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What is a spoon denture? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these and what does one look like please?

answer 1

A Spoon Denture is a small denture usually to replace just one or two front teeth. The palate part of the denture on suction to hold it in place as it does not make contact with the inner surfaces of the back or side teeth. This means that it tends to be unstable and requires skill on the part of the patient to use their tongue to stabilise it while eating. This lack of stability is the main disadvantage and the subsequent movement can lead to gum recession and further loosening. The advantages are that it is cheap and easy to make and as the gum margins of the other teeth are not contacted by the denture base, there is less likelihood of decay or gum disease occurring

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answered by Dr Paul Mandon-Gassman BDS

answer 2

A spoon denture is most commonly indicated where the life of the denture is expected to be short or where alterations such as additions or relines will be needed.  This can be to allow for:-

.    tissue stability after a phase of rapid bone resorption following tooth loss

.    manipulation and generation of bone growth in a recently extracted site in the mouth

.    occlusal adjustment - to see if a patient can tolerate a change e.g. an increase in vertical height (making your mouth open more, when you bite)

.     a growing  jaw

There main advantages are:-

        their relatively low cost

        the ease with which they can be modified

        they allow easy access to a healing site to keep it clean

In addition, an acrylic spoon denture may also provide a more permanent solution; for example, where only a few isolated teeth need to be replaced.

Its design is minimal palatal coverage that also relies on the teeth for support.  Long-term  they need to be replaced often, so that tooth movement is minimized as they can become destructive to your remaining teeth if they become loose.

The acrylic is pink and the tooth part should be the same colour as your remaining teeth.

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answered by Mr TJ Nicolas

answer 3

It is a small upper denture with the main part of the denture base that covers the palate 'spoon' shaped so that it does not touch against any of the other teeth. It is usually used when replacing one upper front tooth and can be well tolerated by most patients.

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answered by Dr Peter Workman BDS

answer 4

A spoon denture is usually a single toothed denture attached to a spoon-shaped piece of plastic that sits on the palate. They are held in place by the surface tension of saliva between plastic and palate. They are most often used in the short to medium term but sometimes in the long term.

The advantages are great simplicity of construction and absence of impediment to excellent cleaning of the remaining teeth. They are easily adjusted as gums heal over an extraction site but they are not firmly anchored. To some this is a problem, to others it is a comfort to be able to control them so easily. Some mouth shapes are much more suitable for them than others.

In summary, where appropriate, they are an elegantly simple solution to the problem of the missing single front tooth.

answered by Dr Hamish Roberton BDS

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