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With regard to colour, are implant crowns different from regular crowns? I have had inserted an implant crown, the colour of which I'm not happy with. I've been told that the reason it looks grey is because of the metal underlying the porcelain. However, I previously had a regular crown in this tooth before the implant, also metal fused with porcelain, and the colour was perfect. I have been told that the colour is A2, which is supposed to be the same as my other teeth, but the other teeth (including crowns) do not look grey. At the time of consultation, the technician advised that the tooth would be a combination of A2 and B2, in which case, could it be the case that there is too much B2? The tooth looks like A2 on the front surface in the dental surgery, but in normal daylight, inside and outside, it looks grey. The dentist does not seem to think the colour could be improved,which I find difficult to accept given that the crown I had previously was a perfect match.

answer 1

A crown colour is completely controllable , it will depend solely on the size and thickness of porcelain used and the materials used to make the new crown (implant ) . What is certainly possible is to get an accurate match . This is usually down to the standard accepted by the dentist and the exposure he gives his technician to see you and your teeth . Some dentists who get the best results allow the patient to see their technician and the technician even gets to try the crown amongst your teeth . This is the best way but it is more expensive and will be reflected in the price of the technician used and the dentist with their extra time .

If you are not happy with the result ask your dentist if thinks he/she and his/her technician can improve on it .
Just remember that crowns may also look right on the model but only take on their true colour when in-situ , then they take on colours influenced by the amount of light that hits them in the mouth and the colour of the adjacent teeth . They are translucent ( well supposed to be anyway )

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answered by Mr TJ Nicolas

answer 2

The "colour" of the ceramic layer on a crown is a combination of its Chroma Hue and Value (google the Munsell color system)
If a crown appears grey at the margin this is usually because the ceramic is too thin or translucent or the margin is too high in relation to the gum (normally this margin is hidden by the gum)usually implants are placed to allow for this
If you are not happy then you should discuss this with your dentist
One option would be to use a metal free crown and implant abutment but this is not normally necessary unless the gum tissue is very thin

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answered by Dr Paul Mandon-Gassman BDS

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