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question (id # 1542)

Hi i would like to have composite bonding carried out on the front teeth, is this procedure available on the nhs

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question (id # 1531)

I have a very narrow smile and would like veneers to 'widen' my smile. However I have a lot of dental problems. I have jaw issues (a broken jaw that never grew correctly after) and also many filled back teeth. My dentist said that he doesn't think that porcelain veneers are a good idea due to my very heavily filled back teeth. I am fine with my teeth in general - they are not crooked. They are just too dark and go back very quickly after the front six.

The dentist suggested I have them bleached and then have composite veneers just on four back teeth as these need no prep to the tooth and can be added and shaped. He said that the technology now is better so they can look fairly good. He did explain they won't last as long and don't stay as white but they are also so much cheaper that I could afford to have them re-done if need be every five or so years. He also said I won't need pain relief etc. Thing is I have never heard of anyone having this done? Could this be a way to build up my back teeth a bit? Rather than having to have all my front teeth porcelain veneered? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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question (id # 1298)

Hi I have just had composite veneers done on my top 4 middle teeth. They look awful no shape and too white! They do not even look in line with my other teeth and my speech is impaired slightly (I cannot say 'f' etc or any words containing other certain letter) I am going to get them to shave them down a bit, would that make a difference to my speech to bring it back to normal?

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question (id # 1292)

I have got two canine teeth which I really don't like due to their pointed shape.  I feel it gives me a serious smile.  This is why, I prefer to stay serious all the time to hide my ugly smile.  I wonder if these two teeth can be changed in shape to look straight like normal teeth.  I would like to know the cost if  possible.  Thank you

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question (id # 1155)

My dentist has identified 2 teeth that I have brushed so hard, the enamel is completely worn off at the top, and the dentine is exposed. She suggests composite bonding in order to avert impending disaster. Are there other options? How safe is this option, and how long-term is it?

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question (id # 414)

My dentist talks a lot about composite  What is it made of and how strong is it?

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question (id # 412)

I have composite fillings but they are discolouring. Should this happen and can I have fillings that won't discolour?

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question (id # 410)

How strong is composite?

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question (id # 1481)

My son (10yrs old) got hit by a stone last night and it chipped a large piece off his front tooth. Any suggestions for long term care/solutions?

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question (id # 1488)

I have really bad gum recession on my lower gum line. One tooth's gum has completely gone and the root is exposed, the other is starting to recede. Its really affecting my confidence, and I'm really conscious about it. Ive tried to change my way of speaking in order to conceal it, Ive upped my person oral hygiene by brushing my teeth gently three times a day and using mouth wash regularly, but it still continues to recede. I want to know am i entitled to get a gum graft on the NHS to help with the appearance of them. I work part time, live in wales and am 23 years of age. I would like to go back to college and study but I'm too conscious to go back due to my gums. Its not something i can just get on with, its really visible when i speak. Can you please give me an idea how much would NHS charge and how much would a private clinic charge?

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question (id # 1811)

I go to an nhs dentist, but choose to pay for a white filling when my old filling came out. This was 2 months ago and I am finding that the tooth no longer concerts to the tooth next to it so I am constantly getting food caught in it and my gum has become soar though that may be from the flossing My question is even though it was private treatment will the charge me if they need to do any more work on the tooth as it has only been 2 months

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