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answer 1

Masking a discoloured tooth with a veneer can often give a less than ideal result as there is very little thickness of material available to hide the dark underlying tooth, let alone to perfectly match the adjacent natural teeth.

In a situation such as this I would normally try to bleach the root filled tooth to as close a shade of the adjacent teeth as possible and place a bright resin material in the root filling access cavity on the back of the tooth prior to providing  the veneer. I would also involve the technician from the start of treatment to discuss how much depth of porcelain he requires to achieve a good shade match.  Resin veneers can look as good as other materials but in my experience they can appear dull and less shiny than porcelain. This is more suited to older individuals where they enamel is less glassy in appearance.

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answered by Dr Paul Mandon-Gassman BDS

answer 2

When you have a dark tooth that requires a restoration to mask the darkness the tooth normally needs to be reduced in size to make space for the porcelain. The darker the tooth, the more that needs to be removed to "block out" the dark shades. If the tooth was not reduced then this would explain the bulky result.


A veneer is sometimes used but if the tooth is very dark then you may need a crown to achive the desired results. The crown can have an opaque core to block dark underlying tooth but then be layed with a very natural looking porcelain. You need a great lab and most likely custom shade taking and finishing in the lab to get this 100%


I would suggest that acrylic is NOT an ideal material. Are you sure this is not a temporary?


The main stages should be....

1. Impressions for a wax mock-up

2. Review the wax mock-up

3. Prepare the tooth as required and place a temporary FROM THE MOCK-UP.   

4. Custom shade in lab.

5. Custom finish in lab and fitting of the porcelain.


I hope this helps.

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answered by

answer 3

I would normally think in terms of porcelain being the best material for a laminate veneer. It can be very difficult to completely block out the dark colour from a root filled tooth with a veneer and so an alternative may be a full coverage crown but this does mean drilling away a lot more tooth from one which may already be weakened.


David Bloom

President BACD

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answered by Dr David Bloom BDS

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