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Small chip =repair not a cap for sure .???? This is not uncommon. The more time taken to do these procedures the better the result , the better the impression the better the fit the better the lab the better the look , seeing the lab technician artist gives you perfect aesthetics especially if he can colour adjust it in the mouth . The longer the time taken to cement in the driest way in the mouth the better the result long-term , the more time taken over a root canal with higher the magnification used ,the better the result .The better shock absorbing tooth coloured materials used for the post and core (artificial build of the core under the crown , the longer-lasting the repair is and the less chance of root fracture if glued in a dry environment in the mouth , The more accurate and more comfortable the bite on finishing (see occlusion) the longer-lasting the repair to the root is .

Any root crack is a site for easy infection . Always see a hygienist before a dentist if you are broke .

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answered by Mr TJ Nicolas

answer 2

People grind their teeth either due to emotional stress or lack of physical harmony between the jaw joints, muscles and teeth or a combination of the two
If your dentist does not analyse this before repairing the teeth then the result is doomed to failure and even using expensive gold crowns the result will be very short lived
I would suggest looking on www.bsos.org.uk find a dentist for someone who is familiar with treating grinding problems
The ones I know in that group are friendly folk who will understand your fears and hopefully lead you from your present situation to dental health

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answered by Dr Paul Mandon-Gassman BDS

answer 3

Your grinding will need to be properly diagnosed to begin with. It will then need to be treated.Before this happens any work will fail. Check out www.ceramiccentre.com They may be able to diagnose and correct your grinding, and you can then look at restorative options available to you.

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