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Dr Irfan Ahmad BDS,


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GDC Reg No: 59492

Qualifications: BDS Lpool 1984

A smile is as unique as your personality or fingerprints. It is probably the most striking facial feature, and says more about you as a person than any other gesture. Discoloured, misaligned, broken or missing teeth, combined with unsightly 'black lines' around crowns and swollen gums cause bad breath and are a social turn-off. Restoring teeth and gums to a healthy state is teamwork involving many dental personnel. And the most important decision for you, the patient, is choosing the right combination of dentist and dental technician.

Leaving such an important decision to chance often results in disappointment and frustration. After all, you only get one permanent set of teeth, which have to last a lifetime! The Ridgeway Dental Surgery (TRDS) offers private dental care dedicated to creating a smile that fits your personality and wishes. Rather than giving you an 'off the peg' smile, we offer a bespoke service that caters for your needs and wants. This involves time, dedication and experience. The TRDS offers numerous treatment options to enhance your smile, ranging from simple bleaching to advanced therapies such as dental implants. Dr Ahmad is a world renowned lecturer on aesthetic dentistry, author of nearly 150 academic publications and has written four books. His library of case studies is all carried out at the TRDS, using the most skilled dental technicians throughout the world. We can show you examples depicting ways to achieve the smile you've always wanted.

Why not come in for a consultation, view some 'before' and 'after' pictures, and see how we can improve your smile!

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