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answer 1

This is a common problem and a difficult one to solve if one wants to achieve a perfect result.

It looks like there has been a lack of planning and /or discussion prior to providing the new crown and unless you upper lip hides this region of the tooth when you smile then something will have to be done. The person you saw for your second opinion is correct that those are the options available and you will need to return to your dentist to ask why he/she chose not to use an all porcelain crown.

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answered by Dr Paul Mandon-Gassman BDS

answer 2

Whether you pay for the new crown or not is a discussion that you must have with your dentist. However there are now all porcelain crowns that do not require a metal sub structure and these are now just as strong as porcelain fused to metal  Zirconium crowns . The materials used should probably have been discussed in advance, but even with porcelain fused to metal crown, if the margin is tucked beneath the gum then the line can be hidden. However all porcelain crowns do reflect light in a more natural way and so decrease the amount of root darkness


David Bloom

President BACD


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answered by Dr David Bloom BDS

answer 3

Hi there !

Modern all ceramic crowns can be far more aesthetic and lifelike than the traditional metal bonded crown that you have described as just being fitted. I would therefore think it is a good idea to discuss the matter again with your dentist or his colleague to decide if it is a good plan to change it yet again[occasionally there can be a reason for choosing the metal based one].

 Ideally you would have had a chance to see the crown in situ before it was cemented on and to have discussed your options for different crown types in advance of the procedure. I would hope that your dentist wants to do his best for you so I suggest you meet again to chat over cost issues and what can be done to get a result that you will be happy with.

Best wishes- Michael Lowdell


answered by Dr Michael Lowdell BSc, BDS

answer 4



I would also just like to add that there are always reasons why gum can move up or down when prepping for a new crown (eg, high in occlusion or trauma of prepping, both reversible with careful treatment). This is sometimes out of a dentist immediate control.

Generally speaking if the crown root join is in the same place as before you started your treatment, you have not had your requirements for a new crown achieved. If your root was not grey in the temporary stage,this is then being caused by the type of crown used, not the root. If the root was filled and restored to take the new crown or has subsequently died, then this can also cause the problem.(when having a crown made there is always this biological risk)

When choosing a metal supported ceramic crown it can look good with proper tooth preperation to maximise the aesthetic result . This should be planned before the crown is sent to the laboratory for making by the dentist.


Good Luck.

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answered by Mr TJ Nicolas

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