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question (id # 2020)

Dentist ordered and fitted a crown without asking my opinion on colour. He was always in a rush. I did not see the crown until I got home and its bright yellow. When I went back the dentist said the lab had sent the wrong colour and it wasn't his fault. He says my tooth is too decayed to handle the crown being replaced and I either live with it or have it removed, that's all he will do. Advice? (The crown cost 300

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question (id # 1834)

I want to get my natural teeth again.. how can I get it...at any cost I am so much disappointed with my teeths plese give me your advise..

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question (id # 1623)

With regard to colour, are implant crowns different from regular crowns? I have had inserted an implant crown, the colour of which I'm not happy with. I've been told that the reason it looks grey is because of the metal underlying the porcelain. However, I previously had a regular crown in this tooth before the implant, also metal fused with porcelain, and the colour was perfect. I have been told that the colour is A2, which is supposed to be the same as my other teeth, but the other teeth (including crowns) do not look grey. At the time of consultation, the technician advised that the tooth would be a combination of A2 and B2, in which case, could it be the case that there is too much B2? The tooth looks like A2 on the front surface in the dental surgery, but in normal daylight, inside and outside, it looks grey. The dentist does not seem to think the colour could be improved,which I find difficult to accept given that the crown I had previously was a perfect match.

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question (id # 751)

I wish to know what are the latest steps, technology-wise a dentist ought to take please relating to getting the right colour match for crowns.

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question (id # 408)

In regard to my dentist  making me a crown and the choice of colour for it, is there not more to it than his just holding up a colour shade tab against my mouth in front of a window?   What is the opinion of your dental panel?

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question (id # 406)

Why do some people have discoloured crowns, veneers, and bridges?

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question (id # 402)

My new crown was very expensive but still looks a little different in colour to the original teeth in different lights.  Should it not look the same as the others?

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question (id # 400)

I want to replace one of my two crowns at the front due to the gap between the gum and the crown.  I understand the gap is caused by shrinkage of the gum.  What guarantee is there of a perfect match if I have it replaced without replacing the other perfectly good crown.

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The following questions were not orginally posted in this category, but may be related:

question (id # 1349)

Hello, really need this answered please: Before I had my seven upper front crowns fitted last week, my dentist recommended A2 shade but as I had bleached my bottom teeth and they came up good, I thought the A1 shade was much fresher - so we compromised and agreed that the main front four would be A1 and the rest A2. During fitting he informed me the technician had done them all A2! I was in a daze (lifelong fear of dentist) and couldn't respond with numbness and drilling etc. When I got home I thought they were ok but looked dead and yellow in most light. My bottom teeth are more like A1 but will not be in a hurry to bleach them again as so painful and gums bled. Really anxious as cost me huge ammount of money. Do I stick with the A2 knowing my bottom teeth will eventually darken? Or can I say to dentist about original plan and have the front four redone? I feel bad as they are lovely shape and fit and my dentist is also lovely. Please advice. Many thanks.

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question (id # 1383)

Please help - I want to have bleaching using the best possible way so that my teeth go really white - my dentist recommends something called Enlighten and I trust him but I would like to know if anyone of you has tried this - as I dont want to spend the money and be disappointed.
Thank you very much Mary

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question (id # 1355)

Today I have had temporary veneers fitted on my upper four middle teeth. They are yellow and bulky, but I'm concerned more about them being yellow. Is this normal? do I need to go back to my dentist because she has done them wrong? Will my veneers be better? Thanks for your time

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question (id # 1338)

I have a root filled tooth that has darkened over the past 15 years. My dentist has taken moulds for a veneer to be prepared which has now been fitted today. Perhaps my expectations were too great, however it seems quite rounded and more raised than my teeth, and the colour seems dull compared to real teeth. It is acrylic which my dentist says was the technicians choice of material for my tooth. I would apprecitate any comments on this process from other profesionals. Many thanks

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question (id # 1337)

I am a 30 year old female. Two months ago, I had a new crown fitted on my front tooth. I broke this as a child and due to an abcess had to have root canal treatment which also left me with a very dark gum.

My last porcelain crown had developed an unsightly black line below the gum over the years and therefore I decided to have it replaced.

I am an NHS patient but paid £500 for my dentist to replace the crown privately. Unfortunately, the new crown, although an improvement on the previous one, still has a black line which I immediately pointed out. My dentist referred me to see her collegue who is more experienced for a second opinion and I saw him today.

He said that I have been fitted with a ceramic crown with a metal base. He feels the problem could be either the metal base of the crown is visible or the dark root is showing through. Apparently, I have thin gums.

I have been told I can either have a new porcelain crown fitted, have my gum and root bleached or have a skin graft which is very invasive.

I feel the problem is the metal base as the temporary crown I had whilst I was waiting for this to be made, looked very good at the gum line and had no black line. I'm not so concerned with the dark gum as this is not as visible.

I have already paid a significant amount of money and feel unhappy to pay for another crown. Should my dentist have used a crown with such a visible metal base to begin with?

Many thanks

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question (id # 1112)

I had my top 6 front teeth crowned recently. My teeth were chipped and worn and my dentist would not replace with veneers as he thought the veneers would not hold up to my grinding or whatever was causing the trauma. He didn't mention the dark line I would have at the gumline. I am happy about the color, shape and everything else except the line. He mentioned some sort of "composite" that could be used to correct the dark margins. Have you ever heard of this? Thank you.

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question (id # 406)

Why do some people have discoloured crowns, veneers, and bridges?

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question (id # 1550)

My cosmetic dentist fitted for me 9 zirconium upper crowns for cosmetics reasons.The treatment was completed 1 month ago.However from the beginning I made him aware about 3 crowns having open margins.He said the problem is going to sort out by itself,which it didn t.I also can feel the margins quite rough.
This was the second set of crowns he fitted,the first ones had exactly the same problems but all 9of them.
I have an appointment with him next week,but when I first made him aware about the problem he seemed very reluctant in discussing it.
I have spent lots of money on these crowns and I wouldn t want to re-do them soon.
Please advice.
What should I do if he refuses to replace them?
Is he obliged to replace them?
Thank you for you time.


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question (id # 1744)

My dental problems started 20 year ago with a small chip in one of my front teeth which my dentist at that time fitted with a cap. This ended up having root fillings followed by a bad abcess and I eventually lost the tooth and had a denture. Afterwards I couldn't get used to the denture and was still getting infection after infection which ended up with surgery on my gum at the dental hospital and the loss of the other front tooth. The hospital did treatment and fitted a bridge and gave me a mouth shield as I grind my teeth quite badly.
After 2 years the bridge broke and I had a new one privately fitted it cost over 1000 at the time and broke after 2 month. I had no luck with getting anything sorted at that dentist he would only offer to fix another but I would have to pay again. Over the years I have been to 4 other dentists and have lost another 5 teeth, mostly due to my severe grinding which they all knew about. At one point I ended up in hospital for a week when an abcess was so severe the swelling was affecting my breathing. I had a tube inserted after surgery to drain it and was given intravenous antibiotics.
All of the above left me with a very bad phobia not only of dental procedures but of my teeth, everytime I put a brush into my mouth I gagged and was so ill I couldn't clean my teeth and relied solely on antibacterial mouthwash.
Obviously this did not help matters and last month due to my own fault I developed what I hope is my last abcess and lost a wisdom tooth, this was done at the emergency dental clinic.
I have a new dentist after combatting my fears and have been told to come back to the practice in 2 weeks as everything would of died down by then and the antibiotics would be complete. At first I had planned to ask that they remove the remaining teeth as I've had enough, but after reconsidering I really want the teeth reconstructed where they have worn down and cracked and I also would like where possible to have gold caps as i already have 4 and these are the only teeth that have remained undammaged. I would love your advice on how to go about this, as when I have attempted to explain my problems in the past i.e bad grinding and my fear of dentistry nobody took me seriously or they gave promises on what they would do and the results were nothing like it
I have made great progress and can clean my teeth normally although it takes some resolve and just want some help to make my remaining teeth last.
Sorry for the very long winded post, I've actually cut a lot out lol. Any advice will be much appreciated by a gummy 45 year old.

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