth normally have. Can this be adjusted

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