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question (id # 2035)

Hi, I had root cleaning on my rear molar and temporary filling due to an infection about a month ago. I was told to come back in February for a checkup to discuss further action which could be either an extraction or a full root canal and crown. The temporary filling crumbled and I had it replaced today. So far I have paid Band 2 charges of 56.30p, plus another 20.60 for the replacement filling today (I think because I asked to be seen quickly as I was in pain and worried about the infection causing damage to the bone). I asked about the cost of crowns and was told I would pay a band 3 charge on top of what I have paid so far if I go with a metal crown, i.e. 244.30, or another 395 if I want to go private and have a ceramic crown. From what I read about charges I think I should not have to pay out the full 244.30 if I opt for a metal crown as it should be part of one course of treatment. Am I right? Also, if I go with the private crown, should I expect to offset any NHS fees from the cost?

question (id # 2021)

Dear Dentist,

My daughter is 11 years old and we live in Leamington Spa. In her recent dental examination her dentist told us her four adult molar teeth should be extracted. One of those was filed couple of years ago and one has decay. The other two are OK. He advised us removing all four needed as her new teeth will fill the gap. My worry is not just only removal of these teeth including two healthy one but also potential underlying problem. She is strict about sugary drinks and brushes every single night. I am concerned if we remove these four teeth there is no guarantee for other teeth not to have same issues in the future as problem is not diet or hygiene related as far as I am concerned. I would be grateful if you give this concerned dad some advice.

Very many thanks,
Reza Kashtiban

question (id # 1870)

I had a bridge fitted for my 2 front teeth with 2 crowns either side 2 years ago I am an NHS patient on pension credit but was told it could not be done on the NHS and I paid 14,000 for it . One of the teeth under the crown has fractured and I have been told it cannot be repaired and my only alternative is a denture which I am not coping with at all. Is there any alternative and do I have any right to compensation I feel I have been let down by my dentist as they say the work is only guaranteed for 1 yr

question (id # 1863)

I have recently moved and attended my first new session as a NHS customer at the local dentist. I was concerned as my two front teeth are beginning to chip. I asked the dentist if there was anything that could be done to prevent this and he said that my teeth had worn very thin and the best way would be to fill the back of the front four teeth. He said it could not be done on the NHS and it would cost me 360 to have this treatment, 90 per tooth. He then said that I would need a deep cleanse on my teeth and that this could not be done on the NHS and this would set me back a further 56. I really would appreciate advice on this as I feel as though the dentist just wanted to make money out of me.

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question (id # 1850)

Hi my son age 12 has had two orthodontic assessments. The first suggested premolar extractions then fixed braces, the second suggested the same and also Damon braces as an alternative to extractions. Our general dentist with some extra training in ortho but not an orthodontist suggested expansion upper then lower to relieve crowding before fitting fixed appliances as he knows we would prefer not to have teeth extracted. My son has class 1 occlusion on a class 1 skeletal base, moderate crowding on lowers and severe on uppers where UL3 has erupted but is excluded labially. I cannot decide which treatment option to take. The orthodontist work is covered under NHS where extractions carried out, everything else paid for privately. My question is how much expansion is carried out in this country as when I suggested it to the first orthodontist I was told it is only used to treat a crossbite which my son does not have.\r\nThan you in advance of your reply

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question (id # 1832)

Hi, I am a 32 year old young mother, had a crown/bridge on my bottom front teeth 10 years ago due to a gap. At that time I was told the gap can not be closed by braces hence the next teeth close to the gap was level & those teeth were use to hold the crown/bridge in place.
10years now after having my baby in July, I started having pains & the teeth holding the crown/bridge are weaker & infected.
On visiting the NHS dentist, I've been told the teeth would have to be removed & replaced with a denture(my worse nightmare). This was the only option in the sense that the teeth are very weak & just hanging & the nerve or something is the only thing holding it in place. I was told there is no hope & also the nerves around the two teeth that was used to hold the crown/bridge has been killed due to previous infection n a metal plate was put in to help.
I am very disturb about having these front bottom teeth removed. I hardly see myself wearing dentures & I've been advice by two NHS dentist that the teeth have to come out & replace with a denture & the earlier I do this the better because an adjacent teeth is getting infected as well.
Ive been told the only way are implant & that will cost me about 4,000 which I do not have. Also I've heard dentures eats into the gum & that is a big worry for me.
Please what can I do, I'm very disturb about having these teeth removed & wearing dentures. What other options do I have as I do not want the big gap in my bottom teeth( gap of 4 bottom teeth). Please find x-Ray of the teeth recently

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question (id # 1829)

I am a NHS patient. I have a problem with a molar tooth.{6th from the front) Some years ago the tooth split and the dentist I was with at the time performed a partial extraction and filled the tooth. A couple of months ago it split again. My dentist removed the split part and filled it in with a white filler. He said it was then 90% filler. After a couple of weeks the tooth broke of completely, down to the gum. I now need to have the root removed surgically and my dentist has told my that the tooth can\'t be replaced on NHS. He said the gap is too wide to fit a plate with an artificial tooth, even though there is a tooth either side, and that the NHS bridges are not suitable because they are too small. He has however offered to fit a bridge privately at the cost of approx. 700 I would appreciate your opinion as I am retired and 700 is a lot of money for me to find.\r\n Jackie Morris

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question (id # 1818)

I lost a front tooth my dentist told me I had to have a partial denture whatever other treatment I had as it was quick. I paid 214 for this, I have had the denture for 4 months now, tried really hard with it but cannot get on with it, it makes me gag and I cannot eat with it so don\\\'t wear it as much as possible. I asked my dentist if I could have a much smaller metal denture on the NHS (teeth are not strong enough for a bridge) but she refused and wants to charge me 600, I am an OAP and cannot afford this. I have been told that the NHS will pay for a metal denture for \\\'clinical\\\' reasons but no one seems to know what these reasons are, can you please enlighten me?

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question (id # 1814)

my dentist took my tooth out near the front because the crown kept falling out and made me a part denture that has back teeth added on that I have not had for years. Its horrendous, uncomfortable, impossible to wear and I am devastated that I agreed to this although it was on her advice. I only want to replace the tooth she took out near the front. What are my options for this 1 tooth she took out?

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question (id # 1813)

After an extraction (upper right back tooth), my dentist says I could do with implants or a bridge.I am supposed to be under his care on the NHS, but he quoted me a rough figure of over 1000 per implant, or about 1,500 for a bridge. Also, i need a filling, and requested a white one, which will be 91.
I work for a palliative care charity, and can't afford these prices, I truly can't.
Please give me your thoughts...can I have a bridge on the NHS. I live between Loughborough and Nottingham/Derby. Many thanks.

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question (id # 1810)

hi i had my veneer placed on only one of my front teeth but i am so unhappy its the wrong color and it is about 3 mm thicker than the rest of my teeth and it feels and looks so un natural is it wrong of me to want my dentist to redo it free of charge

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question (id # 1807)

I went to the dentist about 3 months ago and got two fillings done, one on the top right and one on the bottom left. Everything was completely fine, no pain or discomfort. Then two weeks ago I went back for one more, we agreed to space them out. (I got white fillings, and the dentist is a long time family friend so i know he tried his best). After the last filling on the top left i felt pain on the left side. However, whats puzzling is that the recent cavity was top left and my bottom left, which was one of the first cavities(and previously ok) now all of a sudden is the spot where most pain is happening. I went back to him he took xrays and says he sees nothing and that the tooth there had a very small cavity and far from nerve. Checked for bite and it is not high. However, now almost 3 weeks and pain is not better.

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question (id # 1796)

Hello, I had a permanent crown glued on my upper right molar (2nd from back) last Tuesday (11 July). Whilst the stump was exposed I was curious about how much tooth was left, so I touched it with my tongue. Around 48 hours later I noticed a lot of pain begin in my tooth. My dentist has prescribed antibiotics and I have been taking them religiously along with painkillers and an anti-inflammatory.

My question, though I perhaps already know the answer is: Did touching the tooth cause an infection? Will Amoxicillin take care of this problem permanently? My right sinus also blocks up when I lie down.

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question (id # 1790)

Hi, I join a NHS dentist that also do private only found that out when I had a check up as my root canal filing from 20 years ago felt a bit sensitive, and she said it hadn't been done properly it is fine now, anyway I paid £18 for the check up and X-ray, she wants to re do my root canal for £31 which is fine, but also wants to charge me privately £40 for a Hygienist and £500 for a crown, my gums are perfectly healthy and my tooth is not sensitive at the moment so why do I have to some of it as private if I thought I was registering for a NHS dentist? And do you know of any National health dentist where I could pay for crown instead of paying privately. Salaries are extremely low where I live and I cannot afford private.

Many thanks,


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question (id # 1788)

I had metal dental crown fitted in my lower jaw 2 years back and everything worked fine. 3-4 weeks back i noticed that the base of the gum had swelled and had a dull pain. i do not remember if the gum was swollen right from the start after installing the crown but it certainly feels swollen now and has a dull pain. the tooth by itself is fine and has no pain.

please advice me about this.

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question (id # 1787)

Hi there. I am 27, I had a crown on a post done 10 years ago, about 6 weeks ago , it moved, ( at the moment it is still pretty stuck)

Went to my dentist. And he said it didn't look good, he did an X-ray and said my options will be implant, denture, or bridge. I don't fancy the bridge as it joins to the next teeth, and if I'm honest I'm a little scared of the implant:-/, but did say I may consider it if I don't get on with the plate, so he said when it does come off and I have to have the tooth removed, he will leave the root just in case I decide on the implant.

At my last check up, I asked him why isn't it replaceable, and he said he couldn't be sure it wasn't, till the crown is off. I am petrified for the day it does, it is the second tooth in :(

Does this sound fairly normal what my dentist as said. Ideally I want the crown just remade or re cemented back in. I can see by looking behind with a little mirror where the crown as moved forward the tooth underneath is brown. Any advice would be great, and also, is the plate something I will get used too?

Many thanks

Look forward to hearing from you.

Katrina Round

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question (id # 1784)

Hi I have a quick question I went to the dentist 2 days a go for a pain in my mouth it I told him I get this pain every so often at the right side of my mouth anyway he checked out my teeth gave me a X-ray of my teeth and then said I was fine said nothing about why I was getting this pain in that side of my mouth just fine well I was relived but last time I went about 9 months ago he said I was fine anyway I went to my nearest pharmacist and bought some sensitive toothpaste Colgate seems abit better now but today I looked in the mirror at my teeth and I saw one of my back teeth are going bad 2 days after I went to the dentist he said he wants me back in 6 months he looked suious about it as well I only went to the dentis on Monday afternoon at 3:10 pm I brush twice a day and I have white teeth what do you think about this or should I go to another dentis instead I even pay for my treatment thanks John

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question (id # 1773)

I have an upper 4 unit bridge and have for the last few days had severe pain from the back tooth supporting the bridge. I have had some antibiotics to clear up the infection and that has worked. I can't get a dental appointment until the 11th June and am due to go on holiday next week and am really worried this tooth will flare up again whilst away.

I do not want nor will have a root canal filling so what are my alternatives for this 4 unit bridge please?

question (id # 1772)

I have had crowns on all my teeth but the left side seems to be too flat for chewing the right side has groves which teeth normally have. Can this be adjusted

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question (id # 1765)

I would like to know where I would be able to have all my teeth removed and dentures fitted as I cant put up with this constant pain anymore

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question (id # 1750)

I had a heart attack 4 years ago. I was unable to have dental treatment when my tooth broke as the dentist at the time said it was not long enough after my MI and i was taking anti platelets. The tooth is now broken down to the gum, this is the 4th tooth to the left at the top starting from the front tooth, on the right side the same tooth which has an old crown, the gum is sore, the crown broken where the porcelain has broke away, the crown has fallen out loads of times and I was told this is because it is too small. Food gets trapped, it's sore, and of late it feels like a pressure in it, the next tooth toward the front has now broken. I work, I always have, I pay my way, yet when I visited the dentist, a new one that was private but now taking nhs paying patients, I was told I didn't need the broken tooth removed as its self draining, I couldn't have the crown replaced as its still in despite it being broken, but I could have the filling for the other broken tooth. So instead of paying the 210.00 pounds for all the treatment I can pay 17.00 for the exam then for a filling. Leaving the other two problems. I am still taking anti platelets and other medications, the young dentist said she would not do an extraction anyway, even though you can, so I asked her to refere me then, she said no leave it in place it's not hurting, I said its a broken rotting tooth in my smile line, she just said sorry, it's a cosmetic issue on those two issues and the nhs don't fund that. Is it correct that the very broken crown and the broken rotting tooth do not come under nhs treatment?

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question (id # 1748)

In 11/09 I had osseous surgery done and a comprehensive periodontal evaluation. The periondontist extracted #3 upper and did an assessment of #2 to make sure it was okay to cement to the fixed bridge which would be attached to #2 and #5. About a year and half later the dental hygienist informed me that my pockets in that area #2 tooth was very deep I think she said like an 8 and that I was loosing bone very rapidly. The dentist informed me that the bridge could become loose and crack into damaging my teeth #2 and #5. My question is, is it possible to preserve my bridge by adding more bone to make the tooth stronger for support or what are my options. I really don't want partials and I because of the issue Im having with bone loss Im afraid that if I have all that extensive work done for implants due to me losing a lot of bone and I'm 58 years old the implants may not take. The dentist is wanting to extract #2. What are my options. I don't want to wear dentures or partials. So again, I ask can I just have bone added and preserve my bridge. I have always practiced good dental hygiene. I use an electric sonic toothbrush, floss everyday and use a waterpik

question (id # 1745)

Hello. I have a problem wearing denture because I always develop a gum sore under the denture after days of wearing so I take it off frequently and let the sore heal by itself. Is it because of the constant pressure build-up of my gums against the denture while eating or the chemical content of the denture itself esp. the artificial pink gum? By the way, the denture is designed to replace my lost molar/s in the lower right mouth. So the denture is mounted on the gums. Thanks

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question (id # 1744)

My dental problems started 20 year ago with a small chip in one of my front teeth which my dentist at that time fitted with a cap. This ended up having root fillings followed by a bad abcess and I eventually lost the tooth and had a denture. Afterwards I couldn't get used to the denture and was still getting infection after infection which ended up with surgery on my gum at the dental hospital and the loss of the other front tooth. The hospital did treatment and fitted a bridge and gave me a mouth shield as I grind my teeth quite badly.
After 2 years the bridge broke and I had a new one privately fitted it cost over 1000 at the time and broke after 2 month. I had no luck with getting anything sorted at that dentist he would only offer to fix another but I would have to pay again. Over the years I have been to 4 other dentists and have lost another 5 teeth, mostly due to my severe grinding which they all knew about. At one point I ended up in hospital for a week when an abcess was so severe the swelling was affecting my breathing. I had a tube inserted after surgery to drain it and was given intravenous antibiotics.
All of the above left me with a very bad phobia not only of dental procedures but of my teeth, everytime I put a brush into my mouth I gagged and was so ill I couldn't clean my teeth and relied solely on antibacterial mouthwash.
Obviously this did not help matters and last month due to my own fault I developed what I hope is my last abcess and lost a wisdom tooth, this was done at the emergency dental clinic.
I have a new dentist after combatting my fears and have been told to come back to the practice in 2 weeks as everything would of died down by then and the antibiotics would be complete. At first I had planned to ask that they remove the remaining teeth as I've had enough, but after reconsidering I really want the teeth reconstructed where they have worn down and cracked and I also would like where possible to have gold caps as i already have 4 and these are the only teeth that have remained undammaged. I would love your advice on how to go about this, as when I have attempted to explain my problems in the past i.e bad grinding and my fear of dentistry nobody took me seriously or they gave promises on what they would do and the results were nothing like it
I have made great progress and can clean my teeth normally although it takes some resolve and just want some help to make my remaining teeth last.
Sorry for the very long winded post, I've actually cut a lot out lol. Any advice will be much appreciated by a gummy 45 year old.

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question (id # 1743)

2 wks later, I wil get my 4 tooth bridge placed, dentist told me,
need to grind off more of the tooth to get the bridge in place, cause the back tooth (molar ) is not straight, or might grind off the anchor which is quite small already ( was capped before ).
Is this common to grind off more of the tooth to fit the bridge ? or can the lab fix the bridge ? 3 impressions were done, how come they cannot get the bridge done right at the first place ?
I am just worry will it cause further damage for the tooth that will get grinded off. Please advise.

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question (id # 1739)

I feel miserable with pain from my upper molar. I had a crown fitted on Thurday. I had pain on biting and eating immediately after the preparatory work had been carried out two weeks ago. I was given a course of antibiotics. The original reason for the crown was due to a hairline crack that was causing sensitivity. I'm miserably getting through the weekend with painkillers before I call the dentist to go back. My question us, if I need a root canal what a are the chances of this working and making the pain disappear? I am terrified of the dentist and am scared of having so much work done only for it to fail. I am with a private dentist and so far have spent 400 to be in more pain than ever. Any advice gratefully received.

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question (id # 1723)

Two years ago u had a bridge done on lower left side,it was discomforting for a while then it subsided could not chew to much on that side and could not floss,too painful,i recently developed an abscess where that bridge sits,pain,facial swelling and fever,dentist checked it and said need to see endodontics,endo checked it and said teeth were fine no rct,send me to a periodontics,perio. said bridge too close to bone in turn caused abscess,infection,had to do flap out surgery,is it dentist fault that bridge was made to fit too close to bone,should he have caught that?

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question (id # 1716)

Just had root canal ive got antibiotics now my face is red and swollen on the outside very painful

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question (id # 1714)

i have had a large filling which is very near the nerves this has given me pulsating pain over about 5 weeks now on and off my dentist suggested that it will probably near root filling, should i persist and hope it settles or go ahead with root filling

question (id # 1713)

i had a bridge and crowns fitted about 13yrs ago due to ill health on the nhs i am on disability living allowance they are looking black at top and dont look nice at all can i have these replaced on the nhs

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question (id # 1712)

My left top front tooth is thinning due to a cavity, dentist filing the backside due to bad crown installation on other front tooth causing bottom teeth to hit back of top teeth. Is there another way to thicken backside of tooth? Composite fillings don't last long.

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question (id # 1709)

My son has just gone to his local NHS dentist as he has been having a nagging ache in his rear tooth for some time. The dentist has told him his tooth is dead and need extracting. He has been told that there is no option of root canal as the 'gum has grown over the root' and they therefore cannot get to the root to treat it. I've never heard of this before. Is this plausable?

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question (id # 1704)

my mom slipped and she finds out that her front teeth is shaking.will it fall out or it will be ok..please help...

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question (id # 1692)

I have had a lower middle incisor extracted after failed root treatment., My dentist says he can use the top part of the extracted tooth as a temporary bridge. Is this possible and OK?

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question (id # 1689)

hi i have two crowns on my front teeth fitted about 6 months ago , i now have developed lots of wrinkles over my top lip. my lip seems to be a bit floppy. why is this and what can i do about this. i am 32 yrs old.

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question (id # 1688)

hi i have two crowns on my front teeth fitted about 6 months ago , i now have developed lots of wrinkles over my top lip. my lip seems to be a bit floppy. why is this and what can i do about this. i am 32 yrs old.

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question (id # 1686)

A few days ago I found that my front tooth had become a little loose. I have a porcelain crown fitted to that tooth and the ones either side. I went to the dentist who took an x ray thn prescribed antibiotics.

Having seen the side effects that these pills can have there is no way I can take them, but my dentist won't prescribe another. So I have decided to use homepathic remedies to cure the problem. There is little pain, no redness and no signs of any infection that I can see. According to research salt water washes, anti-inflammitories, echinacea and vitamin c should produce the same effect as anti-biotics. I'm allergic to 2 common ones, so I really don't want to risk serious side effects with this one.

But I want to know if my tooth will ever set again or if it will remain wobbly. Its a real pain as being at the front it makes it hard to eat. I just tried to eat some fruit and it 'popped', so I had to physically move it back to the right position. It doesn't move more than a couple of mm, but I just need to know if I'm stuck like this forever or not. I'm real scared of the dentist having a bad time when I was 3! Also I don't want to upset my dentist as I have taken years to find a good one.

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question (id # 1685)

my lower jaw wisdom tooth is in a tilted position,it is behind a root canaled nd capped tooth...sometimes when i speak i hear click sounds coming from that point.. and i have some difficulty closing my mouth properly... what do you suggest? should i get the wisdom tooth extracted? will i be able to feel comfortable while speaking after getting it removed? i heard one must not get any tooth removed ....please help

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question (id # 1677)

I had a front crown replaced after it snapped.. Although the colour matches, I think it looks lopsided. Can this be fixed?

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question (id # 1676)

I would very much appreciate your advice on my dental problem. The 2 brown teeth in the image attached had apicoectomys approximately 20 years. Both teeth are now infected and I would like dental implants however I have been advised it is a very complex procedure, I am likely to need bone grafting (artificial) and because the teeth are small (the dentist mention a 3.1 mm implant - I think) the success rate may not be great. A maryland bridge has been recommended but I would like implants what would you suggest as the way forward and do you think implants are likely to be unsuccessful - also what time of bone graft would you recommend to give the best chance of success. Finally, what sort of q's should I be asking?
Thank you in anticipation of your reply.

Worried & anxious from Halifax

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question (id # 1675)

I really want veneers however due to an accident as a child, I have a crown on my front tooth. Does this mean I cannot have veneers? If So what would you suggest as I am really unhappy with my teeth.

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question (id # 1672)

I am 22 years of age and have been suffering with toothache for the past 3 years. Practically none stop. I have tried many antibiotics, pain killers. Attempted many times to have the work done at the dentist. I am unable to stay sat in the chair due to panic attacks. I have severe mental disabilities including depression an anxiety. I was on a waiting list for two years for sedation only to find i wasnt on the list. I have always been an nhs patient. I recently tried going to my normal dentist to have one of the teeth removed with tranquillizers but yet again panic struck in and i am now in more pain. I need atleast 4 teeth pulling. My wisdoms are struggling to fit through in my mouth and i need nearly all my teeth filling. My gums are receeded and always sore and i get constant absesses and i am now really struggling to take care of my baby. I physically cannot live with this pain anymore. Is there anyway i can pay someone to put me to sleep for the work doing? My doctor referred me to a facial surgeon as the dentist said theres nothing else they can do but my consultation isnt until january 2013 and i wont last that long in this pain. No pain killers are workjng. Please please help me find some answers to end this three year nightmare. I just want to get back to being a good mum.

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question (id # 1671)

Over the weekend , with no prior warning i.e pain or sensitivity, I developed swelling and tenderness in my gums which quickly spread to my right cheek. I sought an emergency appointment with my NHS Dentist. I found that the Dentist I was registered with for the past 30 years and whom I trusted has retired and therefore saw the new dentist who has taken over the practice.

In brief, he recommended that I have the offending tooth extracted (upper back double tooth) The reasons he gave me are that root canal work on back teeth is complex, more prone to failure and results cannot be guaranteed. I agreed to extraction as a treatment option following a course of anti-biotics, but in retrospect I'm not happy about this decision & would prefer to at least try to save the tooth. It has been filled previously, but seems quite solid with no obvious crumbling or decay. I cannot afford private treatment but would like to know if trying to save the tooth through my NHS Dentist ought to be a viable option and if I should question my Dentist's recommendation?

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question (id # 1670)

I suffered trauma in December 2012 which left my front tooth loose and my slightly protruded smaller tooth next to it was knocked out. I have since had root canal treatment on my front tooth and today had a temporary crown fitted, however the temp crown is longer than my other tooth and now there is still a gap at the side where my tooth was knocked out, is it possible to have a bridge or can the permanent crown be made slightly larger to hide the unsightly gap and filed down to be the same length as my other front tooth.

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question (id # 1669)


Can you place a white filling over an old discoloured white filling? Without having to drill further into the tooth and risking to damage the nerv.
I already tried to polish it and it still looks discoloured.
Thank you

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question (id # 1665)

I am 26 years old and already 9 root canals.( all of them are 4 premolars and 5 molars). 2 of them are 8 years old, other 4 are 1 year old and just recently had 3 done :(. The fist 2 I had them done when I was 18. The next 4 because my dentist at that time thought the best option for my periodontal pockets was to have a root canal ( and now reading on the internet I see that is NOT the solution) and the last 3 were because since I'm getting married soon I said I would do all the necessary fillings ( 8, including 2 wisdom teeth, and another small on other teeth that had already old fillings ) and ended up with 3 root canals and the problems are not finished yet. It is like one by one are starting to hurt and be sensitive to cold, or just aching . My question is what went wrong? Why after 2 months from the filling a tooth started to be sensitive? And what can I do about those 9 non vital teeth? None of them have crowns and don't want to do that yet as I think I'm to young for 9 crowns in my mouth. Have to mention that the walls of the teeth are intact, just the filling in the middle from where the root canal was done.Is there any alternative to make the tooth stronger without having to place crowns? I am desperate as I spend so far lots of money and I just can't afford anymore and I'm worried that another one is starting to hurt or crack because there is to many of them non vital.
Thank you very much

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question (id # 1663)

I have previously asked about this and following the response, went back to see my dentist regarding the continuing discomfort I have following root canal treatment, which occasionally abates. I had asked about the crown have an edge that overlaps the tooth, i.e it hangs over so that there is space that I can feel when I floss. After some months I have just been to see a consultant at a nearby hospital -locum - who obtained x-rays and only under much pressure, admitted that I had a chronic abscess at the root, which I could see on the x-rays. My dentist had told me that there was nothing wrong and that he could refer me to his private contact. Unfortunately I do not have the rather large amount of money needed just for the initial consultation alone, hence the long wait for the NHS appointment. The consultant today said he is going to make some suggestions to my dentist, including doing another x-ray to see whether there was an area under one of the edge where food could be getting caught and perhaps infection getting into the tooth. He said that they could not do the x-ray at the hospital, which I thought was strange. He said that 40% of people have chronic abscesses following root canal treatment and don't even know it! He said that he would not recommend epicectomy and it could have dire consequences to the nerve running below the root. He said that he thought the work that had been done was acceptable and that it is almost impossible to get a good fit for a crown on every occasion.

Can you assist please: can these abscesses clear up on their own if the area under the lip of the crown is cleaned better and say a antiseptic mouthwash is used regularly, or should the root canal be done again and a new crown supplied? I understand that this procedure is a loss-maker for an NHS dentist but he has had plenty out of me for other treatment, including some private white fillings,so I don't feel bad about asking for a redo. He did not dam the tooth during the procedure, so not impressed there, and I was not aware of any liquid being used to clean the tooth cavity. The consultant also said that there may not be enough tooth left to crown on a second occasion. Please can you tell me if this can be the case. Not sure what to do next and don't want to lose my tooth. Consultant refused to do the work at the hospital as he said it is not a difficult procedure and not one of the front teeth - it's tooth no. 5 lower right. Many thanks. Unfortunately I cannot get Denplan or other insurance now!!! Do some dentists help with say an add-on fee to the NHS to provide a better crown and treatment?

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question (id # 1662)

23 roots far back in mouth 24 far front dentist did cosmetic correction so now bulky 23 and pain and food impaction. Is there any way to fix or will they need to be extracted. If they are how does new restoration avoid food impaction also what is over coutouring mean?

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question (id # 1657)

hello doctor iam 35 a librarian.five years ago i had an accident and damaged my three front teeth (which are slightly protruded).my dentist root canalled and covered it with a jointed crown.my look after this treatment is very much improved too.but now a days i had a worry that did the jointed crown protrude? what can i do then ?my anxiety growing day by day .please give your kind answer.

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question (id # 1655)

I have a crown on my front tooth which my denstist says that the rootunderneath has fractured can this be repaired or do i habe to have it taken out and have a denture,dont really want to do this.

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question (id # 1646)

Hi, i wanted to know if it is possible to get my front 2 teeth filed down by nhs and if it is free or do i have to pay and how much?

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question (id # 1644)

I would like you all to see the Hit rate using stat-counter . We had 44000 in the last year

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question (id # 1632)

Hi please can you tell me if a bridge tooth on the NHS is a lot worse than having it done privately with a porcelain one? Im trying to make my mind up as there is a big price difference between the two. What makes the private one a lot better? Many thanks

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question (id # 1630)

Two of my crown (upper molars) came with dark brown lines at the gum margin; they feel like ridges. The dentist tells me this is the root of the teeth showing through, but this doesn't sound right - with ridges??

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question (id # 1629)

I had crown fixation for one of my tooth 2 weeks before. Everything is fine till now. But today I observed a block spot on chewing area of tooth. I asked my dentist the he said no need to worry the inner metal of your crown is exposed. Is it true? or else decay is started below the crown? I am so much worried about this

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question (id # 1612)

my partner had a drill bit snap in his tooth while having a root canal. the dentist tried for 20 mins to retrieve it but couldnt. we had to pay for a consultation with a specialist who would try to repair the damage but can not afford it. are we responsible for paying for her mistake. i understand its something that can happen but she was so brutal while treating him pulling his jaw aroud its not srprising that it broke.

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question (id # 1610)

Please can you advise me. I had a bad fall on the 18th February resulting in terrible facial and mouth injuries. I fell onto my mouth and damaged my precious teeth. My upper right and left incisors were damaged. My left had broken off and the nerve was exposed. The following morning I visited the emergency dentist where he injected me and dressed the tooth. The next day I began by ordeal with my dentist. I visited Monday morning and he removed the nerve. Because of the trauma to my mouth and horrendous swelling he could not see me again until the Friday. I then had a root filling on the upper left. Two weeks later, still with only half a tooth I went back to have crown preparation but I said to him that my upper right had gone black. He said oh dear you have well and truly done a good job haven't you! He then delayed my crown prep and did a root filling on that tooth. One week later I had crown prep on the left and was fitted with a huge temporary yellow crown. Impressions were taken and he said that a veneer would be possible on the upper right. When I went to have the final fit there was an air bubble on the impression and only the crown arrived! This was fitted and again 10 days later I went back to have the veneer and what a mess it is. Badly fitted, wide margins, high up into my gum line, what a mess. Can you help!

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question (id # 1594)

As I am scared of visiting the dentist I hadn't been for a number of years, then 2 years ago I plucked up the courage and visited a dentist who told me my gums were very bad and I needed to see a dental hygienist for a deep clean. I had many appointments with the dental hygienist but nothing ever seemed to improve. I accidentally missed an appointment, so I couldn't make another one. This made me uncomfortable to go back and didn't see a dentist until I plucked up the courage last November.

This new dentist told me my gums were the worst she'd seen for someone my age (mid 30s), and if I didn't give up smoking I would lose all my teeth. This successfully motivated me to give up smoking. She informed me that I had pockets of 3mm and she wanted to start treatment on them. I have been 3 times over the last 3 months for a scale and polish along with trying to improve my own cleaning technique.

What concerns me is that the gaps between my teeth are getting bigger (I had no gaps between my teeth 1 year ago) and my gums are receding more than ever. The dentist has told me that her treatment is to get my gums to recede so that the pockets are smaller. While I can understand the logic, it just doesn't feel right. And when I visited the dentist this week for another scale and polish, she told me it would get much worse before it gets better. I can't bare to think that my teeth will get worse and it makes me cry to just think about it.

Is there a better way, is it worth me seeing another dentist?

Many thanks

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question (id # 1589)

Hi. I had some zirconium crowns fitted less than 6 months ago on my upper jaw.some of them became loose, and i can feel them moving. the gum around them also does t look healthy even if i brush,floss etc...and it seems that a gap appeared between the crown and gum.

i have an appointment with my dentist next week.

i would suggest that the crowns need to be replaced due to initially poor fitting?! even if he will glue them back ,i do not think this will resolve the gum problem.

before them, i had porcelain crowns that lasted 10 years, so i don t think is normal for new crowns to fall out after 6 months..and gum recession!!

What do you think?

and also, is my dentist going to support the costs?

i can t pay every 6 months for new crowns, can I?

Thank you so much for your time!

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question (id # 1588)

I am hoping you can give me some advice - I have to tell you I have had and am continuing to have many problems with my teeth/mouth/jaw. Don't really know where to start but perhaps if I tell you I only have 18 teeth left and I am 50 years of age, I used to grind my teeth, have tmj and I think maybe TGN left side of face/jaw. I also have lichen planus and Sjogrens Syndrome which cause a number of problems soreness, dry mouth, and sometimes ulcers when I am run down or stressed. I paid alot of money to have private work done and have all my gold crowns and amalgam fillings replaced with cerec crowns as I had heard that this could help with the lichen planus.(I think it has a bit) The UL5 had already had a root canal but had been giving me problems for years and as I need the tooth the dentist suggested he do another root canal treatment and the cerec crown,it is now two years and I am still suffering with it. As I really need to keep the tooth should I have it done again?(root canal treatment and hope it might work 3rd time) the pain is throbbing and radiates out the left side of my face up to below my left eye and feels like it is in the bone. Are there any other options? I have read that people with Sjogrens cannot have implants. I really feel I need to see a specialist/endontist but don't know how to access this service. Many thanks for any help you can give me.


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question (id # 1575)

Hi my private dentist has said I need a replacement crown because there is a gap on the crown area around the bottom. The price is 400! If nothing is wrong with the crown carnt this area just be filled in instead of a replacement?

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question (id # 1574)


I have just been advised by my dentist that due to acid decay i require crowns on my two front teeth.
I am just looking for your views if htis is the best solution or is there a better alternative solution?


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question (id # 1570)


My dentist did root canal for me today. He took the old crown off and did the root canal to the tooth under crown. he said i don't need new crown because my old crown more than 15 years ago still good, nothing wrong. I don't need new crown, also he said he doesn't damage my teeth because of

the new crown

What is your opinion about this

Many thanks

question (id # 1567)

I am a 58 year old woman and recently my teeth moved. I have big gap in front teeth and some teeth at back are loose. My dentist says I have bone loss. He did fill the gap between the front teeth (one has a crown but on when I was in my 20's) a little, but I feel my 2 front teeth look huge and horrid and I still have a big gap. Is there anything I can have done that wont cost a fortune?. I am very conscious of it and don't like smiling now

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question (id # 1562)


I would be very grateful for some advice on the problem below.

I had a crown on my middle back lower left molar that failed and was removed along with the roots that had fractured and so was left with a gap. The dentist recommended and fitted a porcelain bridge with the back molar and the tooth in front of the missing tooth as anchors (so the bridge spans 3 teeth). It was fitted approximately 3 months ago and today the bridge over the back anchor tooth fractured horizontally. I have followed both the hygiene and care instructions, avoiding particularly hard foods such as nuts etc. To me this seems like the bridge was badly made (it cost a fortune) and I would like to know if I can ask the dentist to fix the damaged bridge or replace it free of charge. After already spending a few thousand to get the bridge made and fitted it does not seem right that it can fail so quickly. I do have a heavy bite, but we discussed this at the time the bridge was recommended and my dentist assured me that it would hold for at least 5 -10 years so long as I took care.

I would appreciate any advice and guidance on next steps and what appropriate solutions may be.

Kind regards,

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question (id # 1559)

Do maryland bridges "go bad"?

After over 15 years with no problems at all, my maryland bridge (lateral incisor) began loosening. A dentist removed it and re-cemented it, and it became loose again after only a few months. This time, a (different) dentist re-cemented it without taking it fully off.

Is it common that once a previously well behaved maryland bridge falls off, it gets progressively worse? What might make it "go bad?"

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question (id # 1556)

As there is  pain in my tooth from long time I went to the dentist. He said that this tooth has decayed , andcannot do a  filling and advised  a root canal and crowning. Is it better to go for crowning or for fixing the old tooth. 

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question (id # 1555)

What are the effects of low calcium in teeth

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question (id # 1553)

Hello, I snapped off half of my my front tooth and was wondering which options are available to me and what's the minimum to maximum I can expect to have to pay to get it fixed. Many thanks!

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question (id # 1536)

i think i may need 2 crowns how much will this cost on nhs treatment. Iknow crowns come under band 3,(204),but will both crowns come under this price or will only 1 crown count,meaning i may have to pay 408 for 2 crowns?

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question (id # 1527)

Hi, I am NHS patient and recently had a dentist appointment. My back molar will prepared for the fitting of a crown (1/3 of the tooth remaining). At the moment there is an amalgam filling. He suggested a cast metal crown (gold colour look like), but it does not contain gold at all. Could you tell me what sort of material it is normally made of and if it is a good quality material that they use these days (anti corrosive)? I had an inlay fitted in to my upper molar 6 months ago on NHS and it was a proper gold one (containing at least 60% of gold). I would like to ask why I cannot have fitted in another gold crown with NHS? He said it would have to be done privately and it would cost £400. Are there any limits on how many NHS treatments/ number of gold crowns within Band C can be done per year? I also suggested that I would supply my own 18 karat gold for the crown and have a Band C treatment done. They said that their laboratory would not accept my own gold. Would it be worth asking another dentist in the town or is the policy same everywhere?Last question, if I decide to go for a 'gold look like' crown is it easy to replace it with a gold one in the future? Or should I rather wait till I am able to afford to pay £400? Many thanks for reply. Best wishes. Luke

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question (id # 1525)

My husbands teeth are costing 1500-2000 a year to maintain, his dentists are maintaining what he has by root canal, crowns and fillings, he has about 2 abscesses in the last 2 years. The cost is starting to become crippling, currently this year so far alone at just over 1500.

They wont give us any alternatives, we have asked them about implants but they just tell us to keep having the current course of treatment ie, crowns etc.

Are implants cheaper long term, but as most of his teeth are crowned/root canal led this would probably mean a fortune, or would dentures be a good idea. My husband is worried about jaw shrinkage if he has a denture.

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question (id # 1521)

I just had a crown put on my front tooth and I can see a yellowish color on the front of it. I think it the stump of my old tooth that they file down and made smaller for my crown to fit over.Is this normal and what could I do to fix it.Does the teeth whitener polish pen work on crowns.

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question (id # 1514)

I had a tooth (premolar I think - 4 from the front) refilled some years ago. Recently the back of this tooth dropped off. My dentist suggested a lab. made white filling or a crown. While I was considering these options the filling dropped out, initially there was no pain but last week I began to get pain which I managed with co-codamol. The dentist has now said I should have the remaining part of the tooth extracted and then consider bridge or implant. I had hoped to save the tooth but she said there were signs of nerve damage on the x-ray and if the infection was cleared with root canal treatment infection could still reoccur and extraction was the best option. Doesn't root canal treatment involve sealing off the root nerve preventing further infection? Is there any way this front part of the tooth could be preserved? I am still in pain despite antibiotics.

question (id # 1511)

Lower wear front teeth due to habit bruxing. Not much space for crowns, should I do what my dentists says and have crown lengthing?

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question (id # 1503)

i have been undergoing treatment with an nhs dentist. at first she decided that she didn't want to do the treatment and referred me to a consultant at oldham hospital who after 2 years of visits outlined a list of treatment that my dentist was to perform, since going back to my dentist she has made very little progress and my teeth are now in a far worse state than when i started treatment, i have now been informed that i may have gum disease which means she is no longer willing to do any treatment or treat the gum decease after 4 years of waiting for my teeth to be fixed i have now lost all faith in my dentist and feel she is not competent enough to do the treatment that the specialist recommended ..how can i get referred back to the consultant or referred to a dental hospital to have my teeth fixed, i have contacted private dentists who advise that the treatment should be no problem

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question (id # 1499)

I have had my front tooth veneered on the nhs as it was discolouring. I'm really not happy about it. It's massive, longer than my other front tooth and almost crosses over my other tooth and its reaslly thick. can anything be done?

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question (id # 1492)

what is the purpose of Pre Prosthetic Surgery?

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question (id # 1489)

I am desperate! I have had some bad dental work done (3 inlay fillings on the upper left) they did not fit correctly so the dentist took the top outside cusps off the opposite bottom teeth (4 of them). Since then the bite has been off. I have suffered for a year now. I have been referred to a consultant who basically said try and live with it. All teeth are able to touch but my jaws keep loosing this bite and clenching. I feel I need to see the top expert in the field of occlusion in the country in order for me to feel I'm in the right hands. I feel sure a little twee king would rectify the problem. I am able to reproduce a comfortable bite using temporary dental filler but this does not last very long. The consultant feels I am over sensitive. I am probably more sensitive than most, however I have been able to relieve my symptoms temporarily and I need someone who is acutely occlusally gifted to do a full occlusal analysis, and show where things could be changed for the better.

Just to note that there is only very light contact on my eye tooth and the tooth below. When I add just a small amount of filler here, my clench reaction stops and I feel comfortable again. The clench reaction happens in the 2nd tooth back from the eye tooth (upper 6 maybe) this one has a gold inlay on it.

First of all is adding contact to this tooth valid, as in, is it likely this would stop the neuro muscular clench response that I think I am getting or is it in my imagination.

And secondly. How to I go about finding the most occlusally gifted and qualified dental expert in the country ?

I have found the Peter Dawson Academy website. Would this be a valid route, I don't know if the Peter Dawson occusal theories and practice are the accepted methods or not ?

To say this is getting me down is an understatement. I am finding day to day life very difficult with the discomfort and I need to find an expert to either say definitively it is in my head get used to it or to do some modifications to ease my discomfort.

Many thanks in anticipation

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question (id # 1488)

I have really bad gum recession on my lower gum line. One tooth's gum has completely gone and the root is exposed, the other is starting to recede. Its really affecting my confidence, and I'm really conscious about it. Ive tried to change my way of speaking in order to conceal it, Ive upped my person oral hygiene by brushing my teeth gently three times a day and using mouth wash regularly, but it still continues to recede. I want to know am i entitled to get a gum graft on the NHS to help with the appearance of them. I work part time, live in wales and am 23 years of age. I would like to go back to college and study but I'm too conscious to go back due to my gums. Its not something i can just get on with, its really visible when i speak. Can you please give me an idea how much would NHS charge and how much would a private clinic charge?

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question (id # 1487)


Hi, I posted the question regarding being dissatisfied after 20 months of having a brace on. I would like to say thanks to all the people who responded, it is appreciated. I have contacted my orthodontist who is prepared to see me to discuss matters with me.

Would someone be good enough to answer a couple of further questions, so I know which points of concern I have are valid. My orthodontist has mentioned a skeletal defect causing the wear on my bottom teeth, I would have thought this would have showed up in the x-rays taken before treatment?, because it was the main reason for my treatment & to be told that the brace has been unsuccessful after 20 months seems as if I’ve wasted my time & money if this wasn’t going to cure the problem.

My orthodontist also told me there would be no gaps by the end of the treatment, & there definitely is & much bigger than originally, I am not happy that my incisors & canine teeth have been "bunched" up, leaving a gap either side (between the 2 canines & the premolars)the size of a matchstick, I did tell the orthodontist some time ago that I was happy for the gap to be closed by moving incisors closer to the molars, which would create gaps in the front 4 incisors, they are very badly worn down & I would be happy to have 4 crowns fitted to hide these gaps. He has ignored this request, do you know of a valid reason why?

As I’ve said before, I have seen 3 separate reconstructive dentists, & yet still he insists I see someone he recommends, is this not a little arrogant to dismiss their opinion? I am sure he has his reasons for this insistence, but that wasn’t the arrangement, at no point during treatment did he say he would only continue with the work if I saw someone he recommends.

As for the £170 consultation fee, I do think this is on the high side, but if a friend had recommended him & gave a glowing reference, it probably wouldn’t bother me so much, I do not expect quality work for free, But the fact is my orthodontist told me on 3 separate occasions during the treatment that he knew of no-one he could recommend for restorative dental work, 12 weeks before the brace was due to come off he told me his recommendation, made an appointment for me with this person without consulting with me first (I actually received the appointment letter after the due date so did not attend), when I did call this person I was told that my orthodontist recommends all of his patients to him & has done for years. Does this not seem a little suspect as he told me 16 months earlier he knew of no-one?

I am not looking to cause problems for my orthodontist, I simply want the work completed to my satisfaction, not his or his friends. If I should seem a little jaded its because I feel as if   being taken for a gullible fool. I would appreciate your advice one last time before I meet with him,

Many thanks, Mark Evans

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question (id # 1479)

I asked this question before but now I have some photos of the tooth. Does anyone know what the wires sticking out of my extracted rct tooth are? They are quite blackened from being in my body for one and a half years. I have an allergy to base metals, probably nickel. These wires don't look like precious metals to me.

When the tooth was extracted the very tip of the root broke off level with the wire. When I pieced it back together it looked like the wire had penetrated right through the side of the root into my jaw bone. There is also another wire inside the tooth which extrudes out of the apex of the root. There is no channel present inside the tooth for both wires to go to the end of the tooth.

I have experienced pain and ill health ever since that tooth was root filled. I suspected the tooth but nothing showed up on x-rays. Should the dentist have told me that he had placed these wires in my tooth? Would he have known that he had perforated the root of the tooth? The wire is too long for the tooth would he have any way of knowing this? The last picture shows the tooth with the broken off root tip removed to reveal both wires. Thank you for your help

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question (id # 1467)

I had root canal treatment on the right side of my mouth second tooth from the back at the top, about 6 years ago, and in the last three days I have had severe tooth ache when I looked in the mirror I noticed that this tooth and the one just in front are both discoloured and are nearly black, how can this happen if I have already had the root canal treatment?. I have also been plagued by an abscess above my upper left 5 for the last 3years root canal treatment never became an option for this tooth as it was to badly damaged by the infection and is now having to be cut out. could the infection have maybe spread to the other side of my mouth?

I really don't think I could have another RC treatment because they are so painful..

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question (id # 1466)

I have a large gap inbetween my two front teeth which causes me distress and depression , I am now signed with a NHS dentist who are giving me porcelain crowns,

I went to have my temporary ones fitted and noticed the dentist had only done one tooth, I go back in 2 weeks to have the perminant crown fitted, but she told me I have to wait 3 months before they do my other tooth.. Why is that?

I'm more self conscious now as I have two completely different teeth ,my natural tooth is long and slim and the crowned tooth is short and rounded and it is very noticeable, why do I have to wait so long? is there anyway of doing my other tooth? asap 3 months is so long :

Thank you,



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question (id # 1465)

Hi there, I am 29 my teeth are very healthy, but I do have gum problems which the dentist has confirmed to me. I have not been to the dentist in about 2 years as I developed a bit of a phobia! Have had no problems apart from my gum at the bottom of one of my bottom front teeth has become grey looking at the root and looks very sore. I am worried that my tooth could fall out, am I too young for this.

I am going to the dentist again in a few months as feel if I don't then my teeth won't be looked after properly. Part of my reason for not visiting a dentist is I have moved a few times in the last few years also.

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question (id # 1464)

I have just had a new bridge,3 front teeth. It is enormous; my lower lip juts out and the teeth are very long. Can this be changed/

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question (id # 1449)

I have been told by my dentist that my implants have been placed too close together. I am loosing tissue around them and it is not looking so good. I am concerned that I might loose them, what can I do about this ? Please look and advise , should I have one removed or not ?

images (click to enlarge)

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question (id # 1448)

Hello there, I have recently been told by the dentist that my teeth are slightly loose due to them 'shifting,' it wasn't really explained to me properly.

My teeth are very uncomfortable at the front and I have one particular tooth forcing its way out of line. I was just wondering if the teeth will settle down and stop moving or have I got to put up wIth this forever now?

I would be grateful for some advice on this please.




Follow up to all From Samantha Denney

 I have been told that I don't have any gum disease and I have had a couple x-rays. All that I have been told is that my gums and teeth are healthy, except they are 'shifting'. Thank u for your advice. x


On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 9:29 AM,

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question (id # 1446)

What are the types of tissue conditioners available and when would they be used?

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question (id # 1445)

Root canals on two first lower molars.

There is some controversy about root canals being damaging to a person's long term health.

It does seem to make sense that they could have a bad effect on the body because of all the miles of tubules that cannot be reached and cleaned out. After clearing the canals my dentist poured what tasted like bleach into them and then filled the tooth with gutta percha I believe. It does seem a bit hit and miss! For the two weeks between the initial RCT appointment and the final completion I was in severe pain. I felt really sick, my tongue swelled up and had a foul smelling green coating on it. My NHS doctor said that indicated a local infection and believed it was caused by the RCT process as it came on straight after the first stage of the work was done, and the pain was all local to the tooth in question. My dentist said after the first stage of RCT it could niggle a bit and that gas can build up because of the necrotising material in the tooth. It really ruined my Christmas!

A year before this I had had my first root canal completed in January 2008. I bounced back after a couple of weeks. It was all done in one appointment of 2 and a half hours. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to put it all behind me. I certainly had none of the above symptoms at all. Infact when people said enough root canal, I thought it wasn't that bad at all. It was just tiring holding my mouth open for so long!

Since having my second root canal in January 2009 I have felt under the weather health wise. I find I have less energy than I had before, I don't seem to be able to go for my long 2 or 3 hour walks on the moors which I used to do several times a week. If I get a cold a can't shake it off, I feel tired all the time and have constant stomach upsets. My doctor is concerned and thinks it could well be the root canal as I felt healthy before it was done. Obviously he can't say for certain. He is currently running a battery of blood tests on me to rule out anything else it could be that might be making me feel ill. He is also doing some tests to see if I have an infection somewhere in my body.

My dentist couldn't get right to the end of one of the canals and so dressed it. This means I have a piece of cotton wool with a bit of antiseptic (quick lime I believe) on it embedded in the end of my tooth. A recent x-ray showed a shadow under that root that wasn't there before the root canal was completed. In fact prior to the root canal there were no signs that a root canal was needed on an x-ray. I just had extreme persistent pain after the crack in the tooth was fixed and a crown placed, so we electively decided to do a root canal to seal everything up and see if this would clear things up. I had no signs of an abscess or infection that could be seen on the gums or x-ray.

I have had a second opinion about the root canal and the dentist reassured me that it was a good one and had been done very carefully.

Sometimes I have severe pain in my jaw bone that runs along the nerve to the front teeth. Sometimes I have a pain like someone is hammering a piece of wood under the tooth. Other times it feels like the side of my gum has been flicked several times with an elastic band. Sometimes there is no pain at all, just the occasional dull ache. In the last week or so the pain has markedly started to die down. I have had mild to severe pain since January. At first I was on ibuprofen intermittently for weeks and weeks. Things are improving as I've only had to take them once in the last month. So I think things are getting better gradually. I just never expected to have pain and bother for so long. I still feel very tired though. The constant coming and going pain and 'niggling' has really made life difficult. I am also worried that it might flare up again. I am a professional wind player it is very hard to meet my professional commitments with an unreliable mouth like this.

Is it possible because the tooth was killed and then left for two weeks, that the bacteria from the dying tooth built up and filled the tubules that cannot be reached and that this is making me unwell? Could it be the little end of the root that my dentist couldn't reach which is now dressed, that my immune system can't handle? There are no outward signs of an abscess. Seeing as there is now no blood supply there I can't see how my body can clean up the toxins present. Also after sometime surely all the antiseptic will wash away and then what am I left with in that root? Seems like the answer is a rotting piece of cotton wool. Would it have been better to have another 2 and half hour appointment and do it all in one go like I had for the first RCT?

I am at my wits end really as I don't feel well. Would it be better to extract the tooth and have an implant? Has any research been done as to whether an implant is less strain on the body than a root canal? I would be grateful for any advice as I am finding it hard to know what to do.

All my other teeth and gums are very healthy. My oral hygiene is exemplary and all my dentists marvel at what a healthy mouth I have. I have actually been assessed for an implant should I decide to extract the bothersome root canal and I have been told I would be an excellent candidate, lots of bone and healthy gums etc. I've just been unlucky with these two teeth as my old (near retirement age) dentist was not comfortable with and did not grasp the new technology of placing composite fillings on back teeth. As a result he left the tiny old amalgam fillings in the teeth and sealed over the top with the new composite material, probably leaving lots of decay in there too. This caused the teeth to crack and need root canals and crowns 3 1/2 years later. Apart from this my dentition is in excellent shape and I want to keep it that way.

Is it possible that some people just aren't suited to root canals? An implant certainly seems like a cleaner more sterile option. I've been told this tooth might last 10 years if I'm lucky whereas an implant lasts for life. Would it be better to call it a day and go for the longer term cleaner, more reliable solution of an implant?




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question (id # 1440)

I am looking for someone who can help my partner. He has bite problems following two fillings and would like the teeth raised so his bite returns to normal. He is sleeping with cardboard between his teeth as they come loose in the night if not. Two dentists have refused to do the work, one saying he needs an occlusion specialist. Please help.

We are in the Liverpool area.


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question (id # 1416)

There are so many things in dentistry which seem to cost so much and there is such a huge price difference.  From a patients point of view it is very difficult to know what to do and whos advice to take.  In particular with implants.

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question (id # 1357)

Our 11 year old daughter was assessed by an orthodontist, who has suggested fitting a twin block appliance to encourage the jaw to catch up with the growth of the rest of the mouth. The jaw is 8mm behind the top teeth. Is this appliance really necessary? I have a friend who had it done as a child and claimed that he had neck pain caused by the treatment (this diagnosis was given by an expert in the Alexander Technique" I was told that it teaches the skilful "use of the self": how we move, how we stay still, how we breathe, how we learn, how we organise our awareness and focus of attention and, above all, how we choose our reactions in increasingly demanding situations.

It is a subtle and thoughtful discipline, but essentially practical and problem-solving. The Alexander Technique works through re-establishing the natural relationship between the head, the neck and the back - the "core" of the body that supports the strength of the limbs and which provides the structural environment for breathing and for the internal organs. (Copied from web)

Thank you for your time, I suppose the real question is, is 8mm a concern at 11 years old?


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question (id # 1273)

I have a thin black line in between my gum and tooth, I don't have caps or fillings! What can this be?

Thanks Ash

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question (id # 1060)

Is it common practice for a piece of cotton wool to be left in an infected tooth(abcess)that has been treated with disinfectant and had a temporary filling on for 5 weeks?

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The following questions were not orginally posted in this category, but may be related:

question (id # 1377)

I have 6 crowns on the bottom of my mouth which are now loose. Can these be re-cemented back into place.

These crowns were placed because I was a radiation patient and started having trouble with my own teeth. I'm very upset at this point, I've had so much dental work already. Thank you so much,

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question (id # 1263)

A month ago my daughter had braces removed and a Maryland bridge fitted to fill a space left by a missing upper tooth (her adult tooth didn't form). Eventually she will have an implant but as she is only 15 this won't be possible for a few years yet. To date the bridge has fallen out twice and the dentist (who didn't fit the original bridge..this was done abroad) has explained that it is highly unlikely that a third attempt would be any more successful. He suggests a bridge 'rivited" into place by drilling small holes into the tooth next to the space and a attaching the flange of a new bridge to these holes. I am very reluctant to drill into perfect front teeth but my daughter is crippled by embarrassment as the tooth either feels as if it is just about to fall out or indeed actually does so, usually at the most inconvenient moment. Does anyone have any advice on what we should do? Will she really have to have holes drilled into her perfectly lovely front teeth?

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question (id # 1462)

Do you have any information that will help me with burning mouth syndrome which I have had for about 3 years. It seems to be a subject about which little is known and I am desperate for help.

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question (id # 1486)

Hi,My orthadontist has removed the brace after 20 months. Iam unhappy with the result, relativley minor misalianment, but noticable.
More importantly is the orthadontist is soooooo insistant that I go to see a restorative dentist he reccommends.
Ive previously seen 2 other dentist who both quoted me the same treatment & both said the brace needed to go back on the top & upper & lower teeth.
My orthadontist has said before that he wasnt going to remove the brace until Id seen his man,now he has dismissed the opinion of the other 2 dentist, he even contacted this man & made an appointment without telling me first.
The odd thing is when I started treatment he told me 2 or 3 times he knew of no one who did restorative dental treatment, when I called his man, his receptionist told me he reccommended all his patients to him & had done for years! incerdently his man charges 170 just for a consultation!
I really feel the way he is insisting on me using his man, who I suspect is out of my price range anyway, is at best shabby, at worst pretty corrupt.
Please advise me on the way forward, at the moment I would sooner have some type of refund & see a differant orthadontist because I have no faith that my current one is not acting in my best interest.
Thanks for any advice.

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question (id # 1488)

I have really bad gum recession on my lower gum line. One tooth's gum has completely gone and the root is exposed, the other is starting to recede. Its really affecting my confidence, and I'm really conscious about it. Ive tried to change my way of speaking in order to conceal it, Ive upped my person oral hygiene by brushing my teeth gently three times a day and using mouth wash regularly, but it still continues to recede. I want to know am i entitled to get a gum graft on the NHS to help with the appearance of them. I work part time, live in wales and am 23 years of age. I would like to go back to college and study but I'm too conscious to go back due to my gums. Its not something i can just get on with, its really visible when i speak. Can you please give me an idea how much would NHS charge and how much would a private clinic charge?

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question (id # 1502)

Over a year ago a bridge I had fitted approx 29 yrs ago (it included one of my front teeth) fell out.My dentist told me I would now have to have a partial denture and at the time due to funds I agreed. Worst decision I have ever made, within a few weeks of me getting them and still in constant mouth pain my gums had begun to shrink and the denture looked unsightly and was practically invisible unless I lifted my upper lip up. It was approx 3mm shorter at the front than my other front tooth. I returned to see if anything could be done and was told he couldnt get away with providing me with another denture so soon but said he would refer me to another surgery for peridontal treatment and I could see if they would get another denture made for me. They were not happy but did fit a new partial denture and my constant pain and ulcers continued. Months later at my next check up I explained the discomfor still, and the second pair were as unsightly as the first pair. I cant eat properly and am extremely consious as they are practically undetectable in my mouth due to them sinking into my gum. The dentist said if I was suffering to come back and not to suffer. I was and still am using at least a bottle of cortosone each week, at least two tubes fixative and am on co codamol painkillers. I did go back a month later but then was told they could do nothing, that I needed a metal denture at approx 500 (and being a single mother couldnt and still cant afford it) as its been nearly 18 months of constant mouth ulcers and pain why wont the NHS provide at least some of the cost towards a metal denture. I am absolutely sick of the constant discomfort and find myself moving them around in my mouth to ease them, that is till i catch someone looking at me. I have aged ten years since I got them with my appearence and more importantly cant stand much more of the pain they are causing me - he did suggest another alternative - not wear any. Caring dentist eh? is there no way of getting a metal denture on NHS

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question (id # 1524)

I am 24 weeks pregnant and in need of some dental work but frightened of going to my dentist incase he tries to brush me off insisting I have my treatment privately. I have a tooth at the front of my mouth which has gone grey due to root canal, I also think I may need a couple of fillings also in teeth at the front of my mouth. Am I able to get the front teeth filled with white fillings and am I able to get my front tooth which has gone grey replaced with a porcelain crown on the NHS?
I have looked on the NHS website and it looks as it I may be able to do so, just wanted to get confirmation so that I know my rights when I do visit my dentist.

Many thanks


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question (id # 1545)

Hi, im getting root canal done at greenhead dental practice, i started it on my checkup appointment so havent had much done, just got a temporary white filling so far(toothless until my next appointment in a just over weeks time) im having to get it done because my decayed tooth had become to weak and cracked off. my dentist has give me a plan, on this it says ''Crown - Porcelain bonded to Non- precious metal''(does this mean he has chose this crown and i dont have a choice) because through research and asking people i found that gold crowns are the best as theyre stronger and longer lasting etc. im having it done on my lateral incisor, im not bothered about all my teeth looking the same colour as i care more about it lasting long. can i choose if i want a gold one? Also, im paying 204 for my treatment, is the crown included or would i have to pay extra?

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question (id # 1557)

I have a 5 tooth right top bridge with 13 & 14 teeth as anchors, 15 &16 missing and then l7 an anchor. Last week #14 chipped and now when I smile there is an ugly gap there. The back side is still in place. Is there anything I can do to fill in that gap until I can see my dentist in a month? Thank you for your assistance.

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question (id # 1556)

As there is  pain in my tooth from long time I went to the dentist. He said that this tooth has decayed , andcannot do a  filling and advised  a root canal and crowning. Is it better to go for crowning or for fixing the old tooth. 

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question (id # 1631)

My new nhs dentist referred me to the hospital as she felt my gums needed specialist help. The specialist refused to treat me and just diagnosed. He said I need root planing, upper and lower partial dentures. Re align 11 and carry out splinting. New crowns from 14 to 23. The nhs dentist said this is outside her remit and I have been referred to a private dentist. I am seeing someone this week. Any advice you can give would be really gratefully received.

I have been going to various dentists as I just knew my gums and teeth we're not right and this latest dentist picked up on it straight away, but now I am left with it his problem.
Please advise me. Many thanks

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question (id # 1634)

I had root canal treatment last year on one of my back teeth with a cap, the cause was a hairline crack in my tooth which in turn caused pain when I ate and drank. The treatment has been a complete success. My question is how much should this treatment have cost me on the NHS. I paid 204, but on reading information (and following a statement on the news this morning) I feel that I may have paid too much. If this is the case, how do I get my money back without ruining the relationship I have with my dentist?

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question (id # 1652)

My 18 yr old daughter who is a A level student had dental pain and went to an NHS dentist (signed the forms etc) She was told that her old root canal filling had not been done properly and there was an infection when she went back a week later after completing anti-biotic provided she was told it would cost 400 for a re-root as the NHS would only do extraction is this right I can't afford to pay but I don't want my daughter to lose her tooth and cause self-conscious problems

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question (id # 1670)

I suffered trauma in December 2012 which left my front tooth loose and my slightly protruded smaller tooth next to it was knocked out. I have since had root canal treatment on my front tooth and today had a temporary crown fitted, however the temp crown is longer than my other tooth and now there is still a gap at the side where my tooth was knocked out, is it possible to have a bridge or can the permanent crown be made slightly larger to hide the unsightly gap and filed down to be the same length as my other front tooth.

images (click to enlarge)

Click to enlarge image 

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question (id # 1678)

I'm currently an NHS patient and I'm undergoing treatment for root canal on an infected tooth which is a top front molar tooth. I've had a previous white filling in the tooth and when I spoke with my dentist he said that after the root canal treatment I would have to have a crown fitted over this. Although I'm not exactly thrilled with the idea of having a crown if it will protect my tooth and allow me to keep my tooth for a little longer I'm happy(ish) to hand over the 204 it currently costs through the NHS. My problem and therefore question is this he says I usually get a gold crown standard on the nhs and that if I want a porcelain crown I have to pay extra. Is this true? I know you pay extra for porcelain (white) fillings on NHS payment schemes but I was given to understand if it was the front part of your teeth that it was standard to fit the porcelain crown? I can understand if part of the tooth had broken off but so far the infection has remained local and hasn't effected any of the aesthetics of the tooth.

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question (id # 1772)

I have had crowns on all my teeth but the left side seems to be too flat for chewing the right side has groves which teeth normally have. Can this be adjusted

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question (id # 1793)

I am an NHS patient and was fitted with a front crown less than 6 months ago. Too my utter horror, while at a friends BBQ it came out and got lost, we tried in vain to look for it. As it is a front tooth I am very self conscience. My question is, as it obviously should not have come out so unexpectedly soon and has been lost, could I reasonably expect be able to get another NHS replacement without any difficulties? as I'm concerned I might be refused and being out of work I cannot afford to pay.

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