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question (id # 1907)

I am a 34 yr old male who is absolutely petrified of the dentist! I have put off going for a number of years but finally plucked up the courage to go to my local dentist today!
After the examination the dentist told me that I need 7 extractions. He has told me that he is unable to do this on the NHS and that if I want my teeth sorted then I am going to have to pay him to do it privately which is going to cost me at least 700!!!
I asked about sedation as I really don't think I am going to be able to cope with the procedures being done whilst I was awake! Again, he told me that if I want to go down that root then I would need to go private.

Is this information correct?

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question (id # 1906)

My dentist say I need root canal filling of my bottom right back tooth. On the X-ray it has 2 roots and he says both need doing.
The tooth has a gold crown on at the moment and to prevent replacing it, he says he will drill through it and then seal it.
My question is about cost. He reckons I will need 2 x 1 hour appointments and the cost is 864. I pay 14.99 a month so get a discount but that seems an awful lot of money for 2 hours work.

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question (id # 1802)

I paid 214 6 weeks ago for a crown and 2 fillings. I had a tootheache near to where I had one of the fillings, I went back to the dentist who said the tooth next to the filling had a hole and needed a filling so had to pay another 49, still got very sensitive tooth in the same area, have been back again and was charged 18 to have the dentist look in my mouth and apply some fluoride. I cannot understand why I have to pay for every visit. That means i have paid more than 280 out in the last 6 weeks please can you clarify if I have been charged correctly? Thanks

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question (id # 1749)

I have just had the begining of a crown on NHS on a lower molar. I was offered silver for 209 or porcelain for 320 or I think 600 for a gold. I went with the porcelain option. I may need another crown on a different tooth also so I asked if it would be covered on the price band 320 I am already paying. I was told it wouldn't be but I may get a discount. Is this correct? From what I read if you require more than 1 crown it falls under the one price band.

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question (id # 1659)

Hello. Two years ago my dentist referred me to a local hospital to have a wisdom tooth removed. I had the initial consultation with the dental surgeon there and was told that they would send me an appointment for the work to be carried out. I have been waiting two years for this appointment, but was not concerned because everyone kept saying that it takes a long time to get your appointment through, particulary as I have no pain from the tooth, so I wouldn't be given priority. I've just had my 6 monthly dental check up today, and again my dentist asked me if the tooth has been removed yet and I said no I was still waiting. He gave me the hospital phone number and told me to phone them. He said that if he had to refer me again it would cost me 48. I phoned them when I got home and they couldn't confirm whether they had ever sent me an appointment, but said that maybe it had got lost in the post. They said that I would have to be referred again, and when I said that my dentist was going to charge me 48 for this, they told me that that was wrong and that a referral should not cost anything. Who is right. I don't see why I should have to pay 48 to get another referral, when none of this is my fault. Any advice would be great.

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question (id # 1651)

I was experiencing pain in a tooth and after i visited my dentist i was advised i may require a root canal as it was a very large hole. He applied a temporary filling to see how this went. a month later i returned to the dentist who then recommended a crown due to the size of this and also because i wasnt feeling any pain. I paid 100 to have the optional private White crown. 2 Weeks later i am now in pain and feel this may be infected or i may require the root canal after all - Will I then have to pay for the Crown again after the root canal has been completed?

Thanks in advance

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question (id # 1561)

I had a severe accident in work in which more than half my front tooth was knocked off. It was glued back on and lasted a couple of months and now it has come off again. Im scared to go the dentist because I am a student but still have to pay for my dental care, and I will not have the money to pay for the likes of a crown. When I have half my front tooth, I am afraid to leave my house as it makes me so self concious, any ideas how it will be fixed and if you will be able to tell?

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question (id # 1435)

I am thinking of having three teeth removed from the front of my mouth and having them replaced with screw ins. How much would this cost?  Also do they have payment plans where you can pay so much a month?

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question (id # 1430)

My dentist says that I need root canal treatment. He has given me the choice of either having this done on the NHS at about 40 or to go private at a cost of 300. He says that the latter will be far more likely to be successful.

Could you give me an idea please, of the merits of paying for private care and what are the success rates of both methods?

In short - is it worth paying what is really a sizeable amount of money? I would really appreciate some help in making my decision.
Many thanks.

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question (id # 1420)

I keep on debating the whole cost issue of implants , what should I do , what should I do ?

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question (id # 1327)

I had a filling 4 weeks ago and part of the tooth has come a way. Should I have to pay again?

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question (id # 1274)

I live in Finchampstead, Berkshire RG40 4NX and have been told I need a root canal filling to be done by an endodontist. Can you tell me if there is a directory of endodontists or where the nearest one is to my address? Why are they sooooo expensive? Thank you, Jo

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question (id # 1241)

What do I do? I hear so many different things about foreign treatment, is it really that bad to have treatment overseas? It seems so cheap.

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question (id # 1208)

I have got two canine teeth which I really don't like due to their pointed shape.  I feel it gives me a serious smile.  This is why, I prefer to stay serious all the time to hide my ugly smile.  I wonder if these two teeth can be changed in shape to look straight like normal teeth.  I would like to know the cost if  possible.  Thank you

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question (id # 1134)

I had root canal treatment in India and had cap was fitted with cement. 3 days later i travelled to UK. On the flight after 4 hours the cap loosened and came out. is it possible?I can I refit the cap? How much will it cost?

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question (id # 731)

I have begun to worry about showing my teeth when chatting in social situations and am self conscious about laughing or smiling due  to my teeth no longer being as white as they were, fillings at the back and some gum recession at the front lower teeth.  What can be done that would improve matters overall, at a cost which would not be considered overly self-indulgent - i.e., what is considered a reasonable cost for a such an 'upgrade for a 50 year old lady?

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question (id # 616)

There are no NHS dentists in North Wales.   How do I look after my teeth when I have to pay 90 pounds for a filling. I'm willing to travel for NHS treatment.

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question (id # 430)

If my root  is cracked, should I have a crown or an implant?

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question (id # 428)

I have one tooth missing.  What is the best long-term option if finances permit?

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question (id # 426)

Implants - It's all so expensive, why?

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question (id # 424)

I would like my teeth to enhance my features, I have heard that you can even have your bite changed to make your skin look tighter and then look younger and that with the right dentures I can have a better profile and a stronger chin?

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question (id # 422)

Why can bridges cost different amounts of money?

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question (id # 420)

What do you think of going to Eastern Europe for implants and crowns?

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question (id # 418)

What are the costs of crowns/caps?

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question (id # 416)

Why do implant costs vary?

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The following questions were not orginally posted in this category, but may be related:

question (id # 1443)

If you were going to have an implant on a lower first molar which dentist/surgeon would you most trust to do it?

I would be prepared to travel anywhere in the UK.

Best wishes, Katy

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question (id # 1368)

I have been advised by my NHS Dentist that I require root canal treatment. I have the option of having it carried out on the NHS or privately. The cost my NHS Dentist quoted to me for private treatment is £700 for the root canal treatment and £400 for a white crown. I think this is quite expensive compared to estimates I have seen here and on other websites. Do I have to accept the private dentist that my NHS Dentist refers me to? Or if I am able to choose my own, if so will this affect my relationship with my NHS Dentist (i.e. ongoing treatment)?

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question (id # 1347)

I have had a gold crown amongst my front teeth for around 8 years now, but it has gone a dark gold-black colour. Is there any possible restoration procedure to return the gold tooth to its original colour? If so, can I do it myself?

What would the cost be of re-doing the crown? Thank you.

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question (id # 1416)

There are so many things in dentistry which seem to cost so much and there is such a huge price difference.  From a patients point of view it is very difficult to know what to do and whos advice to take.  In particular with implants.

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question (id # 1483)

I had a tooth (2nd going back after lower right canine) root treated and crowned several years ago. This has now apparently failed according to two dentists and the area on the outside of the tooth is now infected.

The 1st dentist offered a choice of extraction, 600 specialist re-root treatment or a "recommended" procedure involving drilling through the bone to clean out the infection. This latter option I was told carried a very small risk of nerve damage though. I was asked to make the decision on the spot but decided I would like to try a further course of antibiotics-to buy some time as much as in hope.

I then saw a different dentist who said the only option was extraction as it was too infected. This would then be followed by a bridge. No mention was made of a specialist to re-treat it and I was told that no good dentist would recommend the previously recommended procedure as it was too dangerous due to the proximity of the nerve.

My symptoms include pus draining from the side of the tooth when the slight swellings are pressed (which relieves the pain). The swellings seem to appear when I eat but sometimes go down a short time later. I have unfortunately loosened the crown myself as I discovered accidentally that moving it seemed to help.

I do not want to lose the tooth if I can help it but cost is obviously a factor so my question is really about my options. I also don't really like the idea of further bridge work on two unrelated teeth if not necessary-especially if there is a possibility this might then fail also and leave me with three missing teeth.

Also why there is such dramatic differences of opinion - I thought dental treatment was about facts mainly? I am quite concerned that it might be impossible to get an objective opinion.

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question (id # 1486)

Hi,My orthadontist has removed the brace after 20 months. Iam unhappy with the result, relativley minor misalianment, but noticable.
More importantly is the orthadontist is soooooo insistant that I go to see a restorative dentist he reccommends.
Ive previously seen 2 other dentist who both quoted me the same treatment & both said the brace needed to go back on the top & upper & lower teeth.
My orthadontist has said before that he wasnt going to remove the brace until Id seen his man,now he has dismissed the opinion of the other 2 dentist, he even contacted this man & made an appointment without telling me first.
The odd thing is when I started treatment he told me 2 or 3 times he knew of no one who did restorative dental treatment, when I called his man, his receptionist told me he reccommended all his patients to him & had done for years! incerdently his man charges 170 just for a consultation!
I really feel the way he is insisting on me using his man, who I suspect is out of my price range anyway, is at best shabby, at worst pretty corrupt.
Please advise me on the way forward, at the moment I would sooner have some type of refund & see a differant orthadontist because I have no faith that my current one is not acting in my best interest.
Thanks for any advice.

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question (id # 1490)

Hello, I had a NHS crown fitted in August on my front tooth. After it was fitted there was a black gap big enough that food got caught in it and it looked horrible. I have been back today to talk to my dentist but she said all she can do is putting a composite filling in which she did. It doesn't look great and I am so unhappy but I don't know what to do. Is that normal procedure? I hope you can help

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question (id # 1502)

Over a year ago a bridge I had fitted approx 29 yrs ago (it included one of my front teeth) fell out.My dentist told me I would now have to have a partial denture and at the time due to funds I agreed. Worst decision I have ever made, within a few weeks of me getting them and still in constant mouth pain my gums had begun to shrink and the denture looked unsightly and was practically invisible unless I lifted my upper lip up. It was approx 3mm shorter at the front than my other front tooth. I returned to see if anything could be done and was told he couldnt get away with providing me with another denture so soon but said he would refer me to another surgery for peridontal treatment and I could see if they would get another denture made for me. They were not happy but did fit a new partial denture and my constant pain and ulcers continued. Months later at my next check up I explained the discomfor still, and the second pair were as unsightly as the first pair. I cant eat properly and am extremely consious as they are practically undetectable in my mouth due to them sinking into my gum. The dentist said if I was suffering to come back and not to suffer. I was and still am using at least a bottle of cortosone each week, at least two tubes fixative and am on co codamol painkillers. I did go back a month later but then was told they could do nothing, that I needed a metal denture at approx 500 (and being a single mother couldnt and still cant afford it) as its been nearly 18 months of constant mouth ulcers and pain why wont the NHS provide at least some of the cost towards a metal denture. I am absolutely sick of the constant discomfort and find myself moving them around in my mouth to ease them, that is till i catch someone looking at me. I have aged ten years since I got them with my appearence and more importantly cant stand much more of the pain they are causing me - he did suggest another alternative - not wear any. Caring dentist eh? is there no way of getting a metal denture on NHS

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question (id # 1505)

I have had a back molar prepared for the fitting of a crown. My previous dentist told me I had 3 options with NHS treatment (Gold, silver or white) or I could opt for a porcelain crown if I wanted to pay privately. I decided that I would go with the NHS white crown, even though it is on a back tooth I really dont want a gold or silver tooth. I have spent alot of time and money replacing my silver fillings with white ones. My new dentist has told me that due to the state of the tooth, my only option is a gold or silver crown. I am extremely upset at this and wondered 2 things:
1. If there is too much decay in a tooth, is a Gold/Silver crown really the only option?
2. Is there actually an NHS treatment that provides a white coloured crown?
Thank you

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question (id # 1525)

My husbands teeth are costing 1500-2000 a year to maintain, his dentists are maintaining what he has by root canal, crowns and fillings, he has about 2 abscesses in the last 2 years. The cost is starting to become crippling, currently this year so far alone at just over 1500.

They wont give us any alternatives, we have asked them about implants but they just tell us to keep having the current course of treatment ie, crowns etc.

Are implants cheaper long term, but as most of his teeth are crowned/root canal led this would probably mean a fortune, or would dentures be a good idea. My husband is worried about jaw shrinkage if he has a denture.

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question (id # 1535)

Could someone help me,please?I just signed a contract with my dentist for a smile make over which will cost me a fortune.we started with the upper teeth and needed 8 crowns.(i had 6 before which needed replaced anyway).the treatment was done,and crowns placed.the dr said he s going to make the crowns a bit larger so i can show some teeth when i talk/smile.the crowns came,colour ok.there was some problems with the size so he sent 4 back and cemented 4.the ones he cemented have a space between the gums and the crown ,i even can stick my nail in between!initially,when he replaced the 6 crowns i already had,he commented the crowns were very bad made and a distance came up in time (7 years though)between the gum and crown.in the beginning he also said i might need gum surgery but it will be included in the price of the contract.afterwards e decides i don t need it.and now some white lines appeared on 2 crownsand i m thinking maybe bcs they are larger they don t absorb the pressure well ...i don t know what to do.they costs me a lot and i wouldn t want to end up with the same problem i went with it,i don t think there should be a space between the gum and the crown.what are my options?would the dentist agree to change them ?do i need to cancel the contract and look for another dentist?please advice

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question (id # 1550)

My cosmetic dentist fitted for me 9 zirconium upper crowns for cosmetics reasons.The treatment was completed 1 month ago.However from the beginning I made him aware about 3 crowns having open margins.He said the problem is going to sort out by itself,which it didn t.I also can feel the margins quite rough.
This was the second set of crowns he fitted,the first ones had exactly the same problems but all 9of them.
I have an appointment with him next week,but when I first made him aware about the problem he seemed very reluctant in discussing it.
I have spent lots of money on these crowns and I wouldn t want to re-do them soon.
Please advice.
What should I do if he refuses to replace them?
Is he obliged to replace them?
Thank you for you time.


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question (id # 1612)

my partner had a drill bit snap in his tooth while having a root canal. the dentist tried for 20 mins to retrieve it but couldnt. we had to pay for a consultation with a specialist who would try to repair the damage but can not afford it. are we responsible for paying for her mistake. i understand its something that can happen but she was so brutal while treating him pulling his jaw aroud its not srprising that it broke.

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question (id # 1634)

I had root canal treatment last year on one of my back teeth with a cap, the cause was a hairline crack in my tooth which in turn caused pain when I ate and drank. The treatment has been a complete success. My question is how much should this treatment have cost me on the NHS. I paid 204, but on reading information (and following a statement on the news this morning) I feel that I may have paid too much. If this is the case, how do I get my money back without ruining the relationship I have with my dentist?

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question (id # 1635)


Last week part of my no 2 molar borke of at the back between the two teeth, this is from a weekend tooth I believe as there is a large filling in the tooth.
At my NHS dentist he advised a filling.
I informed him I would like a more permanent option as I have had this happen before on another tooth and feel a filling is possibly weakening the tooth, I.e I would like a crown.

My dentist told me that he recommends a filling on the tooth as it will cost 200 for a crown.
I informed him that I am currently on maternity exemption having given birth in October 2011.

Having had a check up and X-rays only a month or so before I reminded the dentist if this, should there be any sign of disease on the X-rays, but he changed the subject.
He again xrayed my teeth and urged me out.
He did not ask if I was in any pain. I have been, my jaw was painful and felt like I had a lump on it.

The dentist stated again that he recommends a filling and for me to go away and think about it.

I tried to ask questions about both options positives and negatives but was given very limited responses.

I feel that the dentist only wants a cheap quick fix for NHS fees and that is why he recommends a filling. He did not want to listen to my concerns or give me details on options.

Having searched the Internet for the options I am still leaning towards requesting a crown.

Any advise would be much appreciated.

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question (id # 1708)

What the difference, quality wise, between a NHS porcelain crown and a private crown costing 500.

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question (id # 1744)

My dental problems started 20 year ago with a small chip in one of my front teeth which my dentist at that time fitted with a cap. This ended up having root fillings followed by a bad abcess and I eventually lost the tooth and had a denture. Afterwards I couldn't get used to the denture and was still getting infection after infection which ended up with surgery on my gum at the dental hospital and the loss of the other front tooth. The hospital did treatment and fitted a bridge and gave me a mouth shield as I grind my teeth quite badly.
After 2 years the bridge broke and I had a new one privately fitted it cost over 1000 at the time and broke after 2 month. I had no luck with getting anything sorted at that dentist he would only offer to fix another but I would have to pay again. Over the years I have been to 4 other dentists and have lost another 5 teeth, mostly due to my severe grinding which they all knew about. At one point I ended up in hospital for a week when an abcess was so severe the swelling was affecting my breathing. I had a tube inserted after surgery to drain it and was given intravenous antibiotics.
All of the above left me with a very bad phobia not only of dental procedures but of my teeth, everytime I put a brush into my mouth I gagged and was so ill I couldn't clean my teeth and relied solely on antibacterial mouthwash.
Obviously this did not help matters and last month due to my own fault I developed what I hope is my last abcess and lost a wisdom tooth, this was done at the emergency dental clinic.
I have a new dentist after combatting my fears and have been told to come back to the practice in 2 weeks as everything would of died down by then and the antibiotics would be complete. At first I had planned to ask that they remove the remaining teeth as I've had enough, but after reconsidering I really want the teeth reconstructed where they have worn down and cracked and I also would like where possible to have gold caps as i already have 4 and these are the only teeth that have remained undammaged. I would love your advice on how to go about this, as when I have attempted to explain my problems in the past i.e bad grinding and my fear of dentistry nobody took me seriously or they gave promises on what they would do and the results were nothing like it
I have made great progress and can clean my teeth normally although it takes some resolve and just want some help to make my remaining teeth last.
Sorry for the very long winded post, I've actually cut a lot out lol. Any advice will be much appreciated by a gummy 45 year old.

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question (id # 1751)

Hello, I saw a private dentist after a toothache; the decision was that I need a root canal on the 3rd tooth before the end on my upper jaw. I was given a quote of 575 for the root canal treatment + costs for the filling after the treatment. Does it sound right or it's too much?

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question (id # 1793)

I am an NHS patient and was fitted with a front crown less than 6 months ago. Too my utter horror, while at a friends BBQ it came out and got lost, we tried in vain to look for it. As it is a front tooth I am very self conscience. My question is, as it obviously should not have come out so unexpectedly soon and has been lost, could I reasonably expect be able to get another NHS replacement without any difficulties? as I'm concerned I might be refused and being out of work I cannot afford to pay.

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question (id # 1828)

Hi I had 18 veneers two weeks ago in Turkey the dentist was recommended to me as a few friends have had veneers done there.
Since being back home I have had toothache in my upper left and front lower teeth I am currently taking up to 12 co-codamol pain killers everyday.
I have emailed the dentist and he said as everybody has different pain this is normal but it is waking me in the middle of the night and every morning as I cannot get back to turkey untill next year it is causing me some concern.

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