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question (id # 1742)

Hello, I am a 19 year old guy who has had braces on for 2 years now. I've been told by my dentist that my two front bottom teeth have shorter roots than the rest of them. I've also had my 4 wisdom teeth, and 4 other teeth removed. Sometimes it hurts to bite hard things with the bottom teeth and I just want to know if it has to do with the braces shifting my teeth around or the shortness of roots .I really don't want to lose teeth!

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question (id # 1715)


I have gum recession due to excessive brushing. My dentist says i dont need a gum graft at present and I recently saw a hygienist and have tweeted my oral hygiene programme. To my knowledge I dont have any bone loss. What is the likelihood that I will lose teeth in the next 10 to 15 years?

Thank you for your help

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question (id # 1624)

Hi, im a 17 year old female. I have been wearing braces for nearly a year. I have rabbit teeth in the upper front but it dont seems move back at all. I had surgery to pull out 4 teeths at upper and lower equally. Im also wearing biteplate for nearly 7months and i have been wondering in anxiety if the biteplate was the cause that prevents my front teeth from moving in. And im really angry at my dentist she does not tighten my teeth for every visits i went as it does not hurt or neither it feels tight.

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question (id # 1526)

A practitioner has proposed that as i have occlusal symptoms that have resulted in heavy attrition of my lower anteriors and the only way to halt it from approaching my pulp cavities any more , is to open my bite .

His treatment proposes that I have my whole lower arch restored in composite chair-side in a day at the cost of £2000

I have had other solutions proposed, even one guy said I should have a proper occlusal evaluation and have my teeth restored carefully with porcelain but that bill would be over £15000 for my lower arch including what he called equilibrating and long term stabilisation of my occlusion .

I have researched this all very well but the price difference is so huge and i am on a tight budget and only want to spend my money once and have a quick as possible treatment as i am busy all the time .

What I do not want is to have to have the treatment done again and again as for obvious reasons this would be a waste of time and money and i might loose my teeth .

I have also been offered orthodontics etc but i am sure they will still need crowning , I was even offered crown lengthening instead of opening my bite?

Your profession seems to offer so much with such huge bills , All i want is a final solution .

Help i am so confused . The guy who offered me the £2000 option trains at Guys hospital surely that would mean it will be fine to go with his solution or not ?

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question (id # 1447)

I think my dentist hit the nerve when placing an injection in the far back socket of my right lower jaw. It was excruciatingly painful and I levitated off the chair - and the actual anaesthetic did not take effect despite him then putting in a 2ND injection in a similar spot a while later which also hurt. I was not able to have the filling in the tooth as I could still feel the drill, my lips was not numb like it usually is and by then I was pretty scared. Afterwards I felt like I had been punched in the jaw and it really ached. Nearly 2 weeks later my jaw feels stiff and bruised and hard to open very wide, plus I feel like I have earache too. I have to get this filling done and I am now terrified of it happening again. What can I do? I have had injections many times and this has not happened before. Is there any way i can get it done another way? What should I say to the dentist if I go back?

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question (id # 1444)

Would you mind giving me your professional opinion about this onlay/crown, the one with the sticking up bit! It looks and feels bad to me. Is it ill-made and wrong? I call it my egg cup as it has no anatomy just what feels like a huge smooth hole where the cusp should be. It has never felt comfortable. The crown on the other side feels like part of my body.

Should my dentist have sent it back and complained to the lab rather than putting it in my mouth, hoping he'd get away with it? Sometimes I've thought about asking him to just take the wretched thing out but I've had so much dental work and dental negligence of late that I haven't been able to face yet another scene with a dentist.

Sometimes the dentist who placed the crown has been quite frightening in the things he says and in his manner towards me. I feel anxious about the damage the crown might be doing to my other teeth, but I also feel terrified to confront him with the fact that I don't think this crown is well made.

Since the crown was placed my mouth has never felt comfortable and sometimes I have quite severe pain that comes and goes. Could the ill-made crown be causing the pain? Also it has been in my mouth since early January, is it possible that it is damaging the opposing teeth? The dentist who placed the crown has adjusted the bite and it's okay, the opposing tooth somehow fits inside the large smooth egg cup dip, and sort of skates around. The corner of the opposing tooth does catch on the lower part of the raised edge. When I lie on my side at night then the opposing tooth touches the high part of the raised lip sometimes. 

How bad is this? Maybe it's not as bad as I think. I'm just desperate to save all my other healthy undamaged teeth and just limit the damage to the two first lower molars which have already been needlessly stolen from me because a dentist left the old fillings under the new ones when he replaced them. Both teeth developed stress fractures as a result. I have been made quite unwell physically and emotionally by the destruction of my healthy, lovely teeth, not to mention the huge expense of putting the damage right.

Best wishes, Katy

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question (id # 1441)

My dentist has just told me that my new crown will settle in a while but I cannot close my teeth together, I could before!!

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question (id # 1431)

Hello there

My 9 year old son recently finished his removable brace treatment.

We were told by his dentist to leave him with no retainer for one or two weeks to "let his teeth settle into their new position".

The dentist has been away for a further week and now 3 weeks later it seems to me his teeth have moved back to where they were before we started treatment a year ago.

He still has a pronounced gap between his two front incisors.

Is it normal to leave teeth with no retainers and let them settle?

Is it time to cease treatment if his teeth aren't straight?

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question (id # 1402)

Im a 20yr old girl. Last year my dentist gave me crowns for 3 of my front teeth. This was done immediately after removing 2 year long braces treatment.

Initially, I was happy with my crowns, but slowly front teeth started to relapse outward. As my crowns were fitted just after removing braces, with no retainer given by my dentist, my front teeth relapsed more than ever. Now my crowns look very long and ugly, and have a protruding and a bulky look.

My facial expressions look strained. Unable to close my lips because of protruding front teeth. I have an inter-labial gap of 1 cm and with my upper teeth resting on my lower lip, my crowns and smile look horrible.

1). I feel smaller and thinner crowns can solve my problem. Can my dentist trim the existing crown or is it better to go for a new crown?

2). I heard that frequent replacement of crowns, can put inevitable stress on actual tooth. Is it risky to go new crowns?

3). Can you suggest any alternative solution?

question (id # 1399)

I broke a tooth with a large filling 2 weeks ago. On Friday my dentist 'prepared' the tooth for a crown and said that the root was not exposed, so did not need root canal treatment. As soon as the anaesthetic began to wear off I was experiencing 'electric shocks' that were severe and lasted for some seconds. (very miserable) in the last 2 days, (with an awful lot of Panadol and Nurofen) they are subsiding a little - they're not as severe, not as long, but still there!!! Should they be? I know that I have 'sensitive teeth' in so far as they often take a while to settle - but how long do I put up with this pain? I have very bad experience of root canal (leading to extraction in both previous cases) - I am extremely ashamed of my mouth - only 37 with 2 bridges and very, very ugly fillings - but please, I want to be out of pain and able to eat? How long?

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question (id # 1381)

Hi, please can you answer a question for me, I've had two titanium implants and now need to have abutments and crowns.  Some dentists advertise gold abutments and some offer titanium ones.  The gold abutments are much less expensive. What is the advantage of the titanium abutments over the other? Thanks

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question (id # 1372)

I had my top teeth removed about 10 years ago and since then have had about 6 sets of top dentures made. None have really fitted properly and since finishing my working life, have not been wearing the denture as I find it easier to eat without it. I feel guilty when I have to talk to anyone. For the last 2 years I have had problems with depression and anxiety. This has caused me to start biting into my top gums with my bottom teeth and making them sore. Any answers please would be much appreciated.

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question (id # 1368)

I have been advised by my NHS Dentist that I require root canal treatment. I have the option of having it carried out on the NHS or privately. The cost my NHS Dentist quoted to me for private treatment is £700 for the root canal treatment and £400 for a white crown. I think this is quite expensive compared to estimates I have seen here and on other websites. Do I have to accept the private dentist that my NHS Dentist refers me to? Or if I am able to choose my own, if so will this affect my relationship with my NHS Dentist (i.e. ongoing treatment)?

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question (id # 1363)

I am 20 years old and have been suffering with gum recession for about three years if I remember correctly. The recession is very slow but recently it has really started to worry me, I fear that I might have gum disease but my dentist has not picked up on it. I have started to develop size-able pockets between my teeth and gum line on both my upper and lower front teeth, especially my lower canines. If my gums recede any further in some places I am sure that it will cause large areas of root to become exposed and maybe even cause my teeth to become loose.

My teeth are fine and I have never had any problems with them, no filings or staining etc. I can't understand why this is happening at my age but I have my theories. My siblings all suffer gum recession to varying degrees but I do not think my problem is genetic. If it is genetic, does that mean there is nothing I can do about my recession? I am sure that my dentist is to blame; he has always recommended using a firm toothbrush and vigorously brushing up and down even if the gums bleed, eight times on both sides of the mouth! He says to me don't worry about the bleeding thats just where food has become trapped underneath the gum line. My uncle who was a dentist in the RAF for over 30 years tells me that he thinks my dentist is mad, and I should always use a soft toothbrush and be careful around my gum line to avoid irritation and recession. I am not convinced that my dentist does an adequate cleaning job of my plaque on my annual visit.

Common sense told me that what my dentist is saying isn't logical so I have followed my uncle's advice ever since I noticed my gums first receding. Unfortunately whatever I do my gums seem to recede and I have started feeling an unpleasant burning sensation on the gums where they have receded, the gum line has also become red and sore. I don't know what to do, I have to brush my teeth but I am afraid that I will cause my gums to recede by brushing in the first place even though I use a soft flexible toothbrush. I also use corsodyl and carefully floss frequently. I have no confidence in my home dentist and seeing as I am at university now I don't know who to go to for advice and any possible diagnoses and treatment.

I have pondered whether I might have gum disease for some time but always thought how this can be when I have always maintained a strict oral hygiene regime. I have asked my friends about their oral hygiene regimes and I get the impression mine should really be doing a better job yet they have no gum recession, what do you think could be my problem and how should I go forward from here?



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question (id # 1348)

I posted a question recently which began "30 year old female" which four dentists very kindly responded to. Would it be possible to post another message updating the situation please.

Thank you very much for your responses to my question which were extremely helpful. I visited my dentist again today. I explained that I would have chosen a crown without a metal base if I had been given the option. My dentist said that she chose this as it is stronger than an all porcelain crown. She said that this type of crown costs more. However, she is willing to replace it and just charge me the difference, which is £138.00. I understand this should be a "bonded all porcelain" crown.

I have done some research online and understand that these are often fitted by cosmetic dentists. From what I can gather, my dentist is newly qualified. As mentioned in my previous post, she recently referred me to her colleague who specialises in cosmetic treatment for his opinion. She said that she could also bleach my gum as he suggested and possibly drill further to improve the gumline although she was concerned as this risks causing damage.

My dentist can begin the treatment in October if I wish to proceed. However, I am concerned that perhaps a specialist cosmetic dentist should be carrying out this kind of work.

Many thanks for your advice.


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question (id # 1328)

I started on restorative work as lots of bridge work over the years has resulted in back teeth getting shorter and shorter. As a consequence, and with years of clenching and grinding, the bottom front 7 teeth are half their original height. I now feel them loose and a periodontist has said they are at stage II. They are literally popping out of their roots and feel very uncomfortable.

I have moved from the town where a dentist has already put a full mouth bridge on the top and some root canals on back lower teeth which have a temporary bridge on each side. I was horrified to see the periodontist comment that I have bifurcations needing cleaning out, UNDER the bridge, AND that there was a dark shadow or "halo" around the root of a front upper tooth. I was to have had full mouth bridges upper and lower, but I am going to lose at least four lower front teeth. Can I still have a lower full mouth bridge without these teeth?

The object of my wanting full mouth bridges was to correct an ever worsening bite; my back teeth don't meet at all until the front lower ones are jammed almost against the roof of my mouth. I have had a second and third opinion, but clearly these were not specialists; some do not even do their own root canals, just do consultations and make their living that way! Very anxious now. Have spent a lot of money so far.

Thanks for any word of encouragement. I would not want implants - would even prefer a plate (or plates as it now looks)! If you can recommend a dentist in either of these areas (BN8 and OX17) I would be very grateful.

Janina (Sussex and Oxon)

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question (id # 1184)

My 8 year old son, had a big fall which resulted in the loss of  4 permanent teeth, broken jaw in 2 places and complete loss of gum. His jaw was wired. I want to know if his teeth will grow back, what will happen to his gum and jaw and how will all these affect his dental development. Thanks

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question (id # 944)

Should a young child of 5 years old be given an injection for a filling? I have been distraught by the extreme pain my son experienced yesterday. He was given two fillings without any pain relief. As soon as he was in the chair,the dentist started drilling the cavities. My son was so brave but screamed in pain for 15 minutes. I asked the dentist why he wasn't giving an injection and he said the pain would be just as bad. My son's body was shaking all over. He was sweating and was in shock. All I felt I could do was hold his hand and reassure him but I was so unprepared for the level of pain he was put through. Is this
right? Should a dentist discuss the treatment with the parent first and give a choice for an injection or not? I feel my son had such a traumatic introduction to the care of a dentist. He did not talk for 2 hours afterwards and I have been really tearful myself. Please could you give me some advice. Thank you. PATIENT FEEDBACK Thank you for your replies, I have been back to see my dentist and am considering being referred to a specialist dentist, the site helped me make up my mind. So many thanks for doing a good job. Kind regards

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question (id # 645)

I have a loose tooth towards the rear of my upper gums.  My dentist has pointed out that it is next to another tooth which has decayed and is also loose and due to be extracted. Is it inevitable that I have to have both teeth extracted?  Can the first one I mentioned be saved?

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question (id # 607)

1. Has the management of anxious patients moved on since about 1983?
2. Can I request a dental review of my needs without becoming commited to restorative work should I choose to "cop out"? Alternatively, can I choose to have just one or two of the teeth done?


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The following questions were not orginally posted in this category, but may be related:

question (id # 1412)

The gum between my two front teeth at the bottom has receded right back and is sore.  You can see some of the root.  Am I going to lose these teeth and if so can I have screw ins?..please help x

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question (id # 1392)

What is the longevity of a Maryland Bridge? I am considering this as an option rather than an implant (as it is doubtful I have enough bone mass for that). My dentist says "three months" and seems to be pushing for me to extend a bridge to incorporate 5/6 teeth. Please tell me how long Marylands last??

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question (id # 1435)

I am thinking of having three teeth removed from the front of my mouth and having them replaced with screw ins. How much would this cost?  Also do they have payment plans where you can pay so much a month?

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question (id # 1420)

I keep on debating the whole cost issue of implants , what should I do , what should I do ?

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question (id # 1284)

I broke part of my porcelain crown off on the bottom back tooth, do I need to replace it or can it be repaired? It is the back part of it.(no food seems to get stuck or anything)Can I leave well enough alone, I feel I will be told to just replace it by all dentists. 

question (id # 1440)

I am looking for someone who can help my partner. He has bite problems following two fillings and would like the teeth raised so his bite returns to normal. He is sleeping with cardboard between his teeth as they come loose in the night if not. Two dentists have refused to do the work, one saying he needs an occlusion specialist. Please help.

We are in the Liverpool area.


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question (id # 1384)

I have a 25yr old gold capped tooth which has since been root filled 10yrsago but the margins are bad & look as if the tooth is decaying underneath. It may need extracting , I am very anxious as I know it may break and be hard to get out. Help!

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question (id # 1383)

Please help - I want to have bleaching using the best possible way so that my teeth go really white - my dentist recommends something called Enlighten and I trust him but I would like to know if anyone of you has tried this - as I dont want to spend the money and be disappointed.
Thank you very much Mary

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question (id # 1376)

I had a large white filling replaced with another large white filling on a lower molar 5 weeks ago.

At the time the dentist had warned me the filling was close to the nerve and it may die but as he completed the treatment was confident it would be ok.

The tooth has remained sensitive and achey (although not to hot and cold). I have returned and had the filling filed down twice but no improvement.

My dentist now wants to refer me for root canal treatment and a crown at a cost of 1100.

Is there any chance the nerve is simply irritated and will settle if left longer?

Could the pain be caused by the tooth pressing on the tooth in front - the side of which he filled?

Could it wait 3 months if I join HSA?

No x rays have been taken.

I have a free NHS certificate as I have just had a baby but this seems worthless.

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question (id # 1273)

I have a thin black line in between my gum and tooth, I don't have caps or fillings! What can this be?

Thanks Ash

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question (id # 1447)

I think my dentist hit the nerve when placing an injection in the far back socket of my right lower jaw. It was excruciatingly painful and I levitated off the chair - and the actual anaesthetic did not take effect despite him then putting in a 2ND injection in a similar spot a while later which also hurt. I was not able to have the filling in the tooth as I could still feel the drill, my lips was not numb like it usually is and by then I was pretty scared. Afterwards I felt like I had been punched in the jaw and it really ached. Nearly 2 weeks later my jaw feels stiff and bruised and hard to open very wide, plus I feel like I have earache too. I have to get this filling done and I am now terrified of it happening again. What can I do? I have had injections many times and this has not happened before. Is there any way i can get it done another way? What should I say to the dentist if I go back?

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question (id # 1448)

Hello there, I have recently been told by the dentist that my teeth are slightly loose due to them 'shifting,' it wasn't really explained to me properly.

My teeth are very uncomfortable at the front and I have one particular tooth forcing its way out of line. I was just wondering if the teeth will settle down and stop moving or have I got to put up wIth this forever now?

I would be grateful for some advice on this please.




Follow up to all From Samantha Denney

 I have been told that I don't have any gum disease and I have had a couple x-rays. All that I have been told is that my gums and teeth are healthy, except they are 'shifting'. Thank u for your advice. x


On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 9:29 AM,

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question (id # 1481)

My son (10yrs old) got hit by a stone last night and it chipped a large piece off his front tooth. Any suggestions for long term care/solutions?

images (click to enlarge)

Click to enlarge image Click to enlarge image Click to enlarge image

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question (id # 1483)

I had a tooth (2nd going back after lower right canine) root treated and crowned several years ago. This has now apparently failed according to two dentists and the area on the outside of the tooth is now infected.

The 1st dentist offered a choice of extraction, 600 specialist re-root treatment or a "recommended" procedure involving drilling through the bone to clean out the infection. This latter option I was told carried a very small risk of nerve damage though. I was asked to make the decision on the spot but decided I would like to try a further course of antibiotics-to buy some time as much as in hope.

I then saw a different dentist who said the only option was extraction as it was too infected. This would then be followed by a bridge. No mention was made of a specialist to re-treat it and I was told that no good dentist would recommend the previously recommended procedure as it was too dangerous due to the proximity of the nerve.

My symptoms include pus draining from the side of the tooth when the slight swellings are pressed (which relieves the pain). The swellings seem to appear when I eat but sometimes go down a short time later. I have unfortunately loosened the crown myself as I discovered accidentally that moving it seemed to help.

I do not want to lose the tooth if I can help it but cost is obviously a factor so my question is really about my options. I also don't really like the idea of further bridge work on two unrelated teeth if not necessary-especially if there is a possibility this might then fail also and leave me with three missing teeth.

Also why there is such dramatic differences of opinion - I thought dental treatment was about facts mainly? I am quite concerned that it might be impossible to get an objective opinion.

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question (id # 1486)

Hi,My orthadontist has removed the brace after 20 months. Iam unhappy with the result, relativley minor misalianment, but noticable.
More importantly is the orthadontist is soooooo insistant that I go to see a restorative dentist he reccommends.
Ive previously seen 2 other dentist who both quoted me the same treatment & both said the brace needed to go back on the top & upper & lower teeth.
My orthadontist has said before that he wasnt going to remove the brace until Id seen his man,now he has dismissed the opinion of the other 2 dentist, he even contacted this man & made an appointment without telling me first.
The odd thing is when I started treatment he told me 2 or 3 times he knew of no one who did restorative dental treatment, when I called his man, his receptionist told me he reccommended all his patients to him & had done for years! incerdently his man charges 170 just for a consultation!
I really feel the way he is insisting on me using his man, who I suspect is out of my price range anyway, is at best shabby, at worst pretty corrupt.
Please advise me on the way forward, at the moment I would sooner have some type of refund & see a differant orthadontist because I have no faith that my current one is not acting in my best interest.
Thanks for any advice.

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question (id # 1490)

Hello, I had a NHS crown fitted in August on my front tooth. After it was fitted there was a black gap big enough that food got caught in it and it looked horrible. I have been back today to talk to my dentist but she said all she can do is putting a composite filling in which she did. It doesn't look great and I am so unhappy but I don't know what to do. Is that normal procedure? I hope you can help

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question (id # 1514)

I had a tooth (premolar I think - 4 from the front) refilled some years ago. Recently the back of this tooth dropped off. My dentist suggested a lab. made white filling or a crown. While I was considering these options the filling dropped out, initially there was no pain but last week I began to get pain which I managed with co-codamol. The dentist has now said I should have the remaining part of the tooth extracted and then consider bridge or implant. I had hoped to save the tooth but she said there were signs of nerve damage on the x-ray and if the infection was cleared with root canal treatment infection could still reoccur and extraction was the best option. Doesn't root canal treatment involve sealing off the root nerve preventing further infection? Is there any way this front part of the tooth could be preserved? I am still in pain despite antibiotics.

question (id # 1525)

My husbands teeth are costing 1500-2000 a year to maintain, his dentists are maintaining what he has by root canal, crowns and fillings, he has about 2 abscesses in the last 2 years. The cost is starting to become crippling, currently this year so far alone at just over 1500.

They wont give us any alternatives, we have asked them about implants but they just tell us to keep having the current course of treatment ie, crowns etc.

Are implants cheaper long term, but as most of his teeth are crowned/root canal led this would probably mean a fortune, or would dentures be a good idea. My husband is worried about jaw shrinkage if he has a denture.

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question (id # 1543)

Hi there,

After a few visits to my NHS dentist and some testing, he has found that I need a root canal treatment on one of my teeth.

The bottom front tooth (the one on the right, at the very front of the set of bottom teeth).

He has given me two options; NHS and Private.

After discussing with him the differences between the two, he has told me, with Private treatment:

1. The 'files' used to get through the canal are different and more intricate. With different sized files. Where as with the NHS it's all one size.
2. The material used to fill the canal afterwards is different as well.

What I'd like to know is:

1. As this tooth is quite small with a single canal right at the front of my teeth. Does this mean that the difference between doing it Privately or through the NHS would be very little? Considering the price difference is quite large (either 250 or 75)?

Thanks for your help!

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question (id # 1648)

Hello, I suffer with severe TMJ disorder which results in terrible migranes, face/jaw & neck pain. Severe cracking on the left side when opening my jaw or chewing which is not painful but is loud and very irritating. I also have really bad grinding and clenching at night while I sleep.
I have visited my local maxilliofacial specialist at the hospital. I live in Scotland, UK. The specialist I have seen many times in the last 3 years. They took x-rays and I also had an MRI scan but nothing noticeable showed up. The specialist has said there is nothing he can do. I have had mouth guards and still use these at night to prevent me damaging my teeth and by the state of the three guards I have it's lucky I use them. I grind so bad I have made holes in two of them and there is dents and imprints of my teeth in the plastic so this shows how bad my grinding actually is. My teeth have been worn down by the grinding, but this was from before I was diagnosed..

I am now so fed up. The migranes & tension headaches are getting worse even tho I am now on amitriptyline now. My neck aches also. I still heavily grind and clench my teeth at night and all the mouthguards do is protect my teeth. My jaw still cracks so bad when I open my mouth, yawn or eat.. I feel like my condition is getting worse and I do not know where to go from here.
I have read about neuromuscular dentists and how they can help with jaw re-alignment. Would these specialists be the next step for me?

Maxilliofacial have stated there is no treatment for my condition but without looking at my jaw alignment. They just provided the first mouthguard but that does not help my condition.

If anyone feels that neuromuscular dentistry could help me please let me know.
Also is this treatment available on the NHS here in the UK? As it would be for the treatment of an medical condition and not for cosmetic reasons. If it is not available on the NHS would there be any way of getting the treatment with funding?

I am absolutely at a loose end with this, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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question (id # 1828)

Hi I had 18 veneers two weeks ago in Turkey the dentist was recommended to me as a few friends have had veneers done there.
Since being back home I have had toothache in my upper left and front lower teeth I am currently taking up to 12 co-codamol pain killers everyday.
I have emailed the dentist and he said as everybody has different pain this is normal but it is waking me in the middle of the night and every morning as I cannot get back to turkey untill next year it is causing me some concern.

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